Concert Archive

Dec 29 2019 Madrid. CLASSIC ORCH SANTA CECILIA cond, Fernando Furones Ben-Hur
Dec 27 2019 Valencia Spain. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones Ben-Hur
Dec 26 2019 Barcelona. Pau Casals. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones. Quo Vadis
Dec 22 2019 USA.Flintridge, La Canada Presbyterian Church Orch cond Jack Lantz, Choral suite Ben-Hur
Dec 15 Rennes (France) L’Orch d’Harmonie des Cheminots - Salle Guy Ropartz. Ben-Hur Symph Suite
Dec 11 2019 Munich Antonia Goldhammer cond Münchner Rundfunkorch. Christmas Classics Ben-Hur
Dec 7 2019 USA. AR. Fort Smith Symph cond John Jeter. Entr’acte,Overture,Love Theme “El Cid”
Dec 6 2019 Wales. Cardiff Phil Orch The Jungle Book, Ben-Hur
Dec 3 2019 > UK Manchester. Jennifer Pike - Violin. Martin Roscoe - Piano. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song, Op. 4
Dec 2 2019 UK. Huddersfield, Jennifer Pike, Violin. Jeremy Pike Piano. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song, Op. 4
Nov 19 2019 Cardiff, Wales. CPO cond Michael Bell The Jungle Book, Ben-Hur
Nov 16 2019 Frankfurt, Cond Frank Strobel. Orchestra: hr-Sinfonieorchester. Love theme BEN HUR.
Nov 16 2019 Pamplona, Spain. Royal Film Concert Orch Cond Fernando Furones. Quo Vadis
Nov 13 2019 Budapest, Erdody Chamb Orch, Concerto for String Orchestra, op. 17
OCT 31 2019 USA. Paso Robles, CA. Enselmble 4 These Times. 1st movement Duo for cello and piano
OCT 27 2019 Catalonia.ROYAL FILM CONCERT ORCH Cond Fernando Furones? Quo Vadis
OCT 27 2019. USA Maryland. Irina Muresanu and James Stern. Sonata for Two Violins, Op. 15a
OCT 26 2019 South Hadley (Massachusetts, USA) Holyoke Symph Orch cond Tianhui Ng Parade of the Charioteers
OCT 26 2019 (Kentucky, USA) Owensboro Symph Orch cond Troy Quinn Ben-Hur Prelude & Parade of the Charioteers
OCT 26 2019 USA South Hadley, MA. Mount Holyoke Symph Orch Tianhui Ng, cond Parade of the Charioteers
OCT 20 2019 USA. NY. Staten Island Philharmonic Cond J.A. Guzman. Thema, Variationen und Finale für großes Orchester
OCT 20 2019 USA Indiana. Indianapolis Chamber Orch Spellbound Concerto
OCT 19 20 2019 USA. Indianapolis Chamber Orch Spellbound Concerto for piano and orch,
OCT 19 & 20 2019 Spain, Valladolid. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones, Quo Vadis
OCT 16 2019 Korea. Jeonju Symphony Orchestra, cond. Kjunghee Kim. Jeollabuk-do, Viola Concerto Op. 37
OCT 16 2019 UK. Birmingham. London Concert Orch cond Anthony Inglis Miklós Rózsa - Ben-Hur
OCT 13 2019 London 7 & 8.30pm. RETROPHONICA, Thereminist Charlie Draper Spellbound Concerto
OCT 10 2019 Poland. Orkiestra Kameralna Erdody cond Zsolt Szefcsik Concerto for String Orch, Op. 17
OCT 10 2019 Winspear Centre Edmonton, Edmonton Symphony Orch cond William Eddins “El Cid” love theme
Sept 28 29 2019 USA, Cape Anne Symph Orch. Ben-Hur cond Yoichi Udagawa
Sept 28 2019 Barcelona. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones Quo Vadis
Sept 27, 2019 USA. Richardson-Texas. Cho-Liang Lin, Michael Shih. Sonata for Two Violins
Sept 14, 2019. Ivanhoe. Victoria Australia. El Cid Overture
Sept 7 2019 Pulheim GERMANY Neue Philharmonie Westfalen. Cond Bernd Hense. Prelude. Ben-Hur
Sept 7 2019 Poland. Torun Symph Orch Mariusz Smolij - conductor. Ben-Hur
Sept 1 2019 Erwitte, GERMANY. Neue Philharmonie Westfalen. Cond Hense, Bernd. PRELUDE BEN HUR
Aug 30 2019. LIVORNO MUSIC FESTIVAL ITALY. Pavel Berman, Eva Bindere. Sonata for two violins
Aug 27 2019. MEZIN France. ACADEMIE DE JEUNES SOLISTES. Violin, Christophe BOULIER. Ben-Hur
Aug 17 2019 USA, NY. Bard College. Film Composers in the Concert Hall Miklós Rózsa
Aug 1 & 4 2019 Germany. Heidelberger philharmoniker. Ben-Hur
Jul 28 2019 USA. AZ. Prescott Pops Symph cond Joseph Place. Choral Suite “Ben Hur”
Jul 20 2019 Ireland, RTE´ National Symph Orch cond David Brophy. Thief Of Baghdad
Jul 21 2019 UK. Wirral. Liverpool String Quartet "Introduction and Allegro for Viola Solo" op. 49.
Jul 19 2019 Clarkston,GA. DeKalb Symph Orch Cond Fyodor Cherniavsky. Robert Strickland -piano Spellbound Concerto
Jul 17 2019 AUSTRIA. Leoben, Interpannonischer Concertverein Cond Alois J Hochstrasser, EL CID: LOVE SCENE
Jul 14 2019 UK, Blackburn, Lancashire. Jennifer Pike/Martin Roscoe-Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op 4
Jul 13 2019 GERMANY. Sinfonieorchester der DHBW Karlsruhe Cond Böhringer, Matthias. BEN HUR. Suite für Orch und Chor
June 30 2019 Saffrom Walden,UK Saffron Walden Symph Orch Ben-Hur
June 28-29-30 2019 Switzerland.Sinfonieorchester TiFiCo, Cond Brunner, Christof. EL CID suite
June 24, 2019, Eurasia Festival New York. Parade of the Charioteers arr Eric Thompson
June 17-27 Vienna, Wiener Staatsballett.Ballet show 'Peter Pan' incl Miklós Rózsa's music
June 15 2019 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl Orch cond Thomas Wilkins, Madame Bovary Waltz
June 3 Vienna, The Wiener Staatsballett Peter Pan with some Rozsa music
JUNE 2 2019 Santa Monica, CA. Brian Stone, Director. Ben-Hur
May 25-29. Vienna State Ballet. Peter Pan incl music by Miklos Rozsa
May 18, 19, 2019 CA USA. Cape Ann Symph, violinist Lucia Lin and cellist Owen Young, Sinfonia Concertante & Parade of the Charioteers
May 18 2019 California, USA, Temecula Valley Symph cond John Mario. Parade of the Charioteers
May 17, 2019 Wilmington, Delaware Symph Orch, Nick Canellakis, cello; David Amado cond cello Concerto
May 12 2019 West Orange, NJ Society of Musical Arts. The Mothers Love from Ben-Hur
May 11 2019 Galway (Ireland) RTÉ Concert Orch cond Stephen Bell Ben Hur
May 9 2019 Sweden. Uppsala Chamber Orch Cond Rebecca Miller. Soloist, Nils-Erik Sparf, Violin concerto
MAY 4 2019 Naperville (Illinois) DuPage Symph Orch cond Barbara Schubert Ben Hur
MAY 4 2019 USA MA. Springfield Symph Orch. Kevin Rhodes cond Prelude from “Ben Hur”
MAY 4 2019 USA mtsingers Oak Park, IL Lullaby from Jungle Book
April 28 2019 USA NY. Brockport Symph Orch cond Jonathon Allentoff. A Double Life
April 24, 25, 26 2019 Bratislava. Slovak Phil Orch cond Rastislav Štúr. El Cid Love Theme. El Cid March and The Love of the Princess from The Thief of Bagdad
April 14, 2019 USA. Santa Monica Symp Cond Guido Lamell. Spellbound Concerto for orchestra
April 12, 13 2019 Sarasota, USA. Sarasota Orchestra cond Andrew Lane. Ben-Hur
April 12 2019 Hungary. Budapest Symph Orch. Cond Domonkos Héja. Cello Concerto, op. 32. Ildikó Szabó(cello)
April 7 2019 UK. Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orch cond Roderick Dunk. Ben-Hur
April 5, 6, 7 2019 USA. Virginia Symph Orch Cond Sarah Hicks. Spellbound Concerto for Orch
April 5, 6, 2019 USA, Omaha Symph Orch cond Thomas Wilkin, Madame Bovary Waltz
April 6 2019 Canada. Toronto Symph Orch cond Richard Kaufman Parade of the Charioteers
April 2, 3, 6.2019 Toronto Canada. Roy Thomson Hall. Richard Kaufman cond Toronto Symph Orch. Ben Hur
March 30 2019 USA.Boise Phil Orch. Ben-Hur
March 30 2019 Cordoba Spain. Mezquita-Cathedral of Córdoba. "Quo Vadis"
MARCH 24 2019 California. Santa Monica College Symp Brian Stone cond. Prelude “Ben Hur”
March 22, 2019 Philadelphia. Temple Univ Duo evening. Sara Davis Beuchner, Piano and Jeffrey Solow, cello. Toccata capricciosa and Kaleidoscope op. 19
March 21, 22, 2019 Germany. Opernhaus / Bühne. Yoichi Yamashita Violine. Magdeburgische Philharmonie. Svetoslav Borisov Dirige. Violin Concerto op. 24
March 13 2019 Dublin RTÉ Concert Orchestra Ben-Hur
Mar 9 2019 City of Southampton Orch John Traill (cond) Ben Hur
Mar 7 2019 London. Ana Teresa de Braga e Alves Introduction and Allegro, for solo viola Op 44
Mar 2 2019 Boston, violin-Lucia Lin, cello-Owen Young, Pro Arte Chamb Orch SINFONIA CONCERTANTE
Feb 28 2019 USA. Brigham Young University-Idaho’s Symph Orch. Viola Concerto
Feb 23 2019 USA. Strathmore, Maryland. National Phil cond Piotr Gajewski. Bernstein "Debut". Theme Variations and Finale.
Feb 22 23 24 2019 Pittsburgh Symph Orch. Cond Jack Everly. King of Kings suite-The Lords Prayer
Feb 22 2019 >USA. Heinz Hall, PA. Pittsburg Symp Orch Cond Jack Everly. Prelude “Ben Hur”
Feb 22 2019 Birmingham (UK) Birmingham Symph Orch cond Anthony Weeden. Ben-Hur (Prelude)
Feb 20 2019 Sweden, Lulea Chamber Music Society, Duo Weber play Rózsa
Feb 20 2019 München, Prinzregententheater. violinist Sandro Roy Ungarische Serenade: Scherzo
Feb 16, 2019 Japan. Waseda Tongling H S Wind Band Cond Takaaki Nishide, Ben-Hur
Feb 10 2019 USA. Beachwood OH. Suburban Symph Orch cond Domenico Boyagian. Viola Concerto. Natalie Brenneck
Feb 9 2019 London Concert Orchestra cond Anthony Gabriele, Ben Hur
Feb 7 2019 czech republic. Janácek Philharmonic Ostrava cond Marek Štilec. Paulína Glacová – cello Concerto, Op. 32
Feb 3 2019 Esslingen Germany. Die Junge Süddeutsche Phil cond Andreas Kraft. El Cid Suite
Feb 2 2019 Texas. Richardson Symph Orch cond Clay Couturiaux. Parade of the Charioteers
Jan 26 2019 Germany. Phil Orch Erfurt Cond Myron Michailidis. Jungle Book Suite (Narrated)
Jan 25, 26 2019 GERMANY, Philharmonisches Orch Bremerhaven. Parade of the Charioteers
Jan 10, 11, 13 2019 Germany. Neubrandenburger Philharmonie. Cond Sebastian Tewinkel. Ben-Hur
Jan 6 2019 Gütersloh, Germany. Westfalische Kammerphil. Malte Steinsiek, cond. Kaleidoscope
Jan 1 2019 Hungary. Alba Regia Symph Orch Cond Gergely Dubóczky. Vörösmarty Theatre Ben Hur
Dec 30 2018, Catalonia. Ars Aurea Sonora. Star of Bethleham (Ben Hur)and Lygia (Quo Vadis)
Dec 20 21, 22 2018 Canada, L'Orchestre symphonique de Québec cond by Nicolas Ellis Ben-Hur
Dec 19. John Mauceri cond The Royal Phil Concert Orch. Ben-Hur Overture, Nativity and Alleluia finale
Dec 18, 2018 Amsterdam. North West German Phil Cond Cameron Burns. Ben-Hur
Dec 8 2018 Valencia, Spanish Symph Orch cond Kynan Johns. Ben Hur
Dec 1 2018 Fort Smith Chorale & Symphony cond John Jeter KING OF KINGS CHORAL SUITE
Dec 1, 2018 USA. Fort Smith Chorale, Fort Smith Symph cond John Jeter. KING OF KINGS CHORAL SUITE
Nov 28 2018 Miami University Symph Orch. Siok Lian Tan Spellbound Piano Concerto. Theremin Rob Schwimmer
Nov 17, 18 2018. Los Angeles. Ensemble for these times. Duo for Cello & Piano, Op. 8:
Nov 17 2018.Switzerland. Sinfonietta Orch of Geneva cond Thierry Besançon. Catherine Cruchet, sopr. Jungle Book suite Narr Örs Kisfalufy
Nov 17, 18 2018. Los Angeles. Ensemble for these times. Duo for Cello & Piano, Op. 8:
Nov 16 Katowice, Poland, Int Violin Fest. Jennifer Pike Martin Roscoe, Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song
Nov 11 2018. Slovakia. Bratislava. Prague Film Orch, Ben-Hur Suite
Nov 8-11 2018.USA. Kansas. Orpheus Chamber Orch, Hungarian Serenade. 09 Nov Stony Brook, University. 10 Nov Lewisburg, Bucknell University. 11 Nov. Carnegie Hall
Nov 6 2018.USA DePaul University, Chicago, IL Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Hungarian Serenade
Nov 4 2018.COTTBUS-GERMANY-Phil Orch. Cond Christian Möbius. JUNGLE BOOK (Narrated Suite)
Nov 3 2018 Middle Tennesse State University Carol Nies, cond Prelude “Ben Hur”
Nov 3 2018 Czech Republic. Prague Film Orchestra. Ben-Hur Suite.
Nov 2, 3, 4, 2018. Milwaukee Symphony Orch. Condr Andreas Delfs. Parade of the Charioteers
Oct 27 2018 USA, Newport Music Festival. Sara Davis Buechner Sonatas Miklós Rózsa
Oct 19, 20 2018.USA, San Francisco. Ensemble for these times. Duo for Cello & Piano, Op. 8
Oct 11 Denmark. Vis Mere. Odense Symp Orch Cond Sebastian Lang-Lessing. Lawrence Power, Viola Concerto
Oct 7 Barcelona. Choir Orfeó Gracienc, Coral Cármina. ROYAL FILM CONCERT ORCH Cond Kynan Johns. Ben-Hur
Sept 27 2018 Denmark Aalborg Symph Orch. Lawrence Power, Viola Concerto
Sept 22 2018 Belgium. Duo Dames. Vellerailes les Brayeux. Sonate pour deux violons op.15a
Sept 17 2018.Tokyo, Philharmonia Aeterna, cond. Naohiro Totsuka. Triphony Hall. Violin Concerto Op. 24
Sept 8 2018 Norway. Niklas Willén cond Göteborg Wind Orch. Ben-Hur
Sept 1 2018.Germany. Gewandhausorchester, Richard Kaufman . Parade of the Charioteers.
Sept 1 2018. Spoleto, Italy. Casa Menotti - Festival dei due Mondi. Luciano Tarantino viola. Toccata Capricciosa
Aug 31 2018.South Korea.Sookmyung Women's University Alumni Orchestra, Kyung-Hee Kim. Violakonzert op. 37
Aug 29 2018. Budapest, Orsolya Korcsolán: Jewish Cultural Festival, Ben Hur with pianist István Lajkó
Aug 28 2018. MÉZIN-FRANCE. Ben-Hur. Christophe-boulier
Aug 21 2018 USA. Peninsula Music Festival. Door County, Alastair Willis, cond Parade of the Charioteers
Aug 19 2018 Costa Del Sol, Spain. Concert Ben-Hur. Banda Municipal de Esteponatrabajen cond José Antonio López
Aug 8 2018. Spain. El Puerto de Santa María, Royal Film Concert Orchestra. Ben-Hur
Jul 25 2018 Ohio USA. The Bryan City Band at Connin-Hartman “Parade Of The Charioteers”
July 22 2018. Portugal. Taubaté Symphonic Band. Ben-Hur
July 11 2018 Chicago. Grant Park Orch cond Vinay Parameswaran. Parade of the Charioteers
June 30 2018.UK, Cambridge Symph Orch . Music from the movies Él Cid'
June 30 2018.Cordoba Spain. Orch and Choir Cathedral of Cordoba cond Clemente Mata Ruiz, Star of Bethlehem
June 30 2018.GERMANY. Staatskapelle Weimar cond FRANK STROBEL Prelude & Love Theme SPELLBOUND, Parade of the Charioteers
June 29 2018. Germany. Philharmonic Orchestra of Freiburg cond Daniel Carter. Ben Hur
June 24 2018 Madrid. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Kynan Johns - Palace Duque de Pastrana. Ben-Hur
June 19 2018 USA Oklahoma City, Piano Quintet in F Minor, op. 2
June 2 2018 Luxembourg. Philharmonie Municipale Diekirch, Cond Ernie Hammes. Ben Hur (arr. Glenesk Mortimer)
May 29 2018 Dresden Germany. Duo Mira Wang and Scott St. John, Schloss Albrechtsberg, Sonate für zwei Violinen op. 15
May 18 2018. Beauvais (Fr) Orch symphonique de l´Université populaire de Witten, Tobias Van De Locht, cond. Palace Music El Cid
May 17, 18, 2018. Germany. Essener Philharmoniker, Daniel Hope violin. John Axelrod cond. Spellbound
May 17, 2018 Tampere, Finland. Tampere Filharmonia. Santtu-Matias Rouvali Cond, Baiba Skride, violin : Violin Concerto
May 10 & 12 2018. Usa. Greensboro Symphony Orchestra. Dmitry Sitkovetsky, cond The Thief of Bagdad Suite:
May 6 2018.Dresden, New Synagogue, Neue Jüdische Kammerphilharmonie cond Michael Hurshell. Scherzo in Modo Ongarese (from the 1st string quartet)
May 5 2018 Catalonia. Primavera a Castellvell del Camp Róisín Walters (violin) and Isabel Felix (piano) "Kaleidoscope" Op. 19. "Duo" Op. 7. "North Hungarian peasant songs and dances" Op. 5. Ars Aurea Sonora
April 29 2018 Osaka, Japan. Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra. MAP Symphony Hall. Double Indemnity
April 28 2018 Australia. Heathcoate weekend. String Trio op.1
April 19 Romania. Orch simfonica a Filarmonicii Pite?ti cond Simona Strungaru Ben-Hur
April 18 2018 Germany. Düsseldorf. Isabelle Marchewka Palace Music from El Cid
April 15 2018 USA. Los Angeles Violoncello Society: Toccata capricciosa, Op.36. Brinton Smith
April 15 2018 UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS-AMHERST. The UMass Concert Band, cond Timothy Todd Anderson, Parade of the Charioteers
April 14 2018 Spain. Pinto Municipal Band, Francisco Rabal Theater, Ben-Hur
April 12-13 2018 Latvia National Symp Orch. INARA BRINUMA (Vla). Cond MODESTAS PITRENAS. Viola Concerto
April 10 2018 (Germany) Philharmonische Orch der Stadt Ulm cond Joongbae Jee Ben-Hur
April 6 2018 Germany. British German Phil Orch Bad Homburg Ben Hur
April 5 2018 Bratislava. Slovak Phil Orch. Adrian Prabava cond Love Theme from Spellbound
April 1 2018. Germany. Osterkonzert of the Musikverein Steinwiesen. Ben-Hur
March 27. Costa Rica, Concert Band of Guanacaste. Nicoya Temple, Hail Nero by Miklós Rózsa
March 25 2018 Germany. Dresden. Neue Jüdische Kammerphilharmonie Cond Michael Hurshell. 1st string quartet arr for Str Orch.
March 25 USA. Bethleham. PA. violinist Michael Jorgensen. Duo for Violin and Piano, Op. 7, 1931
March 24 2018 USA.FL Ocala Symphony Orchestra. Matthew Wardell, conductor. Suite from Ben-Hur.
March 24 2018 Ontario, Canada. Old South London. Karen Schuessler Singers. Christ Theme (Ben-Hur)
Mar 18 2018 Punta Gorda, Florida Ben Hur
Mar 18 2018 Offenbach Germany. New Philharmonic Frankfurt.Cond Steven Lloyd González. Parade of the Charioteers
Mar 17 2018 Spain. Orchestra and Choir of Cathedral of Cordoba. Quo Vadis–King of Kings–Ben Hur
March 11 2018 UK, Birmingham. Anthony Gabriele Conductor, London Concert Orch. Ben Hur
March 8 2018 Budapest. BÉLA BARTÓK NATIONAL CONCERT HALL. KRISTÓF BARÁTI (violin) ISTVÁN VÁRDAI (cello) MÁV Symph Orch cond Péter Csaba. Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Cello and Orch, Op.29
March 2-4, 2018 Germany, Seminar. State Music Academy NRW. Heek-Nienborg. Five biblical pieces for wind ensemble
March 3, 2018 Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. John Morris Russell, cond.Ben-Hur
MAR 1. 2, 3 Jones Hall,Houston Symph Orch cond Steven Reineke. Parade of the Charioteers
Feb 24 2018 Madrid. El Cid. Orquesta Infantil y Juvenil EOS cond Silvia Sanz Torro.Auditorio Nacional de Música.
Feb 24 2018 Univ of Arkansas. Violin Duos with Er-Gene Kahng and Chi Young Song Sonata for Two Violins, op. 15
Feb 23 2018 Zaragoza, Spain.ROYAL FILM CONCERT ORCH cond Kynan Johns. Ben Hur
Feb 18 2018 USA Philadelphia, PA: “A Tribute to Miklós Rózsa” Temple University, Rock Hall, Stephanie Chase, Sara Davis Buechner, Jeffrey Solow. Duo for Cello and Piano, op. 8.- Variations for Piano Solo, op. 9- North Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances for Violin and Piano, op. 5- Piano Quintet in F minor, op. 2
Feb 18 2018 Germany. Dusseldorf.ROMANIAN STATE PHIL ORCH El Cid
Feb 17 2018 (Spain) Valladolid Orquesta Sinfónica De Espańa (OSE) cond Fernando Furones Ben-Hur
Feb 17 2018 USA. Paducah Symph Orch. Ben Hur
Feb 16 2018 Germany, Bad Homburg. British German Philharmonic Orchestra cond Marius Beckmann. Ben Hur suite
Feb 16 2018 Bern, Switzerland. Castillo del Vino. Ronny Spiegel, György Zerkula, Miklós Rózsa Violin Duo Feb 13 2018 USA. MO.JEFFERSON CITY SYMPh ORC Spellbound concerto. View performance
Feb 11 2018 Barcelona. ROYAL FILM CONCERT ORCH Cond Kynan Johns Ben Hur
Feb 11 2018 Torun, (Poland) Torunska Orkiestra Symfoniczna cond Mariusz Smolij Ben-Hur
Feb 6 2018 San Francisco Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral Brinton Smith, cello; Kirsten Smith, piano. Tocatta Capriciossa
Feb 6 2018 Nashville TN ALIAS Chamber Ensemble. Rozsa
> Feb 6 2018 Luxembourg Ben-Hur.Philharmonie Municipale Diekirch cond Ernie Hammes
Feb 4 2018.UK. Leeds. Tobias Ringborg conductor & violinist Ian Buckle – piano Eternal love: Thief of Bagdad
Feb 3 2018.Germany, Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Ben Hur
Jan 28, 2018. Valčncia (Spain) Orquesta Sinfónica De Espańa cond Fernando Furones Ben Hur
Jan 27, 28, 2018. Berlin. Symphonic Wind Orchestra Berlin. cond Thomas Lamp. Ben-Hur
Jan 25 2018 UK. Huddersfield. Orch of Opera North cond Tobias Ringborg. Love of the Princess, Thief of Bagdad
Jan 25 2018. Breda, Netherlands. Storioni festival Graanbeurs, El Cid (String Quartet)
Jan 19, 20 2018 Canada.Edmonton Symph Orch.Sean O’Loughlin cond Kokopelli and Ňran, choirs. Ben-Hur
Jan 13,15, 16, 17 2018 Italy. Jungle Book suite for narrator and orch (1942) Bustric with Orch della Toscana
Jan 12, 13, 2018 USA. Indianapolis Symph Orch Cond Justin Freer Hilbert Circle Theatre. Suite from "Ben-Hur"
Jan 11, 12, 2018 Bergen, Norway. Greig Hall.John Wilson cond Bergen Philharmonic Orch. Ben-Hur suite
Jan 6 2018 New York. Brinton Smith Cello. Bruno Walter Auditorium, Toccata capricciosa, Op.36
Jan 3, 2018 Madrid, Spain. Ben-Hur and Quo Vadis. Orchestra Excelentia - Auditorio Nacional de Música, Sala Sinfónica
Jan 1, 2, 3, 2018 Germany. Philharmonisches Orchester Vorpommern, cond. Florian Csizmadia. Hungarian Serenade Op. 25. Greifswald, - Stralsund, - Putbus
Jan 1 Germany. Deutsches Symp Orch Berlin cond John Wilson. Parade of the Charioteers
Dec 31, Germany. Deutsches Symph Orch Berlin cond John Wilson.Parade of the Charioteers
Dec 16 2017, Lyon, France. Ben Hur. Orchestre Symphonique de Lyon
Dec 8 2017 UK. BBC Concert Orchestra - Double Indemnity. Robert Ziegler conductor Details
DEC 2 2017 USA ArcBest Performing Arts Center, Fort Smith, AR. Fort Smith Symp John Jeter, cond. Ben-Hur suite. Nov 29th 2017 Budapest. Sonata OP 42. Obudai Tarzaskor
Nov 28 2017 Barcelona Great choirs and movie soundtracks. Orquesta Clásica Santa Cecilia cond Kynan Johns. Ben-Hur
Nov 24 25 2017 Colombia. Anibal Dos Santos performing Viola Concerto. Bogota Phil Orch cond Stephen Vladar
Nov 21 2017 Arizona State University. ASU Symph Orch. Mark Alpizar. Theme, Variations & Finale, op.13
Nov 18 2017.Haliburton, Ontario.Highlands Chamber Orchestra cond Dan Manley. Ben-Hur
Nov 16 2017 winspearcentre. Edmonton, Canada. Cinematic Choral Classics. Ben-Hur Choral suite
Nov 11 2017 USA. PA. Reading Symph Orch. Sinfonia Concertante. Eric Wyrick, Vln and Andre Gaskins, Cello. Review
Nov 11 2017 NY USA. CSAIR, Bronx, NY. Intimate Voices. Sonata for two violins, OP 15a. Sheila Reinhold and Renée Jolles
Nov 11 2017. Floriana, Malta. Ben-Hur Overture. King’s Own Philharmonic Society< a href="">review
Nov 10 2017 Pacific Palisades, CA. Chamber Orch at St. Matthew’s. Kaleidoscope. Op. 19a. Annelle Gregory, violin
Nov 5 Wales. Glyndwr University. Cond: Mark Lansom. Classics at the Movies. Prelude, Burning Desert and Parade of the Charioteers
Oct 1-30 2017 USA. 28 CONCERTS The Presidents Own United States Marine Band. Colonel Jason K. Fettig, Director. Theme, Variations, and Finale, Opus 13a
Oct 28 2017 2pm & 8pm Victoria, Canada. Victoria Symphony Orch cond Sean O'Loughlin, Spellbound Piano Concerto with Lorraine Min, piano.
Oct 28 2017 Grünberg (Germany) Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt cond Jens Troester El Cid Oct 27 2017 Seattle, WA Seattle Rob Archibald, cond Ensign Symphony & Chorus. Choral Suite “Ben Hur” Ressurection and Finale from “King of Kings”
Oct 24 2017 USA. Nashville TN. Alias Chamber Ensemble String Quartet No. 2 op. 38
Oct 18 2017 University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. cond Aik Khai Pung, Viola Concerto, Op. 37
Oct 12 2017 Iceland. Harpa Concert Hall: Eldborg - Main Hall, Reykjavik. Ben Hur
Oct 12 2017 Des Moines, Iowa, Aspen Str Trio. David Perry, vln; Victoria Chiang, vla; Michael Mermagen, cello. Rozsa String Trio.
Oct 12, 13 2017 Norway. Konserthus Oslo. Ben Hur
Oct 5-6-7-10-12 USA. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. River City Brass. Ben Hur
Oct 8 2017 Germany. Dresden. New Jewish Chamber Philharmonic Cond Michael Hurshell. Andante, String Qrt no 1.
Oct 7 2017 Athens, Greece.Athens Megaron Michael Heupel, cello. Toccata Capriciosa,
Oct 6 2017 USA. Manhatten.NY. Brooklyn Bridge. Sonatina, op. 27
Oct 2 2017 Kronberg, Germany. Kremerata Baltica Cond Martynas Stakionis. Tema con variazioni, Op.29a
Oct 1 2017 Zweibrücken (Germany) Love & Revolution. Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt cond Jens Troester. El Cid
Oct 1 2017 ANDRIA- ITALY. Luciano Tarantino. Toccata Capricciosa, Op.36 for solo cello
Sept 30 2017. Milan Italy. Jungle Book. Details
Sept 30 2017 Dallas, Texas, Sammons Center. Stirling Trent, Chloé Trevor, Sonata for Two Violins
Sept 28 2017UK. Oxford Music Festival. Holywell Music Room. Lunchtime Concert Spellbound for theremin and ensemble
Sept 28 2017 Santa Cruz Fimucité XI: Fimucité Youth Symp Orch cond José A. Cubas. El Cid Overture/Love Theme. Ben-Hur Overture
Sept 24 2017 Ensemble for These Times (Anne Lerner-Wright, cello, Dale Tsang, piano) Duo Op. 8 1st mov.SF Music Day, CA
Sept 19 2017 Madrid, Teatro Real. Orchestra Classical Santa Cecilia Cond Kynan Johns.Ben-Hur
Sept 17 2017 Berlin. Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin. Jungle Book Suite.
Sept 15 2017 Tallahassee Symphony, Darko Butorac, cond. Parade of the Charioteers
Sept 2 2017 Canada, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Robert Bernhardt, cond.Cantilon Chamber Chorus Ben-Hur
Aug 25, 26 2017 Friedberg (Germany) Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt cond Jens Troester El Cid
Aug 25 2017 Czech Republic. Brno. Music from famous films
Aug 13 2017 Brazil. Symphony Orchestra of Goiânia Cond Eliel Ferreira. Parade of the charioteers
Aug 5, 6 Cataluna, Spain. Liverpool String Quartet "Marcus and Lygia" from Quo Vadis
Aug 5 2017 - 21:00 Greece. Panormo. Michael Heupel, cello. Toccata Capricciosa
Aug 5 2017 Nuremberg Symphonic Orchestra classical Open Air (Spellbound)
Aug 4 2017 Greece. Center for Mediterranean Architecture in Chania. Michael Heupel, cello. Toccata Capricciosa
July 30 2017 Greece. Michael Heupel, cello. Toccata Capricciosa
July 28, 2017 San Diego Symphony.Bayside Summer Nights Concert. Richard Kaufman, cond Ben-Hur
July 24, 2017 Japan. Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara. Cond Koichi Fujino Entry of the Nobles from El Cid
July 23, 2017 Belgium. Wallonia Festival. Duo Dames. Sonata for two violins op.15a
July 16 USA. Breckenridge CO. National Repertory Orch cond C Topilow. Julia Vicic Viola Concerto.
July 3 2017 Germany. Castle Bad Berleburg. Daniel Hope and Sebastian Knauer Love theme Ben-Hur
July 2 UK. London Royal College of Music. Eduardo Andrade cond RCM Students Film Orch. Ben Hur
July 2 2017, Hamm Germany. Daniel Hope, Violin Sebastian Knauer, Piano. Ben-Hur
June 25 2017 Madrid. Spain. Includes Ben-Hur.
June 17 2017 USA. Claremont, California. Bridges Hall of Music, Clarinet Festival, Rozsa, and more!
June 2 2017 Dublin, Ireland, Masters recital, Frances Brand Sonatina for Clarinet Solo.
June 2 2017 Luxembourg. Philharmonie Municipale Diekirch. Ernie Hammes Cond. Ben-Hur (arr. John Glenesk Mortimer)
June 2 & 3 2017 USA. Modesto, CA. Modesto Symphony Orchestra. Bob Bernhardt, cond. Parade of the Charioteers
June 1 2017 Wroclaw, Poland. NFM Leopoldinum Chamber Orch. Cond Ernst Kovacic. Concerto for String Orchestra Op. 17
May 26 2017 Poland. Phil Orch of Szczecin cond Mikhail Agrest. Quo Vadis concert suite & Ben-Hur excerpts
May 12 2017 France. Orch Symph de l'Opéra de Toulon cond Wilson Hermanto.Ben-Hur
April 29 2017.Catalunya Spain. Castellvell del Camp. Isabel Fčlix (Piano) Válse Crepusculáire, & Kaleidoscope op. 19.
April 23 2017 Belgium. Besonrieux. Duo Dames. Sonate for two violins op.15a
April 23 2017 Belgium. Brussels. Noam Kanter, guitare classique. Sonata for Guitar
April 22 2017 Brighton, UK. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. El Cid (Suite) & Ben Hur
April 22 2017 Clermont Ferrand (France) Orchestre Sostenuto, cond. Takashi Kondo. Viola Concerto Op. 37
April 9 2017 Barcelona. Spain. BANDA MUNICIPAL DE BARCELONA. Ben-Hur. Suite
APRIL 8 2017. Turin, Italy. Ben-Hur suite. Luigi Faggi Grigioni (trumpet) Organ: Marco Limone
March 31 2017 Spain, Orquestra Simfňnica d'Espanya, Kynan Johns, director. Ben-Hur.
March 31 2017 Turku, Finland. Jonathan Berman, cond Turku Philharmonic Orch. Concerto for viola and orch
Mar 26. 2017 USA. New Holland. PA. The New Holland Band cond Ken Laudermilch. Ben-Hur
Mar 26. 2017 Spain. Orquesta Filarmónica de Jalisco. Ben-Hur: Suite
Mar 25 2017 Belgium. Liege. Duo Dames . Sonata for two violins op.15a
Mar 24 2017 Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ulster Orchestra, Rafael Payare Cond. Rózsa's Violin Concerto, Tamás Kocsis Violin
Mar 24 2017 Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ulster Orchestra, Rafael Payare Cond. violin concerto, Tamás Kocsis.
March 23,2017 Spain. Orquesta Filarmónica de Jalisco. Ben-Hur: Suite
March 19, 26. 2017 USA. New Holland PA. The New Holland Band. Ben-Hur
March 18. 2017 Manchester, UK. Stephen Bell cond Ben-Hur
March 10 2017 Gateshead. UK. Stephen Bell cond Royal Northern Sinfonia. Parade of the Charioteers
March 9, 10, 11. UK. Bournemouth Symph Orch. El Cid (Suite) Ben Hur
March 5 2017 USA. Lexington, MA. "At the Movies!" Parade of the Chrioteers. March 4 & 5 2017 MOSCOW Guitar Sonata.
Feb 28 2017 Germany. Philharmonischen Orchester Freiburg. Ben-Hur
Feb 23 2017 UK. Millfield, Jennifer Pike - Jeremy Pike. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op. 4
Feb 23 2017 USA Edmond, Oklahoma City Symphonic Band. Cond Mark Belcik. Parade of the Charioteers
Feb 19 2017 Namur, Belgium. Duo Dames. Sonate for two violons op.15a
Feb 18 2017 Argentine. Buenos Aires. Orquesta Estable cond Mario Perusso. Lady Hamilton
Feb 18 2017 Fort Myers, FL USA. South West Florida Symph Orch. Gilad Karni, Viola Concerto.
Feb 12 2017 USA. Naples Florida. Naples Concert Band.Ben-Hur
Feb 9 2017 USA CIT Cork School of Music--LECANTO-FLORIDA. String Trio. Mia Cooper, Lynda O'Connor - Violins. Nathan Sherman - Viola. Ailbhe McDonagh - Cello. Macdara Ó Seireadáin - Clarinet.
Feb 9 2017UK. Warrington, Grappenhall, St Wilfrid's Church, Jennifer Pike - violin Jeremy Pike - piano. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op. 4
Feb 2 & 3 2017 Stockholm. Swedish Radio Symp Orch Cond John Wilson. Ben-Hur.
Jan 31 2017 RCOM RECITAL HALL--LONDON.String Quartet no 2 op 38. Nikola Avramovic piano;Elizaveta Saul violin;Ismael Jarmouni violin; Pierre Tate-Lemiere viola;Abigail Lorimier cello;Carola Krebs cello;Theresa Yu piano;Hannah Tyler oboe;Justin Sun bassoon;Wilford Goh piano.
Jan 28 2017 Cologne. WDR Funkhausorchester cond John Axelrod. Sahara Suite.
Jan 20-21 Spain.Tarrassa & Barcelona. Lydia Kavina. Spellbound Concerto for Theremin. Orq Simfonica del Valles
Jan 20 2017 Bydgoszcz Poland. Mariusz Smolij cond Pomeranian Phil Orch, Ben-Hur suite
Jan 9, 10, 2017 Univ of Cincinnati, Kimberly Trout, Viola. Introduction & Allegro for Viola Solo, Op. 44
Jan 6 & 7 Spain. Liverpool Str Quartet. Two songs (Soprano,Ana Puche - Piano, Martin Roscoe) & Valse Crepusculaire
Dec 25 Madrid Orq Clásica Santa Cecilia,Kynan Johns.Teatro Real de Madrid. Sociedad Coral Excelentia de Madrid, Ben-Hur
Dec 10 2016 Movie Classics. Lucerne, Switzerland. 21st Cent Symph Orch. Ben-Hur
Dec 4 2016 USA. Minneapolis. Sonatina for Solo Clarinet. University of Minnesota School of Music
Dec 4 2016 Richmond. Indiana. Richmond symph Orch & Singers Ben Hur
Dec 3 2016 Elche (Spain) La joven Orquesta de la UMH. Miklós Rózsa
Nov 26 2016 Orquesta Sinfónica de Puerto Rico. Cond Maximiano Valdés Ben Hur
Nov 26 2016 France. ORCHESTRE PHILHARMONIQUE DE RADIO FRANCE. Lost Weekend, suite (arr Pat Russ)
Nov 18 2016 Nürnberger Symph cond Nic Raine - Golden Voyage of Sinbad
Nov 10 2016 Victoria, British Columbia. CANADA. Suzanne Snizek. Solo flute works by Flothuis, Gál, Rózsa
Nov 10 2016 Italy. Orch San Marco. Trieste, Concerto for String Orchestra. Op. 17
Nov 5 2016 Germany. NDR Radiophilharmonie cond Andrew Manze. Spellbound" Prelude und Love Theme
Nov 5 & 13 2016 USA. Early Music Meets the Movies" Albuquerque. Santa Fe.
Oct 29 2016Budapest Hungary. Budapest Symphony Orchestra cond Marius Smolij. Suite from Ben-Hur
OCT 29 & 30 2016 USA. MT. Bozeman Sym Orch. Jolyon Pegis; Maria Schleuning; Cond Matthew Savery. Sinfonia Concertante
Oct 9 2016 Germany. Neue Philharmonie Westfalen. Stadthalle Troisdorf. Ben-Hur
Oct 8 & 9 2016 (Germany). Stiftskirche Tübingen. To everything there is a season. Singakademie Stuttgart, cond Stefan Weible
Oct 7 2016 Russia. St. Petersburg State Academic Symp Orch Cond Walter Proost. El Cid
Oct 5 2016. Tacoma USA String Quartet No. 2. Pacific Lutheran University. Regency String Quartet.
Sept 23 2016. Cologne, Germany. 'One for all'. WDR Funkhausorchester Köln cond Arjan Tien - Funkhaus. El Cid
Sep 18 2016 Wales. St David's Hall, Cardiff. David Hughes Cond. Ben Hur
Sep 17 2016 Paris. Pianist Emmanuelle Moriat. Bagatelles and the Sonata. Upcoming CD Kdream Music, with the same program.
Sept 16 2016 Luzern Switzerland. Movie Classics in Concert. 21st Century Symp Orch cond Ludwig Wicki. Ben-Hur
Sep 10 2016 Spain. Symph Orch of Castilla and Leon cond Nick Davies. Herrmann, Rózsa, Tiomkin, Williams, Steiner.
Sep 9 2016, The Netherlands. Recital Adventskerk Zoetermeer T. Takemitsu. Rozsa Sonata
Sep 8 2016, Paris. l’Académie de Jeunes Solistes. Christophe Boulier (violin) Cčcile Guillon (cello) Sho Ogushi (piano) Sinfonia concertante (br) Sept 6 (Milan) 7 (Torino) 2016 Italy. Orch Sinfonica Giuseppe Verdi di Milano. John Axelrod cond Ben Hur Overture
Aug 29 2016 France. Sinfonia concertante. Violin : Christophe BOULIER. Cello : Cécile GUILLON
Aug 27 2016 Germany. Evangelische Kirche Moers-Kapellen. Moers. Isabelle Marchewka Suite for Harp
Aug 22 2016 Ivory Duo. Rózsa suite. London. UK. St James, Piccadilly.
Aug 20 2016 UK.Rutland. Uppingham School' Ben-Hur
Aug 4 & 7 2016. Orch Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi cond Ernst van Tiel. Auditorium di Milano, Spellbound
July 18 2016 Ireland. Carl Davis, cond RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra. El Cid,
July 17 2016 Italian Brass Week. Florence. Parade Of The Charioteers, Ben Hur (arr. Roy Philippe)
July 15 2016 Budapest summer festival. Cond Nic Raine. Budapest Sym Orch. Ben-Hur Overture.
July 1 2016 Malaga. Con Arturo Díez Boscovich. Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Málaga. El Cid
Jun 28, 29 2016 Nürnberg Serenadenhof. Nürnberger Symphoniker cond Nic Raine. Golden Voyage of Sinbad
June 20 2016 Seattle, USA, Benaroya Hall. Spellbound concerto. Seattle Symphony, Lydia Kavina (Theremin)
June 20 2016, Glasgow Scotland. Ben-Hur. Glasgow Wind Band.
June 19 2016 Germany. Dortmund. Philharmonie Westfalen. Ben-Hur
June 19 2016 Merida, Spain. Orquesta de Extremadura. cond Daniel Sánchez Velasco, Quo Vadis Suite. Ben-Hur suite
June 17 2016 Germany. Velbert. Philharmonie Westfalen. Ben-Hur
June 17 2016 Sydney, Australia. Sydney Symphony Orch cond John Wilson Ben-Hur
June 17 2016 Belgium. Petit Sablon 5 Brussels. Master Recital: Guitar Sonata
June 12 2016 London. The Ivory Duo. Piano recital, Lydia Suite and Exotic Suite (Jungle Book, Thief of Bagdad)
June 12 & 18 2016 Soiron & Wavre. Liege, Belgium. Duo d'âmes Sonata for 2 violins op 15a
June 10; Chestertown.MD Festival Symphony Orchestra, Thief of Bagdad, Suite
June 8 USA. Fayetteville, Fulbright Summer Chamber Festival: Univ of Arkansas. String Quartet no. 2, op. 38
June 5, 8 and 10 USA, Chestertown.MD. National Music Festival at Washington College. Thief of Bagdad suite.Video here
May 19 2016 USA. Princeton. New Jersey. Spellbound Concerto (1945)
May 19 2016 Dublin, Ireland. RTE Concert Orchestra. Ben-Hur
May 14 2016 Trenton. New Jersey, USA. THE NEW JERSEY CAPITAL PHILHARMONIC cond Maestro Spalding. Entry of the Nobles “El Cid”
May 14 2016 USA. Mississippi. Meridian Symphony: Parade of the Charioteers from Ben Hur
April 24 2016 California USA. Biola university. Lansing Recital Hall ? Brass quintet and organ, incl John Redford’s own arrangement of “Prelude” from Ben-Hur.
APRIL 22 & 23 2016 Canada. Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Cond Jack Everly. Cantilon Chamber Choir. Ben Hur
APRIL 21 2016 Debrecen, (Hungary) Kodály Filharmónia, cond. János Kovács. Máté Szücs (va), Viola Concerto, op.37
APRIL 21 2016 UK.Bristol. Thereminist Lydia Kavina ‘Fantasy’ from Hitchcock’s Spellbound
April 14. 2016 Zürich. Gidon Kremer Theme and Variations, Op.29a
April 10, 11, 2016. Austin.Texas. Douglas Harvey, Cello. Kathryn Mishell, Piano. Duo for Cello and Piano, Op. 8
April 10. 2016 Tokyo, Japan. Takao Kanayama cond l'orchestre du Dimanche, Mother's Love “Ben-Hur”
April 8. 2016 (Germany) Neue Philharmonie Westfalen conducted by Rasmus Baumann. Ben Hur
April 4. 2016 New York. Elebash Recital Hall, CUNY Graduate Center, Introduction and Allegro for Solo Viola View Video
March 28. 2016 Gelsenkirchen. (Germany) Neue Philharmonie Westfalen. Ben-Hur
March 24 2016. New York. LeFrak Concert Hall, Gregg Williams, Viola. Introduction and Allegro for Solo Viola
March 13, 2016 USA. Shirley, NY. Gregg Williams, Viola. Juliana Han, pianist, Introduction and Allegro for Solo Viola
March 12, 2016 USA, Fort Wayne (Indiana). Phil Orch, Cond Andrew Constantine. Sinfonia Concertante, Op. 29. Eric Wyrick, violin Andre Gaskins, cello
Mar 5 2016 USA. MA. Melrose Symph Orch. Owen Young, cello; Lucia Lin, violin; Yoichi Udagawa, cond. Parade of the Charioteers - Sinfonia Concertante, Op. 29
Feb 28. 2016 Czech Republic. Olomouc. Viola Concerto, Kristina Fialová – viola.
Feb 28. 2016 Recklinghausen. Ruhrfestspielhaus. Germany. Ben Hur. Neue Philharmonie Westfalen cond Rasmus Baumann
Feb 26-28. 2016 Germany. Landesmusikakademie NRW. Heek-Nienborg. Procession music from Julius Caesar
Feb 25 & 26 Spain, Sevilla, Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla. Cond John Axelrod, Sahara suite. El Cid suite
Feb 24 2016 Hackney Empire. London. Friday Night is Music Night: Ben-Hur, BBC
Feb 13 2016 USA Charlotte, NC. Charlotte Concert Band. Rozsa/Melillo: Ben-Hur
Feb 11 2016 Olomouc (Czech Republic) Moravská Filharmonie Olomouc, cond. Petr Vronsky. Kristina Fialová - Viola Concerto
Feb 7 2016 North Carolina USA. Providence. Sonata for Two Violins in A minor, op. 15 (1933) Monica Boboc and Ann Okagaito, violins
Feb 7 2016 UK. Christchurch, Dorset. Bournemouth Chamber Music: Pro Musica String Trio. Sunday.Rózsa String Trio.
Jan 31 2016 Baden Baden Germany. Organ Concert. Organist Phillip Pelster, El Cid transcription for organ
Jan 25 2016 Luton. Jean Johnson. Steven Osborne. Sonatina for clarinet solo op 27
Jan 01.2016 Krefeld, Germany. Two performances. Niederrheinische Sinfoniker, Mihkel Kütson. Three Hungarian Sketches
2015: DEC 19 Spain. Orquesta Ciudad de Ceuta. Angel Hortas Rodriguez - Pascual, Suite “Ben Hur”
DEC 11 Barbados, Thomas Wilkins, Conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orch. Parade of the Charioteers
Dec 6 2015.USA. Bloomfield Hills, MI Advent Chancel Choir and Orchestra. A Christmas Sequence
Dec 4 2015. Liege Belgium. Cond Patrick Baton. Ben-Hur suite. salle philharmonique de liege
Nov 30 Dec 2 2015 Germany. Stuttgarter Kammerorchester, cond. Matthias Foremny, Concerto Op. 17
Nov 22 2015 POLAND XVI. GLIWICE GUITAR FESTIVAL. Andras Csaki. Miklos Rozsa Sonata op. 42
Nov 21 2015 USA, Erie, PA. Matthew Kraemer Cond. Cathedral Prep Auditorium. Hungarian Serande
Nov 19, 2015. Paris, Hope, Daniel (Violin) Knauer, Sebastian (Piano) Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Love Theme Ben Hur
Nov 18, 2015 Prague. Czech National Symph Orch. Libor Pešek cond. Kristina Fialová, viola. Viola Concerto. Ben Hur Overture.
Nov 14 2015 USA. Salt Lake Symph Orch. Libby Gardner Hall. Entr'act March “El Cid” View video
Nov 13, 2015. Paris, Orch Philharmonie de Radio France. Cond Marzna Diakun. Maison de la Radio. Overture to a Symphony Concert
Nov 12, 13, 14, Ottawa. Nat Arts Centre Orch Jack Everly cond. Prelude, Love Theme Ben Hur. King of Kings Lords Prayer
Nov 8, 2015 California, Foster City. Jewish Music & Poetry Project. Duo. cellist Laura Gaynon
Nov 6, 7, 2015 USA. Jacksonville Symphony, Michael Krajewski cond. Parade of the Charioteers
Nov 4 2015 London. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, José Serebrier cond Ben Hur
Nov 1, 2015 USA, Nittany Valley Symphony. Micahel Jinbo, cond. Ben Hur Suite
Oct 30 2015 Tasmania, Australia. ABC Young Performers Finals Mee Na. Toccata capricciosa Listen again
Oct 30 & 31 2015. Salt Lake City. Utah Symphony Orchestra. Jack Everly, cond. Spellbound Concerto
Oct 25 2015 USA. New Albany, IN. The Commonwealth Brass Band Goes To The Movies. Ben Hur
Oct 25 2015 Greece. Athens State Orch. Cond Frank Strobel. Eternal Love“ from THE THIEF OF BAGDAD and BEN-HUR
Oct 23 2015 Germany. Liederhalle Stuttgart, SKO-Sternstunden.Cond Matthias Foremny. Konzert für Streichorchester op. 17
Oct 10 Madrid, Spain. Tippett quartet; String Quartet No. 1
Oct 08 2015 Holy Trinity Church. Blythburgh. Suffolk.Harriet MacKenzie & Philippa Mo Sarah-Jane Bradley. Sonata for Two Violins
October 4, 2015. Arizona USA. Embry-Riddle University. “Ben Hur” Overture
Oct 2, 2015 Germany. Frauenkirche Dresden. Concert European Culture Prize 2015. ‘Prelude’ from Spellbound (soloist: Daniel Hope
Sept 29 Texas USA. Heart of Texas Concert Band (San Antonio College) Parade of the Charioteers
SEP 28 2015 Prague. Epic Rózsa, Dvorak Hall. City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Nic Raine, conductor
SEP 27 2015 Chamber Concert. Wiesbaden. Germany. KonzertFoyer Grosses Haus. Streichquartett Nr. 1 op. 22
SEP 22 2015 Japan. Suginami City, Kokaido Hall, Orchestra "EXCELSIS", cond. Tomohiro Oura, Viola Concerto, Op 37. Yukio Kato (Viola)
Sep 20 2015 USA, Los Altos Hills, CA. Smithwick Theatre, Foothill College.Sunday, Ben Hur
Sept 6, 2015 USA. Moab Music Festival. Spellbound Concerto
Sept 3 2015 Germany. Schloss Johannisberg, Ben-Hur Love Theme. Daniel Hope, Violin. Sebastian Knauer, Piano.
Aug 2015, 20th and 23rd August. Milan Italy. laVerdi, Brock. The Lost Weekend
Aug 16 2015. BBC Concert Orch cond Barry Wordsworth. Proms. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
Aug 6 2015 Symphony Orchestra of Castile and Leon. Santander International Festival. Ben-Hur
July 27, 2015.Ipswich Orchestral Society, cond. Adam Gatehouse, Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op. 4
July 18, 2015 USA, CAMBRIDGE, MA. Mercury Orchestra cond Channing Yu. Overture to a Symphony Concert, Notturno ungherese Three Hungarian Sketches Read review
July 17, 2015. London. Regent Hall. • Natalie Tsaldarakis, Panayotis Archontides Exotic Suite - Miklós Rózsa
July 16, 2015 UK. Blackburn Jennifer Pike, Martin Roscoe. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song
July 14. Ottawa. Spellbound Concerto for Theremin Oboe, Piano, and String Quartet. Thorwald Jorgensen
July 12 2015, NY. Caramoor Center. CAROLINA EYCK. Spellbound Concerto for Theremin, Oboe, Piano, and String Quartet
July 11, 2015 Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Classics in the Park. Ben-Hur suite
July 10 2015. Singapore. Singapore Symphony Orchestra cond Joshua Tan. Suite from Ben Hur arr Rózsa
July 10 2015. North Carolina. Brevard Sinfonia cond Ken Lam. Suite from El Cid. Ben Hur Suite
July 11, 2015 Hungary. Sonata for Guitar. Op 42. Andras Csaki guitar.
July 9 2015 Tenerife, Spain - Teatro Guimerá. El Cid
July 5 2015. Dallas Symphony Orchestra Jeff Tyzik, cond. Overture, Love Theme, and March from El Cid
June 28 2015 Berlin. Berliner Philharmoniker. Sir Simon Rattle Conductor. Ben Hur
June 27 2015 Ipswich. UK. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op 4 Jennifer Pike
June 23 2015 Sheffield, England. Jennifer Pike. Jeremy Pike. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song, Op. 4
June 20 2015 Texas, USA. Dallas Symph Orch. El Cid; Overture, Love Theme and March
June 19 Merida (Roman Theater) Spain. Orquesta de Extremadura Cond Daniel Sánchez Velasco. Ben Hur, Quo Vadis suites
View Video
June 18, Tacoma, Washington. Charles Wetherbee & Svend Rřnning, Sonata for Two Violins
June 10 2015 UK. London. Jennifer Pike, Peter Limonov. Variations on a Hungarian peasant song op.4
May 29 2015. Krakow Film Music Festival, Poland. Caesar Now Be Still and Finale, suite arr Daniel Robbins
May 23 Rieti (ITALY) Theatre Flavio Vespasiano THE JUNGLE BOOK. Narrator Sergio Bustric. Cond Marcello Bufalini. Orch Phil Central Italy
May 17 2015 USA. Skokie, Illinois. Alan Heatherington cond Ars Viva Symphony Orchestra.Ilya Kaler playing the Violin Concerto.
May 10 2015 UK. Corn Exchange, Newbury. Tippett Quartet with special guest Norma Herrmann. String Quartet No 2 Op 38
May 8 & 9 2015 UK. Horsham, Painswick, Gloucestershire, Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song. Jennifer Pike, Jeremy Pike
May 8, 9 2015. Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Andante for String Orchestra & Spellbound Concerto
May 8 2015 Spain. Madrid. Orquesta Filarmonica Excelentia. Óscar Navarro, conductor. Parade of the Charioteers
Apr 19 2015 UK Mold, Clwyd Theatre Cymru, Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song op 4. Jeremy Pike, Jennifer Pike
April 19 2015 Amersfoort Netherlands. Jungle Book narrated suite. Flehite Sinfonietta cond Ali Groen.
April 18 2015 USA. Portland, Oregon Symphony. Lost Weekend Suite
April 17 2015 Gottingen, Germany. Göttingen Symphony orchestra. Lawrence Power. Viola Concerto
April 11 2015 Budapest Hungary. Sonata for Guitar. Segovia guitar series.
April 10 2015 UK. Bishop Auckland, Auckland Castle, Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song op 4.Jennifer Pike, violin. Jeremy Pike, piano.
April 10 - 12 2015 USA. Philadelphia Michael Krajewski, conductor. Ben Hur
April 7 2015 USA. Arizona. Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble cond Michael Willson. Overture “El Cid”
March 31 2015 St.-Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra. El Cid. Video
March 28 2015 Gent. Belgium. Brussels Philharmonic orch. Viola Concerto. cond Andrew Litton. Lawrence Power Viola
March 27 2015.Brussel.Flagey. Belgium. Brussels Philharmonic orch cond Andrew Litton. Viola Concerto. Lawrence Power Viola.
March 26, 27 2015 Ostrava, Czech Republic. Janacek Philharmonie, cond. Tao Fan. Viola Concerto Op. 37 Kristina Fialová
March 22 2015 Toronto, Canada. Hungarians in Hollywood 2015 - Theme from Spellbound
March 21 2015 Sarasota - Florida Sonata for Guitar op. 42
March 15 Germany Königswinter. Festival of Jewish Culture. Tobias van de Locht cond. El Cid (Palace Music for Two Flutes and two harps, 1961)
March 13, 14 Canada. Edmonton Symphony Orchestra cond William Eddins - Winspear Centre. El Cid: Overture and Prelude - Sinfonia concertante for Violin and Cello
March 12. QLD Australia. Nickson Room, School of Music. Caroline Hopson and Lachlan O'Donnell. Sonata for two violins.
March 8 2015. Cologne, Suite for Harp. Isabelle Marchewka, Harpist. Poster
March 6 7 8, 2015 COMPOSERS IN EXILE: Madison Symp Orch.DANIEL HOPE, VIOLIN. JOHN DEMAIN, COND. Theme, Variations and Finale, Parade of the Charioteers and Love Theme from Ben Hur. Love Theme from Spellbound. Review
Feb 22 2015. Köln, (Cologne) Germany. Funkhaus: A tribute to Miklós Rózsa. WDR Funkhausorchester Cond Rumon Gamba. The Vintner's Daughter; Viola Concerto; The Thief of Bagdad Suite ; Theme, Variations and Finale; Lawrence Power, Viola, Read members' views on this memorable concert here.
Feb 20, 21, 22 2015 USA. Elgin Symphony Orchestra cond by Andrew Grams. Parade of Charioteers
Feb 20 2015 UK. Bradford Cathedral, Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song op 4. Jennifer Pike, violin. Jeremy Pike, piano
Feb 4 - 23, 2015 USA. "Inside the Orchestra" bringing music to schools throughout Colorado.
Wednesday, February 18th: Mile Hi Church. Quo Vadis
Saturday, February 21st: McNichols Building. Quo Vadis
Monday, February 23rd: Boettcher Concert Hall. Quo Vadis
Wednesday, February 4th: Temple Emanuel. Quo Vadis
Monday, February 9th: Wildlife Experience (museum included) Quo Vadis
Tuesday, February 10th: Temple Emanuel
Feb 8 2015, UK. Saffron Walden Symph Orch. Richard Hull cond El Cid: Overture; Love Theme
Feb 7 2015. Paris Cine Trio - Temple De L'Annonciation. Philippe Barbey-Lallia (piano), Cyril Baleton (violin) and Timothee Oudinot (Oboe) Ben Hur
Jan 21st 2015 Scotland. Kirkcaldy Old Kirk. Kirkcaldy Music Society. Jean Johnson(clarinet) Sonatina for Clarinet solo
Jan 20 2015 Germany. Hollywood on the Johannisberg. Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra.Nic Raine, cond. El Cid
Jan 19 2015 London. Q E Hall. Kensington Symph Orch, Cond: Russell Keable. Overture and Love Scene from El Cid
January 18 2015 USA. Southlake. Texas.Dallas Symph Orchestra (DSO).Karina Canellakis Andante for Strings
Jan 14 2015 Scotland. Thurso Live Music Ass. Jean Johnson. Sonatina for clarinet Solo Op.27
Jan 11, 2015 USA, Schenectady, NY 12305. Schenectady Symphony Orchestra. Sinfonia Concertante, op. 29
Jan 9,10, 2015 USA, Florida. Artis-Naples: Naples Phil. Andrey Boreyko Cond. Gidon Kremer Violin, Giedre Dirvanauskaite Cello . Theme and Variations, for violin, cello and orchestra, Op.29a
Jan 9, 2015 Scotland. Bute Arts Society at Rothesay Joint Campus - Jean Johnson (clarinet) and Steven Osborne (piano), Sonatina for clarinet Solo Op.27
January 4 2015 Orchester Liechtenstein-Werdenberg. Two concerts. To include, El Cid and Ben-Hur.
Dec 20th, 2014 Germany. NDR RADIOPHILHARMONIE cond ANDREW MANZE. DANIEL HOPE Violin. Spellbound Prelude and Love Theme
Dec 16th Cumbria, UK. Jennifer Pike (violin) Martin Roscoe (piano) Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song
Dec 12th, 2014 Edinburgh,UK. Royal Scottish National Symph Orch cond Richard Kaufman - A Christmas Sequence (arr. Palmer)
Dec 5th, 2014 Lyon, France. Orchestre national de Lyon cond Quentin Hindley. Ben-Hur
Dec 5 2014 Cardiff Phil Orch, Parade of the Charioteers “Ben Hur”
December 3, 6, 10, 2014 Volkshaus Zürich. •Ben Hur
November 29th, 2014 West Sussex. UK. Steyning Centre, Pro-Musica String Trio. String Trio Op.1
November 28th, 2014 Lyon, France. Orchestre national de Lyon cond Quentin Hindley. Ben-Hur (extracts)
Nov 28 2014 Berlin, Konzerthaus. NDR Radiophilharmonie. Andrew Manze cond Prelude Love Theme "Spellbound"
Nov 25 2014 Osnabrück, OsnabrückHalle. NDR Radiophilharmonie. Andrew Manze cond. Prelude Love Theme "Spellbound"
Nov 22 2014 Spain. A Coruna. Ben-Hur. Film Symphony Orchestra.
Nov 22 2014 NDR Radiophilharmonie. Daniel Hope, Violin, Andrew Manze cond. Prelude Love Theme "Spellbound"
Nov 24 2014 Braunschweig, Stadthalle. NDR RADIOPHILHARMONIE cond ANDREW MANZE. Prelude Love Theme Spellbound
Nov 23.2014 Düsseldorf, Tonhalle. NDR RADIOPHILHARMONIE cond ANDREW MANZE. Prelude Love Theme Spellbound
Nov 20th, 2014 Germany. NDR RADIOPHILHARMONIE cond ANDREW MANZE. Prelude Love Theme Spellbound
Nov 9 2014 Slovakia. Štátna filharmónia Košice. Zbynek MÜLLER, Gidon KREMER, Giedre DIRVANAUSKAITE. Tema con Variazoni
Nov 8 2014 Spain. Malaga. A series of concerts to include Ben-Hur. Film Symphony Orchestra. The FSO TOUR 2014
Nov 2 2014 Spain. Barcelona A series of concerts to include Ben-Hur. Film Symphony Orchestra. The FSO TOUR 2014
Nov 1 2014 Spain.Valencia. A series of concerts to include Ben-Hur. Film Symphony Orchestra. The FSO TOUR 2014
Oct 31 2014 Spain. Zaragoza. A series of concerts to include Ben-Hur. Film Symphony Orchestra. The FSO TOUR 2014
Oct 30 2014 UK. Royal Concert Hall, Theatre Square. Nottingham. Nottinghamshire. Ben-Hur
Oct 26 2014 Spain. Bilbao. A series of concerts to include Ben-Hur. Film Symphony Orchestra. FSO TOUR 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Duisburg, Germany. Duisburg Philharmoniker Cond Rasmus Baumann. Film music concert 'Ben-Hur'
Oct 20, 2014 USA Texas Christian University - School of Music Faculty Recital. Elisabeth Adkins & Edward Newman. "Duo".
Oct 18 2014 Spain. Seville. A series of concerts to include Ben-Hur. Film Symphony Orchestra TOUR 2014 Las Ventas Madrid.
Oct 17th, 18th, 19th 2014 Heinz Hall. PITTSBURGH SYMP ORCH, PNC POPS. LUCAS RICHMAN, conductor. Parade of the Charioteers
Oct 14 2014 Michigan, USA. Grand Valley State University Concert Band. Parade of the Charioteers
Oct 12 2014 Capitol Theater - Offenbach - Germany. Thema, Variationen und Finale.Conductor: Jens Troester
Oct 11, 12, 2014 Germany. Congress Park. Hanau. Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt. cond: Jens Troester.Theme, Variations and Finale
Oct 8, 2014 UK. Wavendon 'The Stables' Korngold & Rozsa. No details on the Rozsa choice.
Oct 8 2014 UK. Chester. Cheshire. Jennifer Pike (violin) • Tom Poster (piano) Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op 4
Oct 3, UK. Church John the Baptist, Little Missenden. Jennifer Pike (vln) Tom Poster (piano) Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song
Sept 27 USA. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Longy Conservatory Orchestra. Geoffrey McDonald, cond. Double Indemnity
Sept 26 2014. Spain. Madrid. Ben-Hur. Film Symp Orch.
Sept 26. UK Fordham, Jennifer Pike violin. Tom Poster piano. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op 4
Sept 20,21 2014 Tri-Cities & Yakima, Washington. CHOR ANNO. HOWARD MEHARG cond."To Everything There Is A Season"
13 SEP 2014. Parade of the Charioteers. Hyde Park, London. BBC Concert Orchestra cond Richard Balcombe
Aug 31 2014 Los Angeles. USA. Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. David Newman cond. Spellbound
Aug 30 2014 Norderstedt (Germany) NDR Radio Philharmonic cond Andrew Manze. “Spellbound“
Aug 29 Denmark. Sřnderborg, Alsion. NDR RADIOPHILHARMONIE cond ANDREW MANZE. Prelude and Love Theme, Spellbound
Aug 24 2014. Wilmersberg (Netherlands) Symfonieorkest cond Ernst van Tiel, Ben-Hur
Aug 23 2014. Napa, CA. Saturday, 7:30 pm. Hall Wines, St. Helena. Hungarian Peasant Songs.Violin: Frank Almond, Ara Gregorian, Youjin Lee, Carmit Zori, Daria Adams. Viola: Thomas Turner, Michael Adams. Cello: Suren Bagratuni, Robert deMaine. Piano: William Wolfram. Horn: Michael Gast.
Aug 22 Scotland. Edinburgh. Jean Johnson, Sonatina for Clarinet Solo, Op 27 (1957)
Aug 20 2014 20:30 Barcelona, Spain. Pianist Kiev Portella Valse crepusculaire (Providence)
Aug 14, 17 2014 Italy. Aquila. 'The Jungle Book' narrated suite. ROCCA DI MEZZO, PALESTRA POLIVALENTE
July 31 2014 UK. Guiting, Gloucestershire. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song op 4, Jennifer Pike, violin, Jeremy Pike, piano
July 19 2014. England. East Sussex. Battle Festival Sinfonia. St Mary's Church, Upper Lake, Battle. Patrick Savage arr; North Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances,Op. 5.
July 19 2014. Amsterdam. Heroes and Villains. Dutch Symph Orch cond Ernst van Tiel. Ben-Hur
July 18 2014. Dublin (Ireland) RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra cond Carl Davis.
July 11 2014 Budapest, Hungary. El CId March. Cond Nic Raine. Budapest Symphony Orchestra
July 5 2014 Manchester. UK. Hallé Orch cond Stephen Bell - Bridgwater Hall. Ben-Hur
July 5 2014 Northumberland UK. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song op 4. Jennifer Pike, violin.
May 28 2014 Norway. Bergen International Festival. Excerpts from Ben Hur and El Cid
May 18, 2014. Toronto Canada. Hungarians in Hollywood: Spellbound
May 18, 2014. USA.San Antonio, TX. Musica Sacra San Antonio. Dr. R M. Finster To Everything There is a Season
April 29, 30 2014 Zlín (Czech Republic) Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic conducted by Oskar Rózsa . Ben Hur, El Cid
April 28 2014 Dresden, Germany. Neue Juedische Kammerphilharmonie cond Michael Hurshell. Andante for String Orch
April 27 2014 USA, Willamette University. Salem, Oregon. Youth Symphony cond Larry Garrett, Viola Concerto, Mvt. II, Hyrum Kohler, soloist
April 24 2014. USA, West Columbia, SC. Kaleidoscope (arr Gregg Nestor). The Coda Duo. Classical guitar Brett Floyd and Christopher Jenkins
April 20 2014, Chicago (Evanston). An evening with Leonard Slatkin, Chamber music from Hollywood's Golden Age incl Rozsa
April 17 2014, Arkansas State University’s A-State Orchestra Spring Concert. Festive Flourish by Miklós Rózsa
April 6 2014 Malta. The Beland Band Annual Lenten Concert, cond Ray Sciberras. King of Kings
April 6 2014 Zurich, Theater Spirgarten (Switzerland). The Basel Sinfonietta cond Marc Kissoczy. Violin Concerto. Simone Zgraggen (violin)
April 6 2014, Dallas New Life Symphony Orchestra conducted by Johnny Fuller. Selections from Ben-Hur
April 5 2014. Unoversity of Hull. UK. Spellbound Concerto
April 5 & 6 2014 Switzerland. The Basel Sinfonietta cond Marc Kissoczy. Violin Concerto. Simone Zgraggen (violin) Listen here
April 4 2014 NY USA. The New York Pops. Ben-Hur selections.
March 30, 2014 Philadelphia, Temple University. Faculty Recital: Jeffrey Solow, Cello; Mikhail Yanovitsky, piano. Duo for Cello and Piano,
March 28, 2014, Long Beach. California State University, Thr Killers Concert Suite
March 2014, Allegro Giusto from Concerto for String Orchestra, Op. 17 | New Century Chamber Orchestra. March 20. Bing Concert Hall. Stanford, CA March.21,22 SF Conservatory of Music. San Francisco, CA March 23. Osher Marin Jewish Community Center. Marin, CA. March 25. First Congregational Church. Berkely, CA
March 20 2014, Budapest, Hungary. Bartók Béla National Concert Hall. Notturno ungherese, op. 28
March 18 2014.San Francisco, Century Chamber Orchestra. Chamber music by Rózsa
March 11 2014. Potsdam New York. Crane School of Music Faculty Recital: Sonatina for Solo Clarinet. Julianne Kirk-Doyle.
March 7 2014. UK Belfast. Ulster Orchestra conducted by Stephen Bell. Ben-Hur.
March 3 2014 USA. University of California. Viola Concerto recital. Jonathan Morgan Viola, with Chamber Ensemble.
March 2 201. Chattanooga (Tennessee, USA) Chattanooga Symph Orch cond Robert Bernhardt.Ben Hur
Feb 27 2014. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.(Spain) Symp Orch of Tenerife cond by Nick Davies. Ben-Hur Prelude
Feb 21 2014. Granada (Spain) City of Granada Orch cond José Luis Estellé. The Jungle Book suite for narrator and Orchestra
Feb 16 2014 Norwich UK. Chapel Concerts, Jean Johnson - Sonatina for clarinet solo, Op.27 (1957)
Feb 14 2014 UK Chamber Music Festival, Bootham School, Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op 4 Martin Roscoe, piano
Feb 14 2014 San Francisco. (California, USA) San Francisco Symph Orch cond Constantine Kitsopoulos. Excerpts from Ben-Hur
Feb 2 2014 Antwerp. Best Film Classics in Symphony European Phil cond Walter Proost El Cid: The Barn (love theme)
Jan 31 2014, UK Swansea BBC National Orch of Wales.Cond Anu Tali. Viola Concerto Lawrence Power
January 30 2014 Dublin (Ireland).RTÉ Concert Orch cond John Wilson. Ben-Hur
Jan 26 2014 UK Wigmore Hall, London. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song.Jennifer Pike(violin) Tom Poster(piano)
Jan 24-25 2014 USA El Paso Symph. Bohuslav Rattay, Sinfonia Concertante. Op.29a, “Theme and Variations”
Jan 18 UK Darlington. Jennifer Pike(violin) Tom Poster(piano).Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song.
Jan 17.UK Biggar, Municipal Hall. UK Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song. Jennifer Pike(violin) Tom Poster(piano).
Jan 12 2014. Oostende (Belgium) European Philharmonia cond Walter Proost - Kursaal. El Cid: The Barn (love theme)
Jan 10 & 11 2014. Calgary,(Canada) Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Roberto Minczuk. Ben Hur
Jan 6 2014. Helsinki Philharmonic. Ben Hur
Dec 31 2013 USA, New Jersey Capital Philharmonic. New Years Eve Concert. Daniel Spalding cond “Spellbound Concerto”
Dec 6 & 8 Utah.Salt Lake Children’s Choir, Ralph B. Woodward, Artistic Director.Traditional Christmas Concerts. King of Kings
Dec 6 RTÉ Concert Orch cond David Brophy. National Concert HallGalway Baroque Singers. Choral Suite from Ben Hur
Nov 24 Sant Bernat Calbó Church, Reus, Spain.Daniel Sanxis (Viola) Kiev Portella (Piano).Viola Concerto & Valse Crepusculaire
Nov 22 Castellvell del Camp (Spain) Daniel Sanxis (Viola) and Kiev Portella (Piano).Viola Concerto & Valse Crepusculaire
Nov 17 Strasbourg, Fr. Orchestre Symphonique d'Etat de Thessalonique. Cond Alexandre Myrat. Concerto for String Orchestra.
Nov 14 2013 Leicester, UK, Holy Trinity Church, Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song
Nov 14. UK. Leicester. Holy Trinity Church, Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song op 4. Jennifer Pike, violin. Tom Poster, piano.
Nov 7 2013 Oslo, Norway. Film music: Sword and Sandals. Ingar Bergby, conductor.Ben Hur,
Nov 6 2013. UK Perth, St John's Kirk. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song op 4. Jennifer Pike, violin. Tom Poster, piano.
Nov 1 2013 New York, Syracuse University Symph Orch cond James R. Tapia. Spellbound Concerto. Steven Heyman, Piano
Oct 26th.USA Abilene, TX. Abilene Philharmonic Cond David Itkin.Sinfonia concertante, Op. 29;
Oct 26 22013, Milan Italy. Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi, Cond Marcello Bufalini, The Jungle Book.
Oct 13 2013. USA Winona Lake, IN. Masterworks festival. Toccata Capricciosa. Elianna Thorne, cello.
Oct 12 2013.USA. Melbourne,FL. Heroes of the Big Screen. Scott Center. El Cid. Space Coast Symph
Oct 5 2013 UK, St Andrews Church, Lyddington. The Tippett Quartet. String Quartet No.1;
Oct 4 2013 Budapest, Ilona Prunyi and Péter Sárik piano.Rózsa excerpts (transcribed by Péter Sárik)
Sep 25/27/28 2013 Catalonia, Spain. Valse Crepusculaire, and the Viola Concerto (piano-viola version). Performed by Daniel Sanxis (Viola) and Kiev Portella (Piano) Salou, Navarra, Pamplona
Sep 25 2013 Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland Institute of Music Orchestra / Cond Carl Topilow, Viola Concerto, Julia Clancy (Viola)
Sep 20 21. USA Charleston, West Virginia Symphony Orchestra. Cond Grant Cooper. Maria Schleuning (Violin); Jolyon Pegis (Cello). Sinfonia concertante for Violin and Cello, Op. review
Sept 18 2013, UK Cardiff.America At The Movies, cond Robert Ziegler.Lydia Kavina, Theremin. Spellbound Concerto. Pianist Martin Roscoe. BBC Wales Orch
Sept 17 2013 Sound of Cinema: Live In Concert. BBC Phil Orch cond Rumon Gamba. Thief of Bagdad: 18' Suite
Sept 15 2013. Dallas. Voices of Change. Salon Champagne Brunch. Sinfonia Concertante
August 31 2013. Edmonton (Canada) Symphony under the sky: Ben-Hur
Aug 26 UK London. BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, John Wilson Orchestra. John Wilson, cond. Ben-Hur Prelude, Love Theme, Parade of the Charioteers.
August 24 2013 UK, Clitheroe. Lancs. VIOLINS AT THE MOVIES. Geoffrey Allan Gavin Sutherland
August 23 2013 USA. Carolina Summer Music Festival. North Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances
August 15 2013 Copenhagen (Denmark). Tivoli Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Frank Strobel. Ben Hur
August 6 2013 Dublin, Ireland. RTE Concert Orchestra cond Timothy Henty. El Cid: Overture, Love Scene and March (Entr'acte)
August 4 2013 USA, San Francisco, CA. Music from the Movies with Mark Hamill.Parade of the Charioteers
July 25th 2013. Manchester, Vermont USA. Concert III. Manchester Music Festival. Spellbound concerto. Darryl Kubian, theremin.
July 20 2013. Köln (Cologne) Germany. Journey around the Mediterranean. WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne cond John Mauceri El Cid Suite. Overture Ben-Hur: The Holy Land (arr Mauceri)
July 18 2013. USA. Lafayette, IN. LAFAYETTE CITIZENS BAND. Cond William D. Kisinger. El Cid March.
July 13 2013. Tenerife, Spain. Spellbound Concerto. Orquesta sinfónica de Tenerife Cond Diego Navarro.Tenerife Film Choir
July 13 2013. Los Angeles. Pasadena Pops Orch cond Michael Feinstein. Ben-Hur
June 30 2013 Prague. 55th International Opera Festival. Ben Hur, a (choral) suite
June 26,28,29. Switzerland. TiFiCo Symphony Orchestra cond Christof Brunner. Rowing of the Galley Slaves
June 27 & 28 2013 Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra cond Helmut Imig - Serenadenhof. Ben-Hur
June 23 2013 Porto, Portugal. Symphonic Orchestra of Porto cond Damian Iorio - Sala Suggia. Ben-Hur Suite
June 16 2013 Taranto (Italy). Cloister of St. Michael. Music of Viotti, De Beriot and Miklos Rozsa.
May 30, 31 2013. Spain. Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias. Cond Rumon Gamba. Lawrence Power, Concierto para viola
May 29, 30. June 1 2013. Israel. Rishon LeZion, Heichal Hatarbut. Ariel Zuckerman, conductor. Gilad Karni,'Viola Concerto
May 28 2013 Leeds UK.Northern Ballet Ensemble. The role of the Violin in Hollywood.
May 28 2013 Tel Aviv, The Opera House. Ariel Zuckerman, conductor. Gilad Karni, Viola Concerto Op. 37
May 26. Milan. Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi. Cond Giuseppe Grazioli. Overture to a Symphony Concert
May 11. Varčse Sarabande 35th Anniv. San Pedro, Ca. 'That Hamilton Woman' Golden state Pops Orch. Guest Juliet Rozsa.
May 5 2013. St. Wendel. (Germany) Saarland State Orchestra cond Andreas Wolf- Ben Hur
May 4. USA. Newtown, Connecticut Master Chorale Orch. Cond Tina Johns Heidrich, Jungle Book Lullaby. Quo Vadis Choral Suite. St. Rose of Lima Church
April 29th 2013 Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto Symphony Orchestra conducted by Yunosuke Yamamoto - Kyoto Concert Hall Ben Hur
April 26 Prague, Czech Rep. Orchestr AKS, Sál Martinu cond. Robert Kruzik. Viola Concerto. Kristina Fialová – viola Listen here
April 7, 8, 9 2013 North Wales. The Pro Musica String Trio, Quay, Deganwy. String Trio Op. 1
April 8 2013<. Denton TEXAS. Adkins String Ensemble. Sonata for two violins op. 15.
March 3. St Louis USA. The STL Symphony, Ben Hur
March 2 and 3, 2013 New York. Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Hungarian Nocturne
Feb 23, 24 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian Phil Orch cond Nicolae Moldoveanu. Viola Concerto. Op.37 Gilad Karni viola
Listen here
Feb 23 2013 Macao, Peoples Republic of China. Macao Orchestra cond Lü Jia. That Hamilton Woman
Feb 20, 2013 St James Church, London. The Pro-Musica String Trio. Rózsa String trio op.1
Feb 10, 2013.Lubeck Germany. Family Concert. "Jungle Book" Philharmonisches Orchester der Hansestadt
Feb 1 2013 Sřnderborg (Denmark) Sřnderjyllands Symphony Orchestra cond David Riddell - Spellbound
Jan 31, 2013 Philharmonisches Orchester der Hansestadt Lübeck. Jungle Book.
Jan 31 2013 Sřnderborg (Denmark) Sřnderjyllands Symphony Orchestra cond David Riddell - Spellbound
Jan 25, 2013 Leeds, UK. Tippett Quartet - Quartet no 1
Jan 25, 2013 California. Beach Cities Sym Orch cond Barry Brisk. Marsee Auditorium, El Camino College. Ben Hur
Jan 20 2013 Zaragoza, Spain.Soundtrack Youth Orch cond Antonio Lajara. Ben-Hur
Jan 14 2013 St Louis, Mo. North Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances Op 5 for violin and piano. Sheldon Concert Hall
Jan 10, 11, 12, 13 Zeeland. Netherlands. Terneuze, Vlissingen, Goes and Hulst. The Zeeuws Orkest cond Ivan Meylemans. Thorwald Jorgensen (Theremin). 'Spellbound Concerto'. Dries van den Berg (Piano)
January 1 2013 Germany. Wiesbaden. HR Symphony Orchestra cond José Luís Gómez. Ben-Hur suite
Dec 23, 2012 BBC Scottish Symp Orch. Cond Stephen Bell. Glagow. Ben-Hur (arr Stanley Black) Dec 23, 2012 Salt Lake City Childrens Choir. 951 E 100 South (LDS Chapel):Hosanna from King of Kings
Dec 8 & 9 Mexico City. Carlos Chávez Youth Symph Orch, cond. Enrique Barrios. Sinfonia concertante Op. 29
Dec 1 2012 Dublin (Ireland) At The Movies RTÉ Concert Orchestra conducted by Neil Thomson. Ben-Hur
Nov 30 Dec 2 2012 USA. Salt Lake City Childrens Choir. Christmas Concert. Hosanna from King of Kings
Nov 25 2012 Germany.Bielefeld. Jungle Book. Bielefeld Philharmonic Orchestra
Nov 23, 24, 2012 Copenhagen Danish National Orch cond John Mauceri Spellbound concerto
Nov 18 2012 Prague. City of Prague Philharmonic Cond Nic Raine. Quo Vadis.
Nov 18 2012 Cambridge, UK. Thereminist: Charlie Draper. "Spellbound Concerto"
Nov 17 2012 Malta. Annual concert Festival Mediterranea Quo Vadis Cond Joseph Vella.
Nov 17 2012 Zaragoza,Spain. Joven Orquesta de Bandas Sonoras cond Antonio Lajara Ángel. Ben-Hur. Jungle Book
Nov 15 2012 RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra: Sinfonia Concertante, Op. 29
Nov 11.2012 Dusseldorf. Ben-Hur.Romanian State Philharmonic cond Franz Lamprecht. Tonhalle, Großer Saal
Oct 28 Texas. Laredo Phil Orch, Cond Brendan Townsend. Sinfonia concertante. Maria Schleuning (Violin); Jolyon Pegis (Cello)
Oct 24, 25, 26, Florence Italy, Orch of Tuscany. Green Theater. The Jungle Book, narrator and orchestra
Oct 21 2012 Saarbrücken Germany. Saarland State Orchestra cond Andreas Wolf. Ben Hur
Oct 21, 22, 2012 Vienna Austria. Radio-Symphony Orchestra Vienna. conductor David Newman. Spellbound
October 20 2012 London. England. The Ivory Duo Piano Ensemble. Lydia - Concert Suite from The Jungle Book - The Thief of Bagdad. St Alfege Church,
Oct 17 2012 Germany Munich, Munich Radio Orchestra Conductor Enrique Ugarte. El Cid
Oct 12. Naples. Associazione NapoliNova 15th Chamber Music Festival. Sonata for two violins, Franco Mezzena Violin Nancy Barnaba Violin.
Oct 7, 2012 USA. Palo Alto, CA. San Jose Wind Symphony. Spellbound Concerto; Victoria Lington, piano
Sept 30 2012 St. Louis (MO), USA. Saint Louis Chamber Chorus (conductor: Philip Barnes).The Twenty-Third Psalm (op.34)
Sept 29 2012 Alexandria Louisiana. The Rapides Symphony cond Josh Zona. Parade of the Charioteers
Sept 25 2012. Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian Symphony Orchestra cond John Mauceri - Theatro Municipal. El Cid
Sept 23 2012 Völklingen, Germany. Saarland State Orchestra. Film music concert • Ben Hur
Sept 1 Canada. Spellbound Concerto and Parade of the Charioteers. Edmonton Symphony Orchestra .Sara Davis Buechner, piano
August 31 2012 London. Lydia Suite for Piano (arranged by P. Archontides for four-hands) The Ivory Duo
August 3, 2012 USA. Saugatuck, MI. All Saints Episcopal Church. Sonata for Flute. Karen Betz-Griewahn
July 31 2012 USA. Plymouth, NH. New Hampshire Music Festival. Trio for Violin, Viola, and Cello, Opus 1
July 27 USA. Buffalo, NY. BPO cond JoAnn Falletta, Tema con Variazione, Shieh-Jian Tsai (Vln) Feng Hew (C) Review
July 20 2012 Germany. Georgisch Chamber Orch Ingolstadt cond Lavard Skou Larsen - Klenzepark. Spellbound
July 11 2012 USA. Wisconson. Concerts on the Square. Ben Hur Overture
July 7 Mirandola Italy. Sonata for two violins Franco Mezzena Nancy Barnaba Violin.
July 4 2012 San Francisco Symphony. Shoreline Amphitheatre Fireworks Concert 'Parade Of The Charioteers'
June 30 2012 Cordoba, Spain. Malaga Phil Orch cond Arturo Diez Boscovich. Lucie Svehlova (Violin). PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES : Gabriele - QUO VADIS : Romanza / Ave Caesar - EL CID : Overture / Love Theme / March

June 24 2012 Kaarst, Germany. Junge Sinfonie Kaarst cond by Tobias van de Locht. Selection from 'Julius Caesar'
June 18. Taranto Italy. Sonata for two violins Franco Mezzena Nancy Barnaba Violin.
June 16 2012 Amboise, France. The wind band of Bléré led by Patrick Tulong. Ben Hur
June 13 Rome Italy. Sonata for two violins Franco Mezzena Nancy Barnaba Violin.
June 8 2012, Taranto (Italy) violinist Franco Mezzena and Nancy Barnaba, sonata op. 15
June 3 2012 Milan, Italy. Orch Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi cond Giuseppe Grazioli. Overture to a Symphony Concert op. 26a (1956)
May 29 Dresden Germany. Neue Jüdische Kammerphilharmonie cond Michael Hurshell. Andante for String Orchestra.
May 26 2012 Amsterdam. Spellbound. Metropole Orkest May 19.Sienna Italy.Sonata for two violins Franco Mezzena Nancy Barnaba Violin.
May 18 & 19 2012 Lucerne, Switzerland. Setting Sail. 21st Century Sym Orch and Chorus cond by Ludwig Wicki.
May 11 2012 Montpellier France. Sinfonia Concertante. Orch national de Montpellier. Dorota Anderszewska violin. Cyrille Tricoire cello
May 13 2012 Ibiza Medieval Fair. Symphony Band and Cor Ciutat d'Eivissa. Ben-Hur
May 12, 2012 Alsfeld, Germany. "Love & Revolution" Die neue Philharmonie Frankfurt. El Cid
May 11, 2012 USA. Los Angeles. String Trio.Hollywood. The Great Hall of Annie Wright School
May 11, 2012 USA. West Michigan Flute Ass Members Recital. Flutist Karen Betz-Griewahn Sonata for Flute Solo
May 6 2012. Spain. 'Coronation' (El Cid) Arr John Alborch Mińana Salem, Cond Juan Garcia Iborra See Video
May 2, 2012 USA, Dayton, Ohio, Sonata for two violins. Westminster Presbyterian Church, Aurelian Oprea and Dona Nouné-Wiedmann, Dayton Phil Orch
April 30 2012 usa. Peoria, Illinois. Dept of Music- Bradley University. Sonata for Two Violins
April 24 2012 Sheffield, UK. Tippett Quartet String Quartet No. 1
April 22 2012 Students, Recital Hall Stockton, CA - Chelsea Brown, violin. Sonata for 2 Violins. Video from 30'
April 19 2012 Finland. Rózsa. Helsinki Phil Orch. Finnkino movie theatres screen the orchestra’s concerts filmed and recorded at the Music Centre.
April 1. Qatar Philharmonic Orch. Opera House, Katara Cultural Village Building. Ben-Hur Overture
March 29 Quo Vadis recording sessions. City of Prague Phil Orch. Cond Nic Raine. Smecky Studio
March 24 2012. Aarau. Switzerland. Ben-Hur short suite. Youtube video
March 15 2012 Finland, Helsinki Strings Youth Orchestra, cond. Jukka Rantamäki. Concerto for strings. Op. 17
March 11, 2012 USA. Connecticut Master Chorale, under Tina Johns Heidrich. King of Kings Choral Suite.
March 11 2012 . USA. Maine. Viola Concerto Op.37. Bangor Symphony Orchestra cond Lucas Richman, Gilad Karni Viola.
March 10 2012 UK. Guildhall, Swansea. BBC National Orch of Wales. Cond Roberto Minzcuk. Three Hungarian Sketches
March 9,10, 2012.USA. Cincinnati Symp Orch cond Nicola Luisotti. Timothy Lees violin. Ilya Finkelshteyn cello. Sinfonia concertante.
March 8 2012. Stralsund (Germany). Viola Concerto. Philharmonisches Orchester Vorpommern cond by Karl Prokopetz. Soloist: Lydia Rinecker
March 7 2012. Stralsund (Germany). Includes the Viola Concerto. Philharmonisches Orchester Vorpommern cond by Karl Prokopetz. Soloist: Lydia Rinecker. Konzert für Viola und Orchester op. 37
March 3, 4 2012 USA. Naples, Florida. Naples Concert Band. Ben-Hur — by Miklos Rozsa/ arr. by Stephen Melillo
Feb 28 2012 Greifswald (Germany). Viola Concerto. Phil Orch Vorpommern cond by Karl Prokopetz. Soloist: Lydia Rinecker Viola Concerto. op. 37
Feb 25 2012 Sandusky, OH. Carl Topilow Cond the Firelands Symp Orch, Parade of the Charioteers and Theme, Variations, and Finale
Feb 24 & 25 2012 USA. Idaho. Boise Phil Youth Orch Seniors. cond Robert Franz, Spellbound Concerto for orchestra
Feb 19 2012 London UK. Royal Festival Hall. Phil Orch cond David Angus.Jungle Book Suite. narration by Chris Jarvis.
Feb 17 2012. Ivory Duo Piano Ensemble. Excerpts from Rozsa's Lydia
Feb 12 2012 USA. Boone, NC. First movement from Rozsa’s “Concerto for Viola and Orchestra.”
Feb 12 2012 Moorhead, Minnesota. Fargo Moorhead Chamber Chorale To Everything There is a Season. Lake Agassiz Girls Choir
Feb 3 2012 Bulgaria. Ben-Hur, Parade of the Charioteers. Classic FM M-Tel Orchestra and Choir. Bulgaria Hall
Jan 29, 2012 USA. Sanibel, FL. Adaskin String Trio. BIG ARTS. Rózsa Trio (Serenade), Op.1.
Jan 28 2012 Canada. Montréal; Sonate pour 2 violons, op 15a, Genevičve Beaudry and Valérie Belzile.
Jan.22, 2012 Lawrence university. Appleton, Wisconsin. Elianna Thorne, cello. Toccata capricciosa, op. 36
Jan.22, 2012 USA CT. Adaskin String Trio. South Windsor, CT 06074. Rózsa Trio (Serenade), Op.1.
Jan 19 2012 Palm Desert, California, Double indemnity'
Jan 15 2012 France. Troyes. Orchestre symphonique de l’Aube. Tripartita Opus 33
Jan 14 2012 France. Romilly-sur-Seine. Orchestre symphonique de l’Aube. Tripartita Opus 33
Jan 10 2012. USA. Palm Beach Florida. The Flagler Museum. Adaskin String Trio, Trio-serenade, Op. 1 Review
Jan 8 2012 Budapest, Hungary. Bartók Béla National Concert Hall. Ben Hur
Jan 8 2012 Vict Aust. Patrick Savage-violin. Sally Whitwell-piano. North Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances
Jan 7 2012 UK: Concerto Op. 17. BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Rumon Gamba, Salford, MediaCityUK
Dec 27 2011, Manchester, UK. Manchester Concert Orchestra. Paul Bateman conductor. Ben Hur
Dec 28 2011. Birmingham Symphony Hall. London Concert Orch. Paul Bateman conductor. Ben Hur
Dec 29 2011, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Scottish Concert Orch Paul Bateman conductor. Ben Hur
Dec 30 2011, London. Barbican Hall. London Concert Orchestra. Paul Bateman conductor. Ben Hur
DEC 13 2011 MediaCity UK, Kaleidoscope. Theme Variations & Finale. BBC Phil Orch cond Rumon Gamba,
Dec 10 2011 Budapest, Hungary. Miklós Rózsa: Toccata capricciosa op. 36
Dec 8 2011. Allentown, NJ U.S.A. Allentown High School Brass Ensemble Cond Joe Brausam. Festive Flourish
Dec 9 2011 Paris. Orchestre National d'Ile de France. Gottfried Huppertz; Ben-Hur
Dec 3, San Francisco. Conservatory Orchestra cond Alasdair Neale. Viola Concerto, Hannah Nicholas viola
Dec 1, 2, 2011 Wales, Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra cond by Michael Bell. Ben-Hur
Nov 27 2011,Amsterdam. Dominicuskerk. Symfonisch blaasorkest "de Amsterdamse Tramharmonie". Parade of the Charioteers
Nov 27 2011, South Wales Blake Theatre, in Monmouth. Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra Ben-Hur
Nov.24, 26 2011 France. Orchestre National de Lyon. Ludwig Wicki, Ben-Hur
Nov.20 2011, UK. North Wales. The Tippett Quartet. String Quartet no 2. at The Quay, Deganwy.
Nov.19 2011. Toledo, Spain. La Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Quintanar de la Orden cond Sebastián Romero Heras. El Cid march
Nov.19 2011. Malta. La Stella Philharmonic Band. Teatru Astra. El Cid march, arr by Robert Hawkins.
Oct 31 2011 Quebec, Canada. Conservatoire Orch cond Gilles Auger. Viola Concerto. Marie-Elyse Badeau, viola
Oct 29 2011 Halle, Germany. OPER Halle. Orch: Staatskapelle Halle, cond Bernd Ruf. Spellbound Concerto for Orch
Oct 28. 29 2011 Spellbound Concerto. Oklahoma City Philharmonic cond Jack Everly Review
Oct 22 2011 Liverpool, England. Royal Liverpool Phil Orch cond Richard Kaufman. Parade of the Charioteers
Oct 15 2011 USA. Orlando Philharmonic cond by Dirk Meyer. Ben-Hur Suite, Read review
Oct 14 2011 Orange, Ca. Chapman University Wind Symphony cond Paul Sherman. El Cid.
Oct 8, 2011. London. Lydia Suite. Ivory Duo Piano Ensemble. Panayotis Archontides, Natalie Tsaldarakis.
Sept 23 2011 Kaarst Germany Ben-Hur (1959) Junge Sinfonie Kaarst TOBIAS VAN DE LOCHT, Dirigent
Sept 18 2011 Glasgow, Scotland. Ben-Hur, Double Indemnity. BBC Scottish Symph Orch cond John Wilson.
Sept 13 2011 Pittsburgh. USA. Duo, Op. 7. Stephanie Swoveland, violin – Nancy Rubenstein, piano
Sept 11 2011 Bern, Switzerland. The Thief of Baghdad. Thomas Herzog cond the Berner Symphony Orchestra
Sept 10 2011 Cedar Rapids. Iowa, USA. Orchestra Iowa. Brucemore, “Parade of the Charioteers” from “Ben Hur”
Sept 9 2011 Oslo, Norway. Bergen Phil Orch cond Andrew Litton. Viola Concerto. Lawrence Power, Viola
Sept 8 2011 Bergen Norway. Bergen Phil Orch cond Andrew Litton. Viola Concerto. Lawrence Power, Viola
Sept 3 2011 Germany. Junge Sinfonie Kaarst cond Tobias van de Locht. Parade of the Charioteers and Victory Parade
July 31 2011 Colorado. USA. "Spellbound" Jens Georg Bachmann, Music Dir. Rob Schwimmer, Theremin and Piano
July 20 2011 Spain. Ubeda International Film Music Festival: Ben Hur (Prelude and Main Theme)
July 19 2011. Switzerland. Baselgia. . François Barro. Miklós Rózsa: Toccata capricciosa, Op. 36
July 13 2011. UK. Lichfield Festival: The Tippett Quartet String Quartet No.2 Op.38
June 25, 26, 2011 USA. Boston Pops. 'Parade of the Charioteers'.
June 25 2011 Oxford, UK. Violin Concerto. Jennifer Pike, Oxford Symph Orch cond. Robert Max. Review Photos
June 25 2011 Paris. France. Concert for Japan. Duo for Violin, Op 15a details
June 17 2011 Bristol. UK. Rózsa String Quartet No 2, The Tippett Quartet
June 17 2011. Frankfurt, Germany. Ben-Hur Suite. Brandenburg State orchestra. Cond Israel Yinon
June 15 2011. Namest nad Oslavou (Czech Rep) Sinfonia concertante Op. 29. Prague Phil. Tomáš Netopil cond
Jun. 3-5 USA. Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Jeff Tyzik, conductor. includes Ben-Hur. Three performances.
June 4, 2011 St Louis, USA. Richard Kaufman cond STL Symph featuring film scores. Includes Ben-Hur
May 23 2011 Perth, Scotland. The Tippett Quartet; String Quartet No. 2 Op. 38 Read review
May 15 2011 Benedict Canyon. LA. violin duo. Edwin Huizinga and Mark Fewer
May 15 2011 .Glasgow. Scotland. The Cottier Theatre. Sonatina for solo clarinet Op.27 - Jean Johnson
May 11 2011 University of California. Dept of music. Sonatina for Clarinet, Op. 27
April 29 2011 Japan. Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra. Peter Rubardt, Conductor. Ben-Hur
April 17 2011 Frankfurt, Streichquartett Nr. 1 op. 22 Alighieri Quartett: Stefano Succi, Violin. Akemi Mercer, Violin. Wolfgang Tluck, Viola. Ulrich Horn Cello
April 13 2011 USA, San Antonio, TX. Order of the Alamo. Roger Melone cond Parade of the Charioteers
April 12, 2011 Hong Kong. Spellbound Concerto. City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong. Lydia Kavina theremin
April 7 & 8 2011 Madrid, Spain. Teatro Monumental, Orquesta Sinfónica y Coro de Radiotelevisión Espańola. Carlos Kalmar, director. Violin Concerto Op. 24. Mariana Todorova, violín. Listen
April 3 2011 USA, North Newton, Kansas. violin duo Nova Deco played the 'Sonata for two violins, Opus 15a'
April 2, 2011 USA. Spokane Washington. Whitworth Choir. Motet, 'To Everything There Is A Season'
March 29 2011 USA University of Louisiana at Monroe. Faculty Artist Concert Series. Clarinet solo. Scot Humes, Daniel Sheridan, clarinet.
March 26 2011. Vilnius, Lithuania. Violin concerto. Lithuanian National Symph Orch Cond Aleksandar Markovic. Ruta Lipinaityte, violin.
March 25,26 2011. Ontario. Canada. Ben-Hur - Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra.
March 23 2011. London. Steinway Hall, Piano Sonata. solo recital by Andrew Aarons.
March 22cnd 2011. Bristol. UK. String Quartet, Op 22 The Voller String Quartet
March 16 2011. Alessandria Italy. Piano Sonata. Andrea Carcano piano.
March 12 2011 Washington, USA. Yakima Symphony Orchestra cond Lawrence Golan.Parade of the Charioteers
March 13th, 2011, USA. CA. Ohlone Wind Orchestra Parade of the Charioteers
March 9 10 11 2011 Zurich, Switzerland. Viola Concerto. Gilad Karni. David Zinman cond Tonhalle Orch
March 8 2011. UK. York Hotel. The Tippet Quartet String Quartet No. 2 Op. 38
March 9th 2011 San Jose, California. Violin Sonata.
March 5 & 6 2011 UK. York St John University. The Tippet Quartet String Quartet No. 2 Op. 38
March 4, 5, Australia. Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Ben-Hur
Feb 27 2011 USA, Mokena, IL.Encore Concert Band cond by Bill Schuetter. Spellbound Concerto
Feb 26, 27 2011 Stevens Pt. Central Wisconsin Symphony Orch cond Patrick Miles. Parade of the Charioteers
Feb 26, 27 2011 Tucson, AZ. Tucson Symphony Orchestra. Lawrence Golan cond Parade of the Charioteers
Feb 19 2011. Mezin, France. Sinfonia concertante. Christophe BOULIER. David LOUWERSE. Jean-Louis CAILLARD
Feb 19 2011 UK, Hull University.String Quartet No. 2 Op. 38. Tippett Quartet.
Feb 19 2011 New York, NY. Symphony Space. Toccata Capricciosa, Op. 36 . Jeffrey Solow (Cello).
Feb 15 2011 UK, University of Sheffield. The Tippett Quartet. String Quartet No. 2 Op. 38
Feb 13 2011 Anchorage, Alaska. Sitka Festival. Jeffrey Solow,Toccata Capricciose for solo cello
Feb 12 2011 Malta. Astra theatre,victoria. Ben-Hur. La Stella Philharmonic Band cond George Apap. Review
FEB 12, 13, 2011 USA, CO. Quo Vadis Suite. Colorado Springs Philharmonic. Thomas Wilson cond
Feb 9 2011 Dublin Ireland Double Indemnity Suite. Parade of the Charioteers.RTÉ Conc Orch cond Neil Thomson
Feb 5 2011 Ridgefield, CT, USA Ridgefield Symph Orch cond Gerald Steichen. Spellbound Concerto,
Feb 5 2011 USA. Evanston, IL. Sonatina for Clarinet Solo, Op. 27
Feb 4 2011Germany, Cologne. Ben-Hur suite. Rundfunkorchester. Streamed by wdr 4 on 12th
Jan 27,28,30 2011 Phoenix, AZ. Parade of the Charioteers. Phoenix Symphony James Sedares, cond
Jan 16, 30 2011 Florida USA. Naples Concert Band. Ben-Hur, Arr Stephen Melillo. Harris Lanzel cond.
Jan 16 2011 UK, Teeside Music Society The Tippet Quartet; String Quartet No. 2 Op. 38
Jan 15, 16 2011 USA. PA. Harrisburg Symph Orch cond Stuart Malina. Theme, variations & Finale for Orch Review
Jan 13,14 2011 Brno, Czech Republic. Violin Concerto. Brno Phil cond Aleksandar Markovic. Ruta Lipinaityte, Violin.
Jan 11 2011 Linz. Austria. Violin Concerto. Brno Philharmonic cond by Aleksandar Markovic. Ruta Lipinaityte, Violin.
Jan 9 2011.London. Madame Bovary Waltz. BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Cond John Wilson.Barbican Hall
Jan 8 2011 Singapore. Choral Suite, Ben-Hur. Orch of the Music Makers Cond by Chan Tze Law, Chorus TBC.
1 Jan 2010 Germany. Violin Concerto. Dresdner Philharmonie. Cond Aleksandar Markovic. Ruta Lipinaityte Violin
Dec 31 Germany. Rózsa Violin Concerto. Dresdner Philharmonie. Cond Aleksandar Markovic.
Dec 31 2010 USA. California. Ben-Hur Parade of the charioteers. Santa Barbara Symphony. Richard Kaufman, Guest Conductor
Dec 31 2010 Lucerne, Switzerland. The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. 21st Century Orchestra.
Dec 22 2010 Incourt, Belgium. Spellbound Concerto. (Theremin) Youtube clip
Dec 21 2010 Almeria, Spain. Christmas concert. 'Ben-Hur'.
Dec 13 2010. London. Sonata for Piano, Op 20. St Lawrence Jewry Church. Pianist, Andrew Aarons
Dec 5 2010. Mt. Kisco, NY. USA. Music from Copland House. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song. With Dorothy L. Crawford (author of “A Windfall of Musicians”)
Dec 4 2010 Verona. Italy. "Spellbound" Orchestra G.Verdi of Milano Conductor Antonio Ballista
Nov 21 2010 Budapest, Hungary. Toccata capricciosa for cello. Béla Bartók Memorial House. Péter Szabó
Nov 7, 2010 USA, Woodland, California. Spellbound. The Woodland Opera House Theatre Company.
Nov 5, 2010 USA. Wayne, Pennsylvania. Sinfonia Concertante. Main Line Symph Orch. Henry Scott Cond
Oct 30. Sonata for two violins. Joel Pargman and Carol Kennedy. Live at the lounge series. Hermosa Beach. California
Oct 29, 30 2010 Canada. Spellbound Concerto. Edmonton Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jack Everly
Oct 29, 2010. New York. Sonata For Two Violins Op. 15a. Weill Recital Hall. Ambartsumian Violins
Oct 21 2010 Madrid, Spain. CINE EN CONCIERTO. Parade of the Charioteers from Ben-Hur
Oct 7 Sweden Luleĺ, Kulturens Hus,String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 9 Sweden Bjästa, Nätra kyrka, String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 11 Sweden, Uppsala, Alfvénsalen, String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 12 Sweden, Huskvarna, Kyrkan, String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 13 Sweden, Arboga. Nicolai Kulturhus,String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 15 Sweden, Stockholm, Nybrokajen 11, String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 17 Sweden, Borlänge, Missionskyrkan, String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 19 Sweden, Köping, Kulturhuset Folkets Park, String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 21 Sweden, Arvika, Ingesunds Musikhögskola, String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 22 Sweden, Skinnskatteberg, Kulturhuset Korpen, String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 24 Sweden, Linköping, Länsmuseet, Wallenbergsalen, String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 26 Sweden, Härnösand, Folkhögskolan, String Quartet No. 2, op. 38 The Weber Quartet.
Oct 12 2010. Budapest. Sinfonia Concertante. MAV Symph Orch cond Howard Williams. National Museum, Festive Hall
Oct 9 2010 Pécs, Hungary. Sinfonia Concertante. MAV Symph Orch cond by Howard Williams. Great Hall of the University. Kelemen Barnabás, violin. Kokas Dóra, cello.
Oct 6 2010. Pecs Hungary. Romhányi Hall. El Cid. Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, Cond András Vass
Oct 6 2010 London, UK. 'Spellbound' BBC Concert Orchestra cond by Charles Hazlewood.
Oct 3 2010. USA Missouri. St Louis Chamber Chorus. Psalm 23 Chorale site
Sept 16 2010 Austria. Parade Of The Charioteers. Radio-Symph Orchestra Vienna cond John Axelrod
Aug 19 2010 USA, NY. Sinfonia concertante Op. 29. Chautauqua Symph Orch Cond Stefan Sanderling
Aug 17 2010,Bologna Italy. San Giacomo Festival. Sonata for Guitar. Stephen Richard Figoni
August 6 & 7 2010 Ben-Hur. Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile. Eduardo Browne Rowing of the galley slaves. Parade of the charioteers. Ring for freedom.
Aug 1 2010 Ben-Hur suite. Charleston Community Center, The U.S. Naval Academy Band
July 31 2010 St Alfege church, Greenwich, London, The Ivory Duo. Lydia.
July 29 2010 Spain. 12th Guitar Festival. Ciutat d’Elx. Sonata for Guitar. Dejan Ivanovic
July 23 2010. The Rowing of the galley slaves. Buffalo Philharmonic's "Hollywood on the Harbor"
July 15 2010, Milan, Spellbound Concerto. Orch Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi cond by Antonio Ballista.
June 24 2010 Munich Germany. Parade of the charioteers. Münchner Rundfunkorchester conducted by Ulf Schirmer.
June 20 2010 Spoleto, Italy. Teatro Nuovo. Jungle Book narrated suite. Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi conducted by Marcello Bufalini.
June 17 2010 Manchester, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Rumon Gamba. Performance and recording. Concerto, for cello and orchestra. Op. 32: Rhapsody for cello and orchestra. Op. 3
June 11 2010. Bialystok, Poland. Podlaska Philharmonic Orchestra, Mariusz Smolij Cond.Suite from Quo Vadis and Ben-Hur. Listen here
June 6 2010. Spain. Homeatge i Socis cond by Don Joan Iborra. Parade of the charioteers. Auditorium Oscar Espla L'Aiguera Park Video
June 4 & 5 2010. Edmonton. Canada. A night at the oscars. Includes four selections from Ben-Hur. Edmonton Symphony Orchestra cond by William Eddins with projected scenes.
May 29 2010. UK Oxford. "Lydia", arranged by P. Archontides for piano, four-hands. Natalie Tsaldarakis and Panayotis Archontides, concert pianists
May 27 & 28 2010. Bern. Switzerland. Violin Concerto. Op 24. Alexandru Gavrilovici Violin, Berner Symphonieorchester, Andrey Boreyko Conducting
May 15 2010 8pm USA. New Jersey Sym Orch cond Constantine Kitsopolous. Newark, NJ. Spellbound Concerto. Darryl Kubian (Theremin)
May 15 2010 USA. Connecticut. Norwalk Sym Orch cond Diane Wittry. El Cid: Love Theme Read more
May 13th, 2010 Allentown, New Jersey, USA. Parade of the Charioteers. High school brass ensemble concert
May 8 2010 London Phil Orch. Family Concert. Ralf Sochaczewksy conductor. Rózsa's Golden Voyage of Sinbad
May 1, 2010. Frankfurt, Rhapsody for cello and El Cid suite. Zoé Cartier, Violoncello. Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt with the Congress Park Sinfonia, Cond Jens Troester.
April 30, May 1st & 2cnd. Illinois. Overture to a symphony concert. Elgin Sym Orch. Robert Hanson cond Review
April 28th 2010 Violin Concerto, Warren Zielinski & London Phoenix Orch. Review and Report and photos
April 18 2010 Melbourne. Music from the movies. Victorian Concert Orch cond Gerald Keuneman. Ben-HurReview
April 16 & 17 2010. USA. MI. Sinfonia Concertante. Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra. David Lockington, Conductor. Megan Crawford, Violin. Read short report
April 15 2010, Glasgow, Scotland. Viola Concerto. BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra cond Alexander Titov . Lawrence Power, Viola. Listen to the concert
April 11 2010. 11am. Ewing, NJ, USA. Two Songs - Transcribed for Horn and Piano, Op.16. I. Invocation - II. Beasts of Burden. Joseph Brausam, horn
April 10 2010 La Banda Musicale "Vincenzo Maria Pintorno" di Cefalů esegue "Parade of the charioteers" occasione dell'anniversario dei 10 anni dalla fondazione del Centro di Cultura "Polis Kephaloidion" listen
April 7 2010 Cleveland Ohio. Concerto for Viola and orchestra. Cleveland institute for music orchestra. CARL TOPILOW, conductor. TEGEN DAVIDGE, viola. Listen to the concert
April 2-3, 2010. Dallas Symph Orch, cond Richard Kaufman, Parade of the charioteers.
March 27 2010. Scotland, Strathdee. Sonatine for solo clarinet. Jean Johnston, clarinet.
March 20th 2010, Aarau, Switzerland. North Hungarian peasant songs and dances, Op 5. Orchesterverein Aarau, cond. David Schwarb. details
March 19 2010. France. Orchestre national de Lyon. Frank Strobel cond. Ben Hur Details
March 18 2010 France. Violin concerto, Christophe Boulier(violin) with Philippa Neuteboom (piano) Details
March 18. USA NC. Hendersonville Community Band. Parade of the Charioteers
March 14. Paris. Ben-Hur. Combined orchestras. Details
March 6 UK. Bournemouth. Quo Vadis suite and Ben-Hur Parade of the charioteers. Bournemouth Symph Orch.
March 6. Mézin. France. Violin Concerto. Violin : Christophe BOULIER - Piano : Bruno MARTINS. Review
March 5. USA, Oberlin, Ohio. Viola concerto, Op 37 and Concerto for strings, Op 17: Oberlin College-Ensemble, cond. Bridget Reischl. Meredith Crawford Viola. Finney Chapel,
March 5 UK. Plymouth. Quo Vadis suite and Ben-Hur Parade of the charioteers Bournemouth Symphony Orch.
March 4 Târgu Mures.Romania. Violin Concerto Op. 24.Alexandru Gavrilovici (vl), Berner Symphonieorchester, cond. Andrey Boreyko.
February 27 2010 Cluj-Napoca Romania. Violin Concerto Op 24. Alexandru Gavrilovici (vl), Berner Symphonieorchester, cond. Andrey Boreyko.
February 27 2010. USA. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Cello Concerto, Signature Symphony. Joshua Roman, Cello. Details
February 26, 27 2010. Ben Hur Prelude and The Lords Prayer from King Of Kings. Jack Everly, conductor. Rochester Philharmonic Orch & Rochester Oratorio Society.
February 26 Romania. Violin Concerto. Alexandru Gavrilovici, Violin. Transylvania State Philharmonic cond Sabin Pautza Details
February 26th 2010. USA. Berwyn, PA. - Sinfonia concertante, Main Line Symphony Orchestra. Mei Chen, cello; Derek Barnes, violin; Henry Scott, conductor
February 26th & 27th 2010.Lisbon, Portugal. Tema con variazioni Op. 29a. Gulbenkian Orchestra, cond. Lawrence Foster
February 22. Sonatina for clarinet solo. Jennifer Laubenthal, ass professor of music at Eastern New Mexico University
February 21 2010. Leeds, UK. Parade of the charioteers. Orchestra of Opera North cond John Wilson.
February 17 & 18 2010. Ottawa, Canada. Sinfonia Concertante. National Arts Center Orchestra. Pinchas Zukerman, violin. Amanda Forsyth, cello. Christian Vásquez, conductor. Details and video interview
February 10 2010 Sara Buechner Piano Recital. Vintners Daughter Variations. Singapore Yong Siew Toh Conservatory
February 6 2010. Italy. Suite from the Jungle book. Auditorium di Milano Fondazione Cariplo. Narrator:Bustric Conductor:Marcello Bufalini Soprano:Anna Petrone. Orchestra laVerdi per tutti'
February 6 2010 Los Angeles. Golden State Pops Orch Great Composer Concert includes selection from El Cid
February 3 2010. Cumbria UK. String Trio op 1. Pro-Musica Trio
Jan 30 2010 Switzerland. Ben-Hur. Galakonzert.Stadtmusik Basel cond Phillipp Wagner.
January 30 2010. CA USA. Sonatina for solo clarinet Op. 27 and String Quartet No. 2, Op. 38. The California Quartet Listen Benjamin Lulich is the principal clarinetist for the Pacific Symphony in Orange County.
January 19 Scotland. Perth Chamber Music Society. Sonatina for solo clarinet, Jennifer Johnson (clarinet) Review
January 18 2010. Inverness, Scotland. Sonatine for solo clarinet. Jean Johnson (clarinet)
January 17 2010 Ben-Hur suite. Minnesota Orchestra, Osmo Vänskä, conductor
January 17 2010. Encinitas, California USA. Sonatina (for solo clarinet) Op. 27 and String Quartet No. 2, Op. 38. The California Quartet: Matthew Tommasini's Connections Chamber Music Series
January 12 2010. Scotland. Lilithgow Arts Guild. Sonatine for Solo Clarinet. Jean Johnson (Clarinet)
January 11 2010. Cowdray Hall, Aberdeen. Sonatine for solo clarinet JEAN JOHNSON (clarinet)
January 9th 2010. Scotland. LINLITHGOW ARTS GUILD. Sonatina for solo clarinet. Jean Johnson.
January 9 2010 Selections from Ben-Hur. Minnesota Orchestra, Osmo Vänskä, conductor
January 8.2010 Texas USA. El Paso chamber music festival. North Hungarian Peasant songs and dances, OP 5. Phillipe Quint violin, pianist Matt Herskowitz. Review
January 8 2010. Berlin Germany. North Hungarian peasant songs and dances. OP 5. Pan flute by Ulrich Herkenhoff.
January 7 2010. Dumfries. Scotland. Sonatine for solo clarinet.
January 5th 2010. Eastgate. Scotland. Sonatine for solo clarinet. Jean Johnson, Clarinet
January 1st 2010 Berlin, Parade of the Charioteers. Komische Oper Berlin cond Carl St Clair
January 1st 2010. Kiel, Germany. Ben Hur. Orchestra Kiel cond by Frank Strobel
December 30th Berlin Germany. Parade of the Charioteers. Komische Oper cond Carl St Clair
December 26 2009. Belgium. Zoersel. Erik Mast cond Rozsa and others.
December 20 2009 Singapore. Ben Hur arr John Mortimor. Junior College and Polytechnic Band Festival with Nadarzyn Wind Orchestra (from Poland)
December 6, 2009. USA New London, CT. Sonatina for solo clarinet. US Coastguard Band.
November 28 2009. Hull UK. Ben-Hur suite - Prelude - Love Theme - Rowing of the Galley Slaves - Burning Desert - Mother's Love - Parade of the Charioteers. Hull Philharmonic Orchestra.
November 27,28. Canada. Parade of the Charioteers.Steven Reineke cond Vancover Symph Orch
November 26 2009. Paris. Salle Gaveau, Concerto for strings. L'Ensemble Prometheus 21. Details in french
November 22. Iowa,USA. El Cid March. Temple college symphonic band.
November 22cnd 2009. Budapest. Hungary. Violin Concerto. György Liener – Cond István Dénes. Zugló Philharmonia-szent István Király Symphony Orchestra Béla Bartók National Concert Hall.
November 21st 2009. USA. Lansing, MI. Parade of the Charioteers. Lansing symph orch, Cond Timothy Muffitt.
November 16 2009. Suffolk. UK. String Trio op 1. Pro Musica Trio, Bury St Edmunds, info
November 14 2009, Malta. Overture to Ben-Hur. The Armed Forces of Malta band directed by Captain Ivan-John Borg, . Gozo Cathedral, Victoria
November 11 12 13 2009. Italy. Jungle Book. Narrated suite. Orch Della Toscana. Director Marcello Bufalini.
November 11, 2009. New York. Vintner's Daughter Variations, op 23. Sara DAavis Buechner,25th Anniv Recital
November 7, 2009. Lucerne, Switzerland. Ben Hur Prelude. 21st Century Orchestra cond Ludwig Wicki.
November 6th & 7th. Ostrava, Czech Republic. Cello concerto Op 32. Friedrich Kleinhapl Cellist, Janacek Phil Orch cond Heiko Mathias Förster.
November 5th 6th, 2009.Tapiola, Finland. Concerto for String Orchestra. Tapiola Sinfonietta, cond. Tabor Takács-Nagy Espoo,
November 1st. Sonata for solo oboe.USA Pomona College Dept of music. Details
November 1st 2009. Des Moines comunity orchestra. Iowa,USA. Parade of the Charioteers. More Info
November 1st 2009. CA,USA, Claremont,Pomona Colege concerts incl music by Miklos Rozsa,
October 30 2009. Oulu Sinfonia, Finland. Spellbound Concerto. Lydia Kavina, Theremin
October 30, 31, Nov 1, 2009. Spellbound Concerto. Indianapolis Symph Orch Cond Jack Everly, Theremin Charles Richard Lestor.
October 25th Netherlands. Sonatá for two violins, opus 15a. St Joris Kerk. Bredevoort. Violin duo Nina de Waal and Anne Marie Volten Info
October 23, 2009. Harvard University Pops Orchestra and theremin. Spellbound concerto. View video
October 22. Ohio.USA. Sinfonia Concertante. University Symphony Orchestra. Steven Huang, conductor Marjorie Bagley, violin, Michael Carrera, cello
Oct 16, 17, 18. 2009. USA. Prelude and Finale from Double Indemnity John Williams cond Los Angeles Phil Orch. Review
Oct 9 2009 Ben-Hur. Australia. University NSW Wind Band cond Steven Hillinger.
Oct 8th 9th 11th. USA, Maryland. Prelude,Love Theme Ben-Hur. Baltimore Symph Orch, Jack Everly cond
September 27 2009. New Mexico. Parade of the charioteers. Rio Rancho Symphonic Band.
September 27, Sarral. Catalunya.Spain. Final in series of Rozsa concerts
September 26th, Santa Coloma de Queralt.Catalunya.Spain. Series of Rozsa concerts
September 19 & 20. Parade of the Charioteers from “Ben Hur” Phoenix Symphony.AZ. Lawrence Golan, conductor
September 18. Parade of the Charioteers from “Ben Hur”. NJ. West Windsor-Plainsboro High School. Jean Mauro, conductor
September 12 Parade of the Charioteers.BBC Scottish Symph Orch. Klaus Martin Ziegler, cond
September 12th El Pla de Santa Maria,Catalunya.Spain. Series of Rozsa concerts
September 11th Sant Jaume dels Domenys, Catalunya.Spain. Series of Rozsa concerts
September 10th, Aldover, Catalunya.Spain. Series of Rozsa concerts
September 3rd, Parade of the charioteers. Denmark. Sonderjyllands Symfoniorkester.
August 24th, L'Arboç, Catalunya.Spain. Series of Rozsa concerts
August 23rd, Montbrió del Camp, Catalunya.Spain. Series of Rozsa concerts
August 16th , El Masroig, Catalunya.Spain. Series of Rozsa concerts
August 15, Pratdip, Catalunya.Spain. Series of Rozsa concerts
August 6th, Alcover, Catalunya.Spain. Series of Rozsa concerts
August 12, 2009, USA. Sonata for two violins. OP 15. I. Allegro III. Presto. Samvel Chilingarian, Violin. Limor Toren-Immerman, Violin. Beverly Hills international music festival. Details
August 8th, USA,Bayville. New Jersey. Brass quintet arrangement of Rozsa's prelude for 'The Lost Weekend'. Berkley Township Community Arts Alliance, Band and Choir.
August 8th 2009.Tokyo, Japan. Guitar Sonata. Hakuju Guitar Festa. Kyu-hee PARK Guitar. Details
August 1st Spain. Castellvell del Camp. Rozsa solo piano works
July 30th. 2009. University of Hawaii summer concert band. King of Kings. Ala Moana centerstage
July 16 2009,USA Viola Concerto with Piano. Gilad Karni, Violist. Newport Music Festival. More info
July 11, 12, 13. The Netherlands. Choral Suite from Ben Hur. Andre Reiu.
June 27 2009. Leipzig. Gewandhaus orchestra cond by John Mauceri. El Cid and Ben-Hur. Details
June 14, 2009, USA. Penn's Woods Festival Pennsylvania. Sonata for two violins. Op. 15a, Joanne Feldman and Debbie Trudeau. More info
May 30, 2009. Sonata for two violins. Gilad Rivkin, Raphael Rivkin - violins. Beit Jamal Monastery - Jerusalem Hills.
May 30 2009. USA NJ. piano sonata - Unitarian Society of Ridgewood – Ron Levy, Piano. Pallisades Virtuosi
May 10, 2009. Texas. USA. Concerto for Strings. Dallas Chamber Orchestra. Tickets and details.
May 4, 2009. Serbia, Novi Sad. Pianist Panayotis Archontides lecture-recital. World Piano Conference 2009. Bagatelles op 12. Sonata op 20. Details
Sat May 2, 3, 2009. Canada. The Niagara Symphony Orchestra. The Jungle Book. Narrated suite. Details
May 2, 2009, American River College Theater. Duo, Miklos Rozsa. Igor Veligan, Dan Flanagan, violin,
May 1-3
April 28,29, Italy. Prelude Ben-Hur. Naples Philharmonic. Jack Everly, conductor
April 23. Belton, Texas Department of Music University of Mary Hardin-Baylor violinist Charles Wetherbee performs Rozsa. Details
April 15 2009. USA,Winfield Arkansas City. Cowley College, Clarinet Sonata. Detais
April 4, 2009. USA Museum of Biblical Art's. New York. The Allsar Quartet. String quartet. Details
Apri 4 2009. Dublin. Ireland. R.T.E. Concert Orchestra & Chorus / David Brophy. King of Kings, Quo Vadis, Ben-Hur. View details
3 April till 1 May. Germany. Klassik Radio Pops Orchestra (Players from the Prague Philharmonic) conducted by Nic Raine. El Cid.
03. April 2009 Würzburg, Frankoniasaal im Congress Centrum
04. April 2009 Frankfurt, Alte Oper
05. April 2009 Berlin, Tempodrom
06. April 2009 Stuttgart, Palladium Theater
16. April 2009 Hamburg, Laeiszhalle
18. April 2009 Augsburg, Kongresshalle
19. April 2009 Nürnberg, Meistersingerhalle
25. April 2009 Regensburg, Audimax
01. Mai 2009 München, Philharmonie im Gasteig.
March 25 2009. France. Concerto For String Orchestra, Op 17 (1943) Ensemble Prometheus 21 Paris, Salle Gaveau.
March 21 22 2009. USA. Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Violin Concerto. Conductor Alvaro Cassuto. violinist Robert McDuffie. Orchestra announcement
March 18th & 19th 2009. Finland. Sinfonia concertante Op 29. Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Okko Kamu.
March 16 2009.Torino,Italy. Spellbound. Antonio Ballista conducting Filarmonica 900
March 14, 2009. USA Kansas, Topeka Symphony Orchestra. “Hollywood Spectacular” John Strickler, Cond. Parade of Charioteers. Details
March 13 14 15 2009. Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Classic symphonic scores Includes Ben-Hur. Richard Kaufman cond. Details
March 13th 2009 USA. Brooklyn, NY. Toccata Capricciosa, Opus 36 Cellist Jeffrey Solow. Details
10th & 11th & 12 March 2009. Switzerland. Sinfonia concertante Op. 29 Tonhalle-Orchester Zurich, cond David Zinman. Live broadcast.
March 6 & 7 2009. Texas, USA. Lubbock Symphony Orchestra. 'Ben Hur': Love Theme Scource
March 2 2009. California, The Pacific Symphony Orch. Rozsa Toccata Capricciosa for solo cello Details
Feb 26,27,28,2009 Pacific Symphony. Carl St Clair cond. Raymond Kobler, violin. Timothy Landauer, cello. Theme and Variations for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, Op. 29a. Ben-Hur suite. . Review
February 22. 2009. The Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, The Adkins sisters. Violinists. Sonata for Two Violins, Op.15. More details
February 21 & 22, 2009. Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra. Spellbound Concerto. Lawrence Leviton, Theremin.
February 18 2009. Indiana University Philharmonic Orchestra. Sinfonia concertante, op 29. cond Leonard Slatkin, Jaime Laredo, violin. Sharon Robinson, cello.
February 14 & 15 2009. USA. Allentown Symph Orch. Love Theme from Ben Hur. Details
February 13-14, 2009. Tulsa Oklahoma. Signature Symphony. Signature Chorale. From the golden years of MGM Incl Miklós Rózsa. Details
February 13 2009. USA. Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC. Fine Arts Recital. Final movement Rózsa Viola concerto. Ron Sondergaard Viola.
February 9 2009. Texas, Wayland Baptist University School of Music. Celebrating 100 Years, Wayland’s Harral Auditorium. Includes Rozsa.
February 8 2009 University of Iowa CNM. violist Christine Russell. Introduction and Allegro for solo viola.
February 7, 2009,USA Pa. Spring Grove AHS, Overture from Ben Hur, arr Daniel Robbins, Cond TJ McAvaney
February 7 2009. Wisconsin, USA. Hungarian Nocturne. Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra. Andrews Sill - Music Director. Details
Feb 6 2009. Ben-Hur. Entracte, Parade of the Charioteers. Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, District 7 Orchestra Festival, Spring Grove, PA. View video
Feb 1 2009.USA. Orange County Pacific Symphony. California. Duo for Violin and Piano, Op. 7. Kobler, Raymond (Violin); Shaham, Orli (Piano). Details
January 23rd, 24th, 25th, 2009. USA Oxnard, California. New West Symphony Orchestra. Sean Chen, piano. Boris Brott, conductor. Spellbound Concerto with Charles Richard Lester Theremin. Details
December 30th 2008, London. Ben-Hur (excepts) London Concert Orch under Paul Bateman. Details
December 15th & 17th. USA. Boise Idaho. Idaho Choral Symhony Orchestra. 'Ben-Hur' selections.(Choral suite) Programme
December 12 13 14 2008. USA. Denver, Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Christmas music from Ben-Hur and King of Kings. Richard Kaufman, conductor. CSO Chorus. Colorado Children’s Chorale. Boettcher Hall. Live on TV: CBS 4 Details
December 7 2008. Concerto for String Orchestra, Opus 17. Marine Chamber Orchestra. Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall, Northern Virginia Community College, Jason K. Fettig conducting. Moderato, ma risoluto ed energico. Lento con gran espressione. Allegro giusto. Details
November 30, 2008. Symphony Hamilton. Burlington.USA. Prelude from Ben Hur. Sabatino Vacca, conductor. Symphony Hamilton
November 25, 2008. USA. Viola Concerto Op. 37. Cincinnati University Orchestra, cond. Annunziata Tomara.
November 22 & 23 2008. California. USA. Viola Concerto, Op. 24. Gilad Karni Viola. Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Nir Kabaretti.
November 22 2008. Radom Poland. Concerto Op. 17. Radomska Chamber Orchestra, cond. Thomas Herzog Radom (Poland)
November 22, 2008. Violin Concerto. Texas, USA. Austin Symphony Orchestra. ROBERT MCDUFFIE, violin. Details
November 21, 22, 2008. USA. Austin Symphony Orchestra. Violin Concerto, Op. 24. Robert McDuffie, violin. Peter Bay, conductor. Michael & Susan Dell Hall,
November 18th 2008. France. Rózsa, Miklós: Concerto Op. 17.Orchestre d'Auvergne. Clermont-Ferrand. Details
November 16th. Cambridge University, England. "FESTIVE FLOURISH"
November 15 2008. Ohio. Violin Concerto. Leon Botstein, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra violin soloist Robert MacDuffie. Details
Nov. 15 2008. Indiana. Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra Violinist Jaime Laredo and cellist Sharon Robinson, Sinfonia Concertante Details
November 10, 11. 12. World concert premiere. Dresden. Andante for String Orchestra op.22a. under Michael Hurshell, with the Neue Jüdische Kammerphilharmonie. Dresden.   Orchestra site
November 11 2008. Chicago. Violin Concerto. The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra cond Leon Botstein. Violinist Robert McDuffie November 8 2008. USA, Louisiana. Heymann Performing Arts Center. Violist Gilad Karni with Mariusz Smolij conducting the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra. Suites from Ben Hur & Quo Vadis, Rozsa Viola Concerto. Details
November 6th & 7th. Czech Republic. cello Concerto Op. 32. cond. Heiko Mathias Förster. Ostrava's Janacek Philharmonic
October 26. 2008. University of California. Leon Botstein cond, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. Robert McDuffie. Violin Concerto, Read Review
October 26, October 19, October 17. 2008. IBIS CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY. Arlington, Virginia, USA. Duo for 2 Violins. Details
October 14th 08 UK Morely College. Natalie Tsaldarakis, Panayotis Archontides, - piano. Rozsa (Bagatelles op.12 & Sonata op.20)
October 11 2008. England. Concerto for viola and orchestra Op 37. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. Lawrence Power, Viola.   Concert Details
Oct 3 2008. MAV Symphony Orchestra, Budapest Hungary. Cond Kollár Imre. Rózsa: Violin Concerto. Robert Bokor, Violin. Read review
Sept 11 to Oct 5 2008. Germany. "El Cid" Klassik Radio Pops Orchestra (Players from the Prague Philharmonic) conducted by Nic Raine. Film Music concerts
October 05. 2008 Augsburg, Kongresshalle
September 11. 2008 Hamburg, Laeiszhalle
September 13. 2008 Nürnberg, Meistersingerhalle
September 20. 2008 Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle
September 21. 2008 Würzburg, Frankoniasaal im Congress Centrum
September 27. 2008 Berlin, Tempodrom
September 28. 2008 München, Philharmonie im Gasteig
September 29. 2008 Stuttgart, Palladium Theater
September 6th 2008. Prague. Three selections from Rózsa's 'EL CID'. City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor, Nic Raine. Dvorak Hall, Rudolfinum. Concert details
August 9th & 10th, 2008. USA. 'Parade of the Charioteers'. California Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor Victor Vener. Review
August 9th & 10th 2008. Latvia. Rózsa, Spellbound. 'Music from air' Producer Vladimir Reshetov. Hotel Europa Royale Riga, Aug 10th Cine Baroque" in Dom Chernogolovyh.
August 9 2008. Britt Pavilion, Jacksonville, Oregon. 'Sinfonia Concertante'. Britt Orchestra. Jaime Laredo and Sharon Robinson, violin and cello. Details
August 6, 2008. Beverly Hills International Music Festival Chamber music concert. "Voices of Hollywood, Vol.3", incl Rózsa.
July 27 2008. Spain. Almeria. Provincial Festival of Bands. The band Santa Cecilia de Sorbas. Parade of the Charioteers.
July 26 2008. Toronto Summer Music Festival. Miklós Rózsa, Sonata for two violins
July 23. Music in the Mountains Festival Orchestra, Chamber concert. Music by Brahms Anton Dvorak and Miklos Rosza. Performers Edward Newman and Elisabeth Adkins.
July 19 & 20 USA, Washington Olympic Peninsula. Sonata for two Violins, Op 15. Charles Wetherbee, Korine Fujiwara, Lisa Emenheiser. Details
July 12 2008 Alexandria, Virginia. The Marine Chamber Orchestra conducted by Major Jason K. Fetti. Rózsa’s Concerto for String Orchestra.
June 20th 2008. Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Poland. Ben Hur and Quo Vadis suites. Mariusz Smolij Conductor. Report & photos.     Info about Orchestra     and conductor.
June 18 2008. New York. Academy of Music Summer Festival. North Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances, Op.5. Mikhail Kopelman, violin. Anna Gurfinkel, piano. Report.   Details
June 15th 2008. Germany. Christian Giger (vc), Yuka Kobayashi (pno). Leipzig, Gewandhaus, Rósza Duo for cello and Piano op. 8. Concert Details
June 10th 2008. Germany. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Philharmonie Foyer. Miklós Rózsa, Sonatina for solo clarinet. Walter Seyfarth Clarinet
June 8 2008. Ohio. First Community Church in Upper Arlington. Rosza Sonata for Two Violins; Marble Cliff Chamber Players Details
June 6th 2008. Ohio. Asbury United Methodist Church in Delaware. Rosza Sonata for Two Violins; Marble Cliff Chamber Players Details
May 18th. St. John’s Church. Glyndon. Maryland. Duo for Violin. Jonathan Carney. Igor Yuzefovich. Concertmasters Baltimore Symph Interview and clip
May 16th 17th 18th 19th 2008. Serbia. Miklós Rózsa festival with a concert on Saturday 17th by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Yair Samet.   Violin Concerto, performed by violinist Robert Bokor.   Viola Concerto , performed by violist Gilad Karni.   Sinfonia Concertante, performed by Cellist Raphael Wallfisch and violinist Ilya Gringolts.   Overture to a Symphony Concert.   Ben-Hur Orchestral Suite .    Days surrounding concert filled with lectures, displays and a number of Rozsa scored movies.
May 15th 2008. Germany. Trier, Theater. Violin Concerto Op. 24. Georg Liener (violin), Philharmonisches Orchester Trier
April 26, 2008 Kennett Symphony of Chester County. Theme, Variations and Finale. Eliezer Gutman, violin. Marlena Gal, cello, cond. Istvan Denes. Details.
April 24 2008. Germany. Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Mainz Cond Catherine Rueckwardt. Sinfonic Suite from "The Thief of Bagdad". Prelude to "Ben Hur". Details.
April 23rd 2008, Orch Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo. Quintet for piano and strings, opus 2. David Lefèvre, violin. Tristan Dely, cello. Delphine Perrone, cello.
April 18, 2008. Michigan."Lullaby" from The Jungle Book. Okemos High School Someko Singers cond Frank DeWald. Celebrating Rózsa's 101st birthday. Okemos elementary schools (6 performances in all)
April 17th, 2008. Zurich. Switzerland. Rózsa, Miklós: Concerto Op. 17. Zürcher Kammerorchester, cond. Muhai Tang.
April 15 2008. Paris. Rózsa concert organized by Ecran Sonore. Emmanuella Moriat, Piano. Marie-Odile Spinga-Verbe, Violin. Claire Perroton, Cello. Duo for Cello and piano op. 8 (1931) Sonata for piano op. 20 (1948). Variations on a Hungarian Peasant song, Op. 4 (1929). Concert details
April 16 2008 Virginia. Lecture-recital: Miklós Rózsa’s Piano Sonata. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond. Barbara Ryland-Wells, piano. Details. Apri 13 2008. California. Modesto Junior College music faculty Sonatina for Clarinet Solo, Op. 27, Gary Fair, clarinet
April 10, 11, 12, 13, 2008. Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Rózsa: violin concerto (1956). Robert Mcduffie, violin. Joann Falletta, conductor Details.    Read review.
April 10 - 12 2008. Orange County. Pacific Symphony Pops cond by Richard Kaufman. 'Parade of the Charioteers'. Full Details
April 11, 2008. Arizona. Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Bayes “Ben Hur,” details     Preview
April 12, 13 2008. London. Jewish Music Institute. Exile Music: Through Roses, Songs of Exile. Miklós Rózsa, Phillida Bannister - alto. Cadogan Hall, Details.
APRIL 5, 2008. Spellbound Concerto. Gabriela Imreh, pianist Cond Sabin Pautza, Plainfield Symphony Orchestra, Plainfield, NJ
March 29 2008. Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra. Instrumental excerpts from the Choral Suite for "Ben-Hur" conductor Michael Morgan. Review
March 14, & 16 2008. Mexico. Violin Concerto. Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional. Director: Carlos Miguel Prieto. Robert McDuffie, violin. Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City. Details
March 11 2008. Georgia, USA. Violin Concerto. Robert McDuffie McCorkle Music Building, Robert McDuffie Center for Strings at Mercer University. Details
March 9 2008. Connecticut Master Chorale. St. Rose of Lima Church, Newtown CT. Ben Hur Choral Suite Chorale site details       Forum review
March 1 2008. De Lissewal (Bolle Meers 28, 8906) Elverdinge. Belguim. Hail Nero (Miklos Rozsa, arr. S. Verhaert).Dirigent van de Kon. Fanfare St. Cecilia
February 21st 2008. New York. Sonata for two violins, Miklós Rózsa. Stephanie Chase, Scott Yoo, violin; Weill Recital Hall New York, Programme details
February 10 2008. Rochester. New York. Hungarian Connection; Kilbourn Hall, North Hungarian peasant songs and dances. Mikhail Kopelman, violin. Anna Gurfinkel and Elizaveta Kopelman, piano.
January 31st. Feb 1st & 2cnd 2008 Utah Symphony Classical Series. Miklós Rózsa Concerto for Violin Robert McDuffie, violin. Comments Review
January 31 2008. Jerusalem, Israel. Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra conducted by Murray Sidlin. Sergey Ostrovsky , violin. Rosza - Violin Concerto.
January 30 to Feb 4. Spellbound Concerto. Ohio. Charles Richard Lester, Theremin in three live performances and a recording (on Telarc) at the Cincinnati Music Hall with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Erich Kunzel, conductor. Details
January 27 2008. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Sonata for Two Violins Op. 15. (Jonathan Carney and Madeline Adkins - violin.) Programme details
January 19, 2008. Minnesota Orchestra. Parade of the Charioteers from Ben-Hur. Osmo Vänskä, conductor. Programme details
January 11, Jan 12. Delaware Symphony Orchestra. Jamie Laredo and Sharon Robinson, Violin & Cello. Rozsa; Double Concerto. Review
January 6th 2008. Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Luke Dollmann. Rózsa: Double Indemnity & Providence.
January 1st 2008. 7pm Germany. Stuttgart Philharmoniker conducted by Frank Strobel. New Years concert includes music from Ben Hur. Details
January 1st 2008. Germany.M. Rózsa: BEN HUR und EL CID (Ausschnitte aus der Filmmusik). Philharmonisches Orchester der Stadt Trier.Dirigent: GMD István Dénes

2007: Rózsa Centennial Year.
December 7 2007, Hungarian Cultural Center Paris and December 8th at Salle Cortot. Anastasia Khitruk, Violin with pianist Elizaveta Kopelman. Programme
December 5 2007. Syracuse University Wind Ensemble. John M. Laverty, conductor. Parade of the Charioteers by Miklos Rozsa. University Band Department
November 17, 2007, String Quartet No. 1, Op. 22; Duncan Recital Hall, Rice University. Houston, Texas, USA Details
Friday 16 November 2007. Paris. Miklós Rózsa Centenary Concert organized by Ecran Sonore, Emmanuella Moriat, Piano. Marie-Odile Spinga-Verbe, Violin. Claire Perroton, Cello. Bagatelles for piano op. 12 (1933). Duo for Cello and piano op. 8 (1931) . Sonata for piano op. 20 (1948). Variations on a Hungarian Peasant song, Op. 4 (1929). Conservatoire Nadia et Lili Boulanger. 17 rue de Rochechouart. 75009 Paris. Centenary Concert poster
November 15th & 16th 2007. Kristiansand (Norway). Miklós Rózsa, Concerto for String Orchestra. Op 17. Kristiansand Symfoniorkester, cond Atle Sponberg. Kristiansand Symfoniorkester
November 12 2007. Belgium. Concerthal, Regentschapstraat, Brussels. Sonata for two Violins. Flora Csevi & Bence Abraham violins. Performance Video.
ovember 10 2007, Panayotis Archontides, solo piano recital: a celebration of Miklos Rozsa's centenary. . St Giles Church, Cripplegate, London 6 Bagatelles op.12, Sonata op.20.
November 5 - 10, 2007 Budapest Concert Orchestra, Mariusz Smolij, Conductor, Budapest, Hungary. (recording for NAXOS) Hungarian Nocturne. Hungarian Serenade. Hungarian Sketches and The Viola Concerto performed by violist Gilad Karni. Details.
November 4th 2007. Finland. Helsinki, Concerto for String Orchestra Op. 17. Virtuosi di Kuhmo chamber orchestra. Kuhmo. Details.
Friday 2cnd Nov 2007. London Philharmonic Orchestra. The Love of the Princess from The Thief of Baghdad . Royal Festival Hall Details
October 31st 2007. Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Spellbound Concerto. Pontchartrain Center, Klauspeter Seibel, conductor. Details.
October 27 2007, . Illinois Valley Symphony Orchestra. Centennial Celebration. Violin Concerto with Concertmaster Chia-Chien Goh, violin. Preconcert Talk Site.
October 27 2007 Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt. Offenbacher Capitol Theater. Ben Hur Suite. Details.
Friday, October 26, 2007 at 8:00PM, Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage. Hollywood's Golden Era; Fanfare and Prelude from Ben-Hur (1959); Details.
October 18 2007. France, Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine. Rózsa Violin Concerto. Jurjen Hempel, direction. Robert McDuffie, violin. Details. Site.
October 14 2007. Univ of Alaska clarinet professor Mark Wolbers presents a concert of solo clarinet works in the UAA Fine Arts Building Recital Hall.Incudes clarinet solo by Miklos Rozsa.
October 12, 2007 cincinnati symphony orchestra Chamber players. Memorial Hall. Miklós Rózsa Sonata for Two Violins. Stacey Woolley, Eric Bates, violin. Cincinnati Symph
October 10th 2007. Cleveland Pops Orchestra. Severance Hall, Parade of the Charioteers. Details
October 1st, 2007. Weill Recital Hall. Anastasia Khitruk, Violin. Andrey Tchekmazov, cello. Elizaveta Kopelman, piano. Rózsa: Duo for violin and piano, Op. 7. North Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances, Op. 5. Details. Review.
October 1 2007. The Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra. South Carolina. Rózsa Prelude & Love Theme from "Ben Hur". Details.
September 25 2007. Sonata for guitar. Illinois state university . Faculty recital by Dr. Angelo L. Favis. Associate Professor of Guitar.
Sept 22 2007. Peter Seivewright. California State University - Fullerton. Miklós Rózsa Piano Sonata. Details
September 6th till 13th, England. West Norfolk Music Society Festival series of concerts.Included an "Illustrated Talk" on the music of Miklós Rózsa and four Rózsa performances. Sunday 9th Sept. Duo for Cello & Piano Op.8; Monday 10th Sept. Theme & Variations movement from Op. 29a: Wednesday 12th Sept. String Trio Op.1; Thursday 13th Sept. Four Songs for Soprano & Pf. Details Concert Report
September 5th & 8th, 2007. Miklós Rózsa: Portraitconcert. Sonata for Duo Violins op 15, Serenade for Strings Op 1, Santa Margherita Ligure. Italy. Massimiliano Damerini (Piano) Details. / News clipping / News clipping
21st August 2007. Boston Pops Orchestra. Verizon Hall. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prelude to Ben-Hur. Details
3rd August 2007. RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra. Dublin. Ireland. Bernard Herrmann concert includes Rózsa's Parade of the Charioteers from Ben-Hur.
July 20, 2007 Sonata for Violin, Opus 40. Also Quintet in F minor, for piano and strings, Opus 2. Dmitri Shteinberg, Pianist. Vermont, Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival. (UVM), Burlington, VT, UVM Recital Hall; Details
15 July 2007. Miklós Rózsa. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.
July 8th 2007. Germany. El Cid Suite. Claimed as European premiere. Gewandhausorchester Leipzig. Details.
July 6. 2007. Seattle Chamber music Society. RECITAL Miklós Rózsa, Sonata for Violin, Op. 40. Scott St. John
June 30th. Switzerland. Berner Symphonie Orchester. Conductor Andrey Boreyko, Carolina Eyck, Theremin. "Spellbound" Concerto. Details
June 30, 2007 Riverside Symphonia, New Jersey. Mariusz Smolij, Conductor, M. Rozsa. El Cid Suite. Details.
June 30 2007 Germany. Insel Mainau, "Ben-Hur". Suedwestdeutsche Philharmonie conducted by Vassilis Christopoulos.
June 29 2007. Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati. Cincinnati Pops and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Miklós Rózsa's Ben Hur filled the evening air with selections from the movie soundtrack, including the well recognized "Miracle." details
June 22 2007. Breckinridge Colorado. National Repertory Orchestra. Fangye Sun, violin. Rozsa- Theme, Variations, and Finale.
June 22 2007. Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Alexander Mickelthwate cond. Madame Bovary Waltz. Waltz from the 1949 film "Madame Bovary.
June 10, Cribari Auditorium, 5000 Cribari Ln, San Jose, CA. El Cid (Overture, Love Theme, and March) and Spellbound (Piano Concerto).
June 9. Brazil. 4 choral pieces. The Lords Prayer, The Christ Theme, Hosanna, Star of Bethlehem. Coral Do Templo Da Boa Vontade.(Chorale of the Temple of Good Will)
Concert notice.
June 2cnd.2007. Music at Penn Alps. Grantsville, MD, Great Hall at Penn Alps. Sonata for Solo Violin,
June 1, 2007. London. Violin Concerto, Op 24. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Paul Bateman.
May 18, 19, 20, 2007. Milwaukee Symphony Orch. Variations for Violin, Cello and Orchestra. Milwaukee symphony
May 18, New York. David Pavlovits. Guitar Sonata. Guitar Foundation website. Comments
May 6 2007 orchestre symphonique des jeunes. «cinecittŕ» werke von/oeuvres de nino rota, miklós rózsa; leitung/direction lionel zürcher
May 8th, 2007. Concerto for string Orchestra. Op. 17. Brandon Chamber Players. Canada.
May 1st 2007. BBC Concert Orchestra. Sinfonia concertante for violin, cello and orchestra.
April 27 2007 Victoria Srmphony. Canada. Spellbound Concerto - Double Indemnity.
April 26 2007 Sinfonia concertante Op. 29 Danube Symph Orch. Budapest.
April 25, 2007. Sonatina For Clarinet. University of Georgia.
April 19 2007. Concerto for string Orchestra Op. 17. Miklós Rózsa, Mikkelin Kaupunginorkesteri.
April 19th 2007 Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. Miklós Rózsa Piano Concerto.
April 18 2007 Germany. Muenchner Rundfunk Orchester Miklós Rózsa's Parade of the Charioteers. Details. German link
April 14 2007. Hungarian Embassy. Washington DC. Tema con variazioni and Toccata capricciosa performed by Anastasia Khitruk and Emilio Colon. Forum info/review
April 14 2007 Shepherd School Chamber Music Festival. Houston, Texas. Miklós Rózsa - Sonata for Two Violins (1930). and String Quartet No. 2, Op. 38 (1981)
April 1st 2007. Brazil. Orquestra Experimental de Repertorio. Notturno ungherese, Sinfonia Concertante, op. 29, Spellbound, concerto for orchestra. March 27 2007. Cleveland State University's Department of Music. Arthur Klima, viola, Concerto for Viola, Op. 37 by Miklos Rozsa
March 27 & 28, 2007 Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Ben-Hur. Hollywood, The Epics concertConcert Details
March 23 & 24 Rochester Philharmonic Orch. Lets go to the movies, Included El Cid and Ben Hur. March 20 & 21 2007. Ben Hur. The Symphony Orchestra of Montreal.Concert Details
March 20 2007. Rome. Spellbound Concerto. Orchestra Sinfinica Di Sanremo
Mar. 18th 2007 Budapest Concert Orchestra. Concerto for viola, op. 37 - Three Hungarian Sketches, op. 14 - Ben Hur Suite - Quo Vadis Suite . Festival site
March 15th & 18th UCLA Philharmonia. Concerto for String Orchestra, Op. 17.
March 4 Swedish church Paris, Anastasia Khitruk and Daniel Propper Concerto for violin Miklos Rozsa.
March 2cnd 2007 Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. BEN-HUR.
February 26, 2007. University Maryland. Duo for Violin and Piano. Elisabeth Adkins, violin; Edward Newman, piano
Feb 16 & 17 2007. Hungarian Nocturne. Rotterdam Philharmonic Orch.
Feb 15 2007 David Pavlovits. Budapest, Guitar sonata.
Feb 5 Trinity College of Music, Piano Sonata: Lecture Recital with P. Archontides.
Feb 3 2007. Theme and Variations, violin cello and orch. op 29a. Omaha Symphony.
January 21 2007. ?The President?s Own? United States Marine Band. Marine Chamber Ensembles. Washington, D.C. Sonatina, Opus 27. Tema con variazioni. Vivo e giocoso; Vivace. SSgt Emily Robinson, clarinet
Jan 18 2007. Soundtracks in Concert. Antwerp, Belgium. Theme from El Cid.
Jan 5 & 6, 2007. Austin Symphony Orch. Sinfonia Concertante.

Some notable performances before 2007. For more see Pro Musica Sana archive and past issues.
Dec 15 2006. Rotterdam Philharmonic Orch. Rózsa, A Christmas Sequence.
Oct 14 2006. Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Robert McDuffie. Rózsa Violin Concerto.
Sept 9 2006. Violin Concerto. Huntsville Symph. Robert McDuffie, violin.
May 28 2006, Holland. Lydia Kavina Theramin. Spellbound Concerto. Martinu festival in Nederhorst den Berg.
May 19 2006. Grand Rapids Symphony, Rozsa's "Violin Concerto" David Lockington, Conductor; Glenn Dicterow, Violin;
April 4 2006,Kursk, Russia.Big Philharmonic Hall, "Spellbound Concerto" Kursk Philarmonic Orchestra, conductor Igor Sukachev
March 2nd 2006. Edmonton Symphony 'Spellbound Concerto'. Pianist Ms. Sara Davis Beuchner. Theremin. David Marko. Theremin world forum
December, 15, 2005 Ancona,Italy.Amici della Musica di AnconaTeatro Sperimentale Rozsa: String Trio ( Serenade ) op. 1
November 18, 2005 Ben Hur. l'Harmonie Municipale d'Avion direction: Michel Nowak. l'église Saint Denis.
March 13th & 14th 2004. The Oregon Chorale presents "To Everything there is a Season" A celebration of the cycles of life.
Oregon Chorale
June 12, 13, 14, 17, 2003, New York Philharmonic Orchestra premiere performance. Vioin Concerto
Oct 27 1985. Quo Vadis (Suite) Bristol Philharmonic Orch cond George Campeau, St. Joseph's Church, New Bedford, Mssachusetts, USA.
1970 orchestra a. Scarlatti di Napoli Rai Hungharian serenade op 25 dir. Miklos Rozsa
1968 Naples Auditorium Miklos Rozsa small suite op. 5 for violin and orchestra
1967 Naples Auditorium Miklos Rozsa small suite op. 5 for violin and orchestra violin D. ZSIGMONDY Piano E. VON BARENYI
1963 orchestra a. Scarlatti di Napoli Rai Hungarian Serenade Op. 25 Directed by Miklos Rozsa

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