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Note. In light of the world situation it is possible that concerts will be cancelled or postponed. Check first before making plans to attend.

Today till Nov 2022 Spain and Portugal. Film music concert tour with Miklós Rózsa's Ben-Hur: Prelude
See schedule at Movies in Concert website Concert alert by Marco Ubaldi. Details from conductor Sir Simon Rattle. Violin Concerto

Jan 14, 16, 19 1922 2022 Germany. Sudwest Philharmonei Konstanz Emmanuel Tjeknavorian Cond. Lawrence Power (viola). Rozsa, Strauss, Sebelius.

    Viola Concerto.
    Hungarian Serenade
Detailed list Concert alert by Marco Ubaldi.

Feb 3, 4, 2022 EPIC – Legendary Soundtracks KKL Luzern, Concert Hall. 21st Century Orchestra Ludwig Wicki - Conductor. To include Ben-Hur. Details Concert alert by

Feb 4, 2022 Luzern, Switzerland. Epic Soundtracks. Ben-Hur. 21st Century Orchestra conducted by Ludwig Wicki.

Feb 12 2022 Latvia. Sinfonia concertante Op. 29. Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, cond. Ainars Rubikis Cesis, Cesis Concert Hall. Prelimenary details. Concert alert by Marco Ubaldi

Feb 14 2022 20.15 tot 22.30. Amsterdam. Valentine Classics at the Movies. Sinfonieorchester Aachen, sopraan Jana Degebrodt en dirigent Nic Raine

    To include Ben-Hur.
Details. Concert alert by

Feb 17 2022 London. London Phoenix Orchestra - Cadogan Hall. El Cid and Lost Weekend. Details at

Feb 26 2022 Jenea Philharmonie. "Robbers and Pirates". Includes Rozsa. Details Concert alert. Marco Ubaldi

Mar 6 2022 JOHN WILSON. German Symphony Orchestra. Berlin

    Erich Wolfgang Korngold Symphony in F sharp major Erich Wolfgang Korngold Theme from the film music for ›Kings Row‹
    Bronisław Kaper Overture from the film music for ›Mutiny on the Bounty‹‹
    Miklós Rózsa ›The Love of the Princess‹ from the film music for ›The Thief of Baghdad‹‹
    Bernard Herrmann Suite from the film music for ›Psycho‹‹
    Max Steiner Suite from the score for ›Gone with the Wind‹
Details Concert alert by

Mar 18, 19 2022 Florida. USA. Venice Symphony. "Game of Romes." Details at

Mar 19 2022 at 7:30 PM CITY MIAMI-FL MUSIC OF THE SILVER SCREEN NEW WORLD SYMPHONY. Richard Kaufman, conductor . Philippe Quint, violin.

    Alfred Newman: 20th Century Fox Fanfare
    Alfred Newman: Conquest from Captain from Castille
    Erich Wolfgang Korngold: March of the Merry Men from Robin Hood
    Elmer Bernstein: Theme from To Kill A Mockingbird
    Maurice Jarre: Selections from Lawrence of Arabia
    Bernard Herrmann: Prelude and Finale from Citizen Kane
    John Williams: Theme from Schindler’s List
    Charlie Chaplin: Tango Bitterness from Monsieur Verdoux
    Charlie Chaplin: Smile from Modern Times
    Max Steiner: The Empire State Building from King Kong
    Miklós Rózsa: Parade of the Charioteers from Ben-Hur
    Tan Dun: Mvt. I (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) from Crouching Tiger Concerto
    Harold Arlen/Edgar Yipsel Harburg: “If I Only Had a Brain” and “Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz
    Dmitri Shostakovich: Galop and Volksfest from The Gadfly
    John Morris: The Transylvanian Lullaby from Young Frankenstein
    John Williams: The Devil’s Dance from The Witches of Eastwick
    Franz Waxman: Ride of the Cossacks from Taras Bulba
Details Concert alert by Marco Ubaldi

March 21 2022 Southminster United Church. Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra. Immerse yourself in six decades of film scores as we fete Lethbridge Symphony’s 60th anniversary. The LSO presents a special selection of sixty years of memorable movie music to celebrate sixty years of Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra concerts. Includes El Cid. Details Concert alert by

April 6 2022 Littleton CO. USA. Littleton Symphony Orchestra

    Miklos Rozsa: Festive Flourish
    Brahms: Hungarian Dance No.1
    Kodaly: Dances of Galanta
    Bruch: Kol Nidrei
    Popper: Hungarian Rhapsody
    Liszt: Les Preludes
Details. Concert alert by Marco Ubaldi

April 7 2022 Munich, Germany. Cinema in Concert. Includes El Cid. Details Concert alert by Marco Ubaldi

May 19 2022 Budapest. Hungary. Máté Szűcs viola, Concerto Budapest, Conductor: János Kovács

    RÓZSA: Viola Concerto
    BARTÓK: Four Orchestral Pieces, BB 64
    LISZT: Promethius symphonic poem
Details Concert alert by Marco Ubaldi

May 19 & 21, 2022 ROCHESTER PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. Symphonic Cinema. Join Principal Pops Conductor Jeff Tyzik and your RPO for an evening of music from the Golden Age of Hollywood! Featuring the music of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Max Steiner, Franz Waxman, and others. 

May 22 2022 Houston Texas. USA. Concerto Reimagined May 22, 7pm. Available Online on June 5 Kinetic closes its season with a concerto-filled program — but not the kind you think! Featuring a world premiere by Anthony Brandt (Rice University professor & artistic director, Musiqa), and a rarely performed Concerto for Strings by the Hollywood film scorer, Miklós Rózsa.Curated by Natalie Lin Douglas, violinist. Details Concert alert by Marco Ubaldi

Jun 18 2022 Saturday, 7:30 p.m. IN-PERSON at the Berkeley Piano Club, Berkeley and also LIVE-STREAMED. Performed by McGuinness, Monroe and Halbig Back by popular demand, an encore performance of favorites from E4TT's multi-year exploration of rarely heard chamber works and movie arrangements by film composers who fled Europe in the 1930s and ‘40s, many going on to win multiple Academy Awards, creating the characteristic Hollywood sound that shaped what we hear at the movies today, also with music by Polish composers of that era. The concert is a preview for E4TT's tour to the Krakow Culture Festival later this month. Performed by McGuinness, Monroe, and Halbig. Featuring music by:

    Austrian-American prodgy Erich Korngold (1897-1943); Polish composer Alexandre Tansman (1897-1986); German/Polish-American composer (1909-1967); Hungarian-American Miklós Rózsa (Duo. Opus.8); Austrian-American Hanns Eisler (1898-1962); Polish-Americans Bronislaw Kaper (1902-1983) and Henryk Vars (1902-1977); Auschwitz survivor Szymon Laks (1901-1983); Polish-Russian Mieczysław Weinberg (1919-1996); and Polish composers André Tchaikowsky (1935-1982) and Grażyna Bacewicz (1909-1969).
The concert will be available in-person and online. PURCHASE TICKETS OR RSVP and get program notes in advance. Details Concert alert by Marco Ubaldi

Jul 10 2022 California. Ensemble for These Times (E4TT) - The Clubhouse, Berkeley Piano Club. Duo Op. 8 Movement 1 (1946, excerpts) for solo piano, by Hungarian-American composer Miklós Rózsa. Details at

Jun 18 2022 Munich, Germany. Symph Orch Des Bayerischen Rundfunks Cond Sir Simon Rattle. Rozsa, Williams, Raksin, Korngold with Veronica Eberle(violin). Includes

    Violin Concerto
    Ben-Hur suite
Details Concert alert by Marco Ubaldi.


Past Concerts
2021: Due to Covid 19 many planned concerts were cancelled.
Jan 11 12 14 2022. Dusseldorf. Hamburg. Germany, Violin Concerto. Sir Simon Rattle cond. Roman Simovic vln. London Symph Orch
Jan 7 2022. DRESDEN. Prague Royal Phil & Moravia Brass Band. Parade of tha Charioteers
Ben Hur - Parade of the Charioteers
Jan 5 2022. Nuremberg Symphony Orch. Ben-Hur.
Jan 5, 7, 8, 2022 Norway. Madame Bovary. Stavanger Symphony Orchestra cond Mikhail Agrest
Dec 31 2021 Germany. PHILHARMONIC ESSEN. Frank Strobel
Dec 18 2021 Germany. Bad Salzuflen. Lucy Leguay, Leitung. Star of Bethlehem
Dec 12 2021 Recklinghausen. Germany. Jungle Book. Neue Phil Westfalen cond Magdalena Klei
Dec 9 2021 Violin Concerto. Sir Simon Rattle cond. Roman Simovic vln. London Symph Orch.
Nov 28 2021 Cologne. Tobias van de Locht arr Biblical suite for choir and orchestra
Nov 14 2021 Granada. Spain. Ben-Hur.
Nov 16 2021 Barcelona. Spain. Ben-Hur.
Nov 21 2021 Gelsenkirchen. Germany. The Jungle Book.
Nov 27 2021 Japan. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Overture from Ben-Hur.
Nov 14 2021 Vienna. Jewish culture festival.. Ben-Hur.
Nov 6 2021 USA. Melrose Synp Orch and pianist Max Levinson, Spellbound Concerto.
Oct 23, 24, 2021 Valencia Spain. 'Ben-Hur'. Film Symphony Orchestra
Oct 9 2021 Hickory NC. USA. Western Piedmont Symph . Suite from “Double Indemnity"
Oct 9 2021 San Luis Obispo Symp, Ca, Andrew Sewell conduucts The Lost Weekend Suite
Oct 5-9 2021. Sweden, Hungarian Serenade Op. 25. Nordiska Kammarorkestern, cond. Eva Lauenstein
Oct 2 2021 USA Charleston Symph Orch. Parade of the Charioteers
Sept 23, 28, 2021 Frankfurt. Robert Meyer, Theremin Cond Howard Griffiths. Spellbound Concerto
Sept 19 2021 Dresden- Germany. Miklós Rózsa and Franz Waxman, among others.
Sept 12 2021. Southern Californian Brass Consortium. Ben Hur,
Sept 5 2021.Germany. Bielefeld Philharmonic Jungle Book (Narrated)
Sept 3 2021 Vercelli Organ Festival. Italy. (Ben-Hur)
Aug 21 2021 A Coruña. Spain. OSG Youth Orchestra. Ben-Hur
Aug 15 & 20 2021 Hungary, The Kodaly Philharmonia Cond Dániel Somogyi-Tóth. Ben-Hur.
Aug 12 2021. Michigan City Chamber Music Festival . Rozsa Duo
Aug 1 & 8. Castellvell del Camp - Catalunya/Spain. Presentation of Dr. Joan Bosch Hugas' book: "Miklós Rózsa: fiel a sus raíces". and
Introduction and Allegro for viola solo op.44. Danny Sanxis (Viola)
August 7th 2021, Àngel Òdena (baritone), Carolina Fajardo (soprano) and Roger Padullés (tenor), pianist Alan Branch, where the whole Album of "Five Songs for Voice and Piano" together will be world premièred
"My Little Town" (1972), "The Land Where My Heart Lies" (1972) "Invocation" op.16a (1940), "Beasts of Burden" op.16b (1940), "High Flight" (1942 - 1972).
July 22 & 28 2021. Oregon Festival of Music. Spellbound. Words by Mack David - Music Rózsa
July 30 2021 Switzerland. Verbier Music Festival . Daniel Hope. Ben-Hur, El Cid, Spellbound
July 15 2021 Prague Proms. Ben-Hur.
June 30 2021 London London Phoenix Orchestra. El Cid Overture, Lost Weekend Suite
June 30 2021. Spain. Ben-Hur. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones
June 24 2021 Slovenská filharmónia. Spellbound.
June 12 2021. Online concert EMIGRES & EXILES IN HOLLYWOOD Berkeley Piano Club,
June 10 2021. Switzerland. Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen cond Ludwig Wicki Ben Hur
June 9 2021 Vienna, Austria. Ben-Hur. Anna Rothschild Ensemble,
MAY 22 2021. Orch de Paris - Jungle Book
April 24 2021 Leipzig. MDR Sinfonieorchester Cond Strobel, Frank. KALEIDOSCOPE
April 14 2021 Singapore. Chan Yoong-Han, Zhao Tian, Sonata for 2 Violins
April 15,16,17,18.2021 Maryland. USA. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Ben-Hur
April 18 2021 Spain. Royal Film Concert Orch. Ben-Hur

2020: Due to Covid 19 many planned concerts were cancelled.
Nov 26 2020 Sinfonie Orchester Basel cond John Wilson Parade of the Charioteers
Nov 18, 2020 USA. Madison, Rachel Wood - Clarinet. Sonatina. Performance
Oct 24 2020 Online concert Jennifer Pike violin: Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song
Oct 18 2020 Berlin. Harpist Maria Todtenhaupt Hitchcock movies. Incl Rózsa
Oct 15-18 2020 Slovakia. The Slovak Philh, Rastislav Štúr cond. Spellbound
Oct 8 2020 France. Strasbourg Philharmonic. Ben Hur
Aug 20 2020 Pécs, Hungary. Pannon Phil cond Tibor Bogányi. Theme, Variations, and Finale & El cid & Spellbound Concerto for piano and orch
Aug 13 2020 Solivella Catalunya - Spain. Intro and allegro for viola. Daniel Sanxis
Aug 8 2020 Massachusetts, USA. Plymouth Phil Orch cond Steven Karidoyanes The Mayflower from Plymouth Adventure
Aug 1 2020. Castellvell del Camp (Tarragona - Catalunya - Spain) Sarah Hill (violin/viola) - Daniel Sanxis (viola) - Júlia Fortuny (piano). Introducció i Allegro per Viola Sola Op.44. - Valse Crepuscular
July 6 2020 USA Dallas Symph Orch. cond Jeff Tyzik, Parade of the Charioteers
June 6 2020 Germany Phil Orch Erfurt cond Chanmin Chung (outdoor concert) Jungle Book (br) MAY 27, 28 2020 Norway. Trondheim Symphony Orchestra cond Michael Seal Ben Hur
MAY 10 2020 NC / USA.Greensboro Symph Youth Orch Margot Cunningham; Evan Feldman, cond Viola Concerto Op. 37
MAY 3 2020 USA. Ohio. Cleveland Youth Orchestra Viola Concerto Op. 37
MAY 6 & 7 2020Basel Switzerland Sinfonie Orchester Basel conducted by John Wilson - Parade of the Charioteers (br) April 25 2020 High Wycombe.UK. West Forest Sinfonia Spellbound Concerto for Piano and Orc Stephen Armstrong cond(br) March 23 2020 Krefeld, GERMANY. Martin-Etxebarria, Diego Niederrheinische Sinfoniker. Parade of the Chrioteers(br) March 21 2020 Spain Orchestra and Choir of the Cathedral of Córdoba under the direction of Clemente Mata. Sodom and Gomorrah March 18 2020 Mönchengladbach, GERMANY. Martin-Etxebarria, Diego.Niederrheinische Sinfoniker. Parade of the Chrioteers
March 15, 2020 GERMANY- Hamburg Kammerspiele. Hitch & Me. Spellbound Concerto
MARCH 10 2020 Houston TX EVELYN CHEN-piano, BRINTON SMITH-cello. Toccata capricciosa
Mar 4 2020 USA. Denton, TX. UNT Symp Orch. Tomás de la Rosa; Charles Baldwin, conductor. Viola concerto Feb 23 2020 Valladolid (Spain) Ben-Hur | Quo Vadis
Feb 23 2020 USA. Savannah, Georgia. Blue Heron Chamber Ens. Flutist Jeana Melilli, pianist Ben Warsaw. works incl Miklos Rozsa
Feb 20 2020 Greenville, TX / USA. Dallas Symphony Orchestra cond Jeff Tyzik Parade of the Charioteers(br) Feb 20 2020 Longueuil, QC / Canada Orch Symph de Longueuil cond Alexandre Da Costa, Ben Hur: Love Theme
Feb 8 2020 Granada, Spain Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones Quo Vadis
Feb 8 2020 Lucerne Switzerland. Overture "Ben Hur"
Feb 8, 9, 2020 USA. PA. Allentown Symph Orch cond Diane Wittry. Parade of the Charioteers
Feb 1 2020 Zurich Christof Brunner Cond Sinfonieorchester TiFiCo, Ben Hur Prelude & Mothers Love.
Feb 1 2020 Bückeburg Castle- Germany. Descriptive Readings with Jens Wawrczeck.Music incl Spellbound
Jan 31 2020 Spain. Royal Film Concert Orch Cond Fernando Furones. Ben-Hur | Quo Vadis
Jan 27 2020 London. Jennifer Pike, Martin Roscoe Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song.
Jan 26 2020 Germany. Jungen Süddeutschen Philharmonie Esslingen cond Andreas Kraft Ben-Hur excerpts
Jan 26 2020. Quest, France. Rennes Harmony Orch cond David Nicolas. Symphonic suite from Ben Hur
Jan 25 26 2020 USA FL Space Coast Symph Orch cond Aaron Collins. Parade of the Charioteers
Jan 22 2020 Barcelona. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones. Ben-Hur | Quo Vadis
Jan 19 2020 California. Paradise Symph Orch. Paradise Performing Arts Center, “Ben Hur.” March
Jan 16 2020 Czech Rep. Pilsen Philharmonic. Chuhei Iwasaki: conductor. Miklós Rózsa
Jan 16 2020 Doha, Qatar Phil Orch cond ​Frank Strobel, Ben-Hur - Overture, Love Theme
Jan 11 15, 2020 Cheshire UK. Jennifer Pike (vln) Martin Roscoe (pno) Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op 4
Jan 11 Cheshire UK. Jennifer Pike (v) • Martin Roscoe (pno) Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op 4
Jan 5 2020 Stockholm: Sweden. John Wilson cond Royal Stockholm Phil Orch Ben Hur

Dec 29 2019 Madrid. CLASSIC ORCH SANTA CECILIA cond, Fernando Furones Ben-Hur
Dec 27 2019 Valencia Spain. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones Ben-Hur
Dec 26 2019 Barcelona. Pau Casals. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones. Quo Vadis
Dec 22 2019 USA.Flintridge, La Canada Presbyterian Church Orch cond Jack Lantz, Choral suite Ben-Hur
Dec 15 Rennes (France) L’Orch d’Harmonie des Cheminots - Salle Guy Ropartz. Ben-Hur Symph Suite
Dec 11 2019 Munich Antonia Goldhammer cond Münchner Rundfunkorch. Christmas Classics Ben-Hur
Dec 7 2019 USA. AR. Fort Smith Symph cond John Jeter. Entr’acte,Overture,Love Theme “El Cid”
Dec 6 2019 Wales. Cardiff Phil Orch The Jungle Book, Ben-Hur
Dec 3 2019 > UK Manchester. Jennifer Pike - Violin. Martin Roscoe - Piano. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song, Op. 4
Dec 2 2019 UK. Huddersfield, Jennifer Pike, Violin. Jeremy Pike Piano. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song, Op. 4
Nov 19 2019 Cardiff, Wales. CPO cond Michael Bell The Jungle Book, Ben-Hur
Nov 16 2019 Frankfurt, Cond Frank Strobel. Orchestra: hr-Sinfonieorchester. Love theme BEN HUR.
Nov 16 2019 Pamplona, Spain. Royal Film Concert Orch Cond Fernando Furones. Quo Vadis
Nov 13 2019 Budapest, Erdődy Chamb Orch, Concerto for String Orchestra, op. 17
OCT 31 2019 USA. Paso Robles, CA. Enselmble 4 These Times. 1st movement Duo for cello and piano
OCT 27 2019 Catalonia.ROYAL FILM CONCERT ORCH Cond Fernando Furones‎ Quo Vadis
OCT 27 2019. USA Maryland. Irina Muresanu and James Stern. Sonata for Two Violins, Op. 15a
OCT 26 2019 South Hadley (Massachusetts, USA) Holyoke Symph Orch cond Tianhui Ng Parade of the Charioteers
OCT 26 2019 (Kentucky, USA) Owensboro Symph Orch cond Troy Quinn Ben-Hur Prelude & Parade of the Charioteers
OCT 26 2019 USA South Hadley, MA. Mount Holyoke Symph Orch Tianhui Ng, cond Parade of the Charioteers
OCT 20 2019 USA. NY. Staten Island Philharmonic Cond J.A. Guzman. Thema, Variationen und Finale für großes Orchester
OCT 20 2019 USA Indiana. Indianapolis Chamber Orch Spellbound Concerto
OCT 19 20 2019 USA. Indianapolis Chamber Orch Spellbound Concerto for piano and orch,
OCT 19 & 20 2019 Spain, Valladolid. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones, Quo Vadis
OCT 16 2019 Korea. Jeonju Symphony Orchestra, cond. Kjunghee Kim. Jeollabuk-do, Viola Concerto Op. 37
OCT 16 2019 UK. Birmingham. London Concert Orch cond Anthony Inglis Miklós Rózsa - Ben-Hur
OCT 13 2019 London 7 & 8.30pm. RETROPHONICA, Thereminist Charlie Draper Spellbound Concerto
OCT 10 2019 Poland. Orkiestra Kameralna Erdődy cond Zsolt Szefcsik Concerto for String Orch, Op. 17
OCT 10 2019 Winspear Centre Edmonton, Edmonton Symphony Orch cond William Eddins “El Cid” love theme
Sept 28 29 2019 USA, Cape Anne Symph Orch. Ben-Hur cond Yoichi Udagawa
Sept 28 2019 Barcelona. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Fernando Furones Quo Vadis
Sept 27, 2019 USA. Richardson-Texas. Cho-Liang Lin, Michael Shih. Sonata for Two Violins
Sept 14, 2019. Ivanhoe. Victoria Australia. El Cid Overture
Sept 7 2019 Pulheim GERMANY Neue Philharmonie Westfalen. Cond Bernd Hense. Prelude. Ben-Hur
Sept 7 2019 Poland. Toruń Symph Orch Mariusz Smolij - conductor. Ben-Hur
Sept 1 2019 Erwitte, GERMANY. Neue Philharmonie Westfalen. Cond Hense, Bernd. PRELUDE BEN HUR
Aug 30 2019. LIVORNO MUSIC FESTIVAL ITALY. Pavel Berman, Eva Bindere. Sonata for two violins
Aug 27 2019. MEZIN France. ACADEMIE DE JEUNES SOLISTES. Violin, Christophe BOULIER. Ben-Hur
Aug 17 2019 USA, NY. Bard College. Film Composers in the Concert Hall Miklós Rózsa
Aug 1 & 4 2019 Germany. Heidelberger philharmoniker. Ben-Hur
Jul 28 2019 USA. AZ. Prescott Pops Symph cond Joseph Place. Choral Suite “Ben Hur”
Jul 20 2019 Ireland, RTÉ National Symph Orch cond David Brophy. Thief Of Baghdad
Jul 21 2019 UK. Wirral. Liverpool String Quartet "Introduction and Allegro for Viola Solo" op. 49.
Jul 19 2019 Clarkston,GA. DeKalb Symph Orch Cond Fyodor Cherniavsky. Robert Strickland -piano Spellbound Concerto
Jul 17 2019 AUSTRIA. Leoben, Interpannonischer Concertverein Cond Alois J Hochstrasser, EL CID: LOVE SCENE
Jul 14 2019 UK, Blackburn, Lancashire. Jennifer Pike/Martin Roscoe-Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op 4
Jul 13 2019 GERMANY. Sinfonieorchester der DHBW Karlsruhe Cond Böhringer, Matthias. BEN HUR. Suite für Orch und Chor
June 30 2019 Saffrom Walden,UK Saffron Walden Symph Orch Ben-Hur
June 28-29-30 2019 Switzerland.Sinfonieorchester TiFiCo, Cond Brunner, Christof. EL CID suite
June 24, 2019, Eurasia Festival New York. Parade of the Charioteers arr Eric Thompson
June 17-27 Vienna, Wiener Staatsballett.Ballet show 'Peter Pan' incl Miklós Rózsa's music
June 15 2019 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl Orch cond Thomas Wilkins, Madame Bovary Waltz
June 3 Vienna, The Wiener Staatsballett Peter Pan with some Rozsa music
JUNE 2 2019 Santa Monica, CA. Brian Stone, Director. Ben-Hur
May 25-29. Vienna State Ballet. Peter Pan incl music by Miklos Rozsa
May 18, 19, 2019 CA USA. Cape Ann Symph, violinist Lucia Lin and cellist Owen Young, Sinfonia Concertante & Parade of the Charioteers
May 18 2019 California, USA, Temecula Valley Symph cond John Mario. Parade of the Charioteers
May 17, 2019 Wilmington, Delaware Symph Orch, Nick Canellakis, cello; David Amado cond cello Concerto
May 12 2019 West Orange, NJ Society of Musical Arts. The Mothers Love from Ben-Hur
May 11 2019 Galway (Ireland) RTÉ Concert Orch cond Stephen Bell Ben Hur
May 9 2019 Sweden. Uppsala Chamber Orch Cond Rebecca Miller. Soloist, Nils-Erik Sparf, Violin concerto
MAY 4 2019 Naperville (Illinois) DuPage Symph Orch cond Barbara Schubert Ben Hur
MAY 4 2019 USA MA. Springfield Symph Orch. Kevin Rhodes cond Prelude from “Ben Hur”
MAY 4 2019 USA mtsingers Oak Park, IL Lullaby from Jungle Book
April 28 2019 USA NY. Brockport Symph Orch cond Jonathon Allentoff. A Double Life
April 24, 25, 26 2019 Bratislava. Slovak Phil Orch cond Rastislav Štúr. El Cid Love Theme. El Cid March and The Love of the Princess from The Thief of Bagdad
April 14, 2019 USA. Santa Monica Symp Cond Guido Lamell. Spellbound Concerto for orchestra
April 12, 13 2019 Sarasota, USA. Sarasota Orchestra cond Andrew Lane. Ben-Hur
April 12 2019 Hungary. Budapest Symph Orch. Cond Domonkos Héja. Cello Concerto, op. 32. Ildikó Szabó(cello)
April 7 2019 UK. Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orch cond Roderick Dunk. Ben-Hur
April 5, 6, 7 2019 USA. Virginia Symph Orch Cond Sarah Hicks. Spellbound Concerto for Orch
April 5, 6, 2019 USA, Omaha Symph Orch cond Thomas Wilkin, Madame Bovary Waltz
April 6 2019 Canada. Toronto Symph Orch cond Richard Kaufman Parade of the Charioteers
April 2, 3, 6.2019 Toronto Canada. Roy Thomson Hall. Richard Kaufman cond Toronto Symph Orch. Ben Hur
March 30 2019 USA.Boise Phil Orch. Ben-Hur
March 30 2019 Cordoba Spain. Mezquita-Cathedral of Córdoba. "Quo Vadis"
MARCH 24 2019 California. Santa Monica College Symp Brian Stone cond. Prelude “Ben Hur”
March 22, 2019 Philadelphia. Temple Univ Duo evening. Sara Davis Beuchner, Piano and Jeffrey Solow, cello. Toccata capricciosa and Kaleidoscope op. 19
March 21, 22, 2019 Germany. Opernhaus / Bühne. Yoichi Yamashita Violine. Magdeburgische Philharmonie. Svetoslav Borisov Dirige. Violin Concerto op. 24
March 13 2019 Dublin RTÉ Concert Orchestra Ben-Hur
Mar 9 2019 City of Southampton Orch John Traill (cond) Ben Hur
Mar 7 2019 London. Ana Teresa de Braga e Alves Introduction and Allegro, for solo viola Op 44
Mar 2 2019 Boston, violin-Lucia Lin, cello-Owen Young, Pro Arte Chamb Orch SINFONIA CONCERTANTE
Feb 28 2019 USA. Brigham Young University-Idaho’s Symph Orch. Viola Concerto
Feb 23 2019 USA. Strathmore, Maryland. National Phil cond Piotr Gajewski. Bernstein "Debut". Theme Variations and Finale.
Feb 22 23 24 2019 Pittsburgh Symph Orch. Cond Jack Everly. King of Kings suite-The Lords Prayer
Feb 22 2019 >USA. Heinz Hall, PA. Pittsburg Symp Orch Cond Jack Everly. Prelude “Ben Hur”
Feb 22 2019 Birmingham (UK) Birmingham Symph Orch cond Anthony Weeden. Ben-Hur (Prelude)
Feb 20 2019 Sweden, Lulea Chamber Music Society, Duo Weber play Rózsa
Feb 20 2019 München, Prinzregententheater. violinist Sandro Roy Ungarische Serenade: Scherzo
Feb 16, 2019 Japan. Waseda Tongling H S Wind Band Cond Takaaki Nishide, Ben-Hur
Feb 10 2019 USA. Beachwood OH. Suburban Symph Orch cond Domenico Boyagian. Viola Concerto. Natalie Brenneck
Feb 9 2019 London Concert Orchestra cond Anthony Gabriele, Ben Hur
Feb 7 2019 czech republic. Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava cond Marek Štilec. Paulína Glacová – cello Concerto, Op. 32
Feb 3 2019 Esslingen Germany. Die Junge Süddeutsche Phil cond Andreas Kraft. El Cid Suite
Feb 2 2019 Texas. Richardson Symph Orch cond Clay Couturiaux. Parade of the Charioteers
Jan 26 2019 Germany. Phil Orch Erfurt Cond Myron Michailidis. Jungle Book Suite (Narrated)
Jan 25, 26 2019 GERMANY, Philharmonisches Orch Bremerhaven. Parade of the Charioteers
Jan 10, 11, 13 2019 Germany. Neubrandenburger Philharmonie. Cond Sebastian Tewinkel. Ben-Hur
Jan 6 2019 Gütersloh, Germany. Westfalische Kammerphil. Malte Steinsiek, cond. Kaleidoscope
Jan 1 2019 Hungary. Alba Regia Symph Orch Cond Gergely Dubóczky. Vörösmarty Theatre Ben Hur
Dec 30 2018, Catalonia. Ars Aurea Sonora. Star of Bethleham (Ben Hur)and Lygia (Quo Vadis)
Dec 20 21, 22 2018 Canada, L'Orchestre symphonique de Québec cond by Nicolas Ellis Ben-Hur
Dec 19. John Mauceri cond The Royal Phil Concert Orch. Ben-Hur Overture, Nativity and Alleluia finale
Dec 18, 2018 Amsterdam. North West German Phil Cond Cameron Burns. Ben-Hur
Dec 8 2018 Valencia, Spanish Symph Orch cond Kynan Johns. Ben Hur
Dec 1 2018 Fort Smith Chorale & Symphony cond John Jeter KING OF KINGS CHORAL SUITE
Dec 1, 2018 USA. Fort Smith Chorale, Fort Smith Symph cond John Jeter. KING OF KINGS CHORAL SUITE
Nov 28 2018 Miami University Symph Orch. Siok Lian Tan Spellbound Piano Concerto. Theremin Rob Schwimmer
Nov 17, 18 2018. Los Angeles. Ensemble for these times. Duo for Cello & Piano, Op. 8:
Nov 17 2018.Switzerland. Sinfonietta Orch of Geneva cond Thierry Besançon. Catherine Cruchet, sopr. Jungle Book suite Narr Örs Kisfalufy
Nov 17, 18 2018. Los Angeles. Ensemble for these times. Duo for Cello & Piano, Op. 8:
Nov 16 Katowice, Poland, Int Violin Fest. Jennifer Pike Martin Roscoe, Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song
Nov 11 2018. Slovakia. Bratislava. Prague Film Orch, Ben-Hur Suite
Nov 8-11 2018.USA. Kansas. Orpheus Chamber Orch, Hungarian Serenade. 09 Nov Stony Brook, University. 10 Nov Lewisburg, Bucknell University. 11 Nov. Carnegie Hall
Nov 6 2018.USA DePaul University, Chicago, IL Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Hungarian Serenade
Nov 4 2018.COTTBUS-GERMANY-Phil Orch. Cond Christian Möbius. JUNGLE BOOK (Narrated Suite)
Nov 3 2018 Middle Tennesse State University Carol Nies, cond Prelude “Ben Hur”
Nov 3 2018 Czech Republic. Prague Film Orchestra. Ben-Hur Suite.
Nov 2, 3, 4, 2018. Milwaukee Symphony Orch. Condr Andreas Delfs. Parade of the Charioteers
Oct 27 2018 USA, Newport Music Festival. Sara Davis Buechner Sonatas Miklós Rózsa
Oct 19, 20 2018.USA, San Francisco. Ensemble for these times. Duo for Cello & Piano, Op. 8
Oct 11 Denmark. Vis Mere. Odense Symp Orch Cond Sebastian Lang-Lessing. Lawrence Power, Viola Concerto
Oct 7 Barcelona. Choir Orfeó Gracienc, Coral Cármina. ROYAL FILM CONCERT ORCH Cond Kynan Johns. Ben-Hur
Sept 27 2018 Denmark Aalborg Symph Orch. Lawrence Power, Viola Concerto
Sept 22 2018 Belgium. Duo Dames. Vellerailes les Brayeux. Sonate pour deux violons op.15a
Sept 17 2018.Tokyo, Philharmonia Aeterna, cond. Naohiro Totsuka. Triphony Hall. Violin Concerto Op. 24
Sept 8 2018 Norway. Niklas Willén cond Göteborg Wind Orch. Ben-Hur
Sept 1 2018.Germany. Gewandhausorchester, Richard Kaufman . Parade of the Charioteers.
Sept 1 2018. Spoleto, Italy. Casa Menotti - Festival dei due Mondi. Luciano Tarantino viola. Toccata Capricciosa
Aug 31 2018.South Korea.Sookmyung Women's University Alumni Orchestra, Kyung-Hee Kim. Violakonzert op. 37
Aug 29 2018. Budapest, Orsolya Korcsolán: Jewish Cultural Festival, Ben Hur with pianist István Lajkó
Aug 28 2018. MÉZIN-FRANCE. Ben-Hur. Christophe-boulier
Aug 21 2018 USA. Peninsula Music Festival. Door County, Alastair Willis, cond Parade of the Charioteers
Aug 19 2018 Costa Del Sol, Spain. Concert Ben-Hur. Banda Municipal de Esteponatrabajen cond José Antonio López
Aug 8 2018. Spain. El Puerto de Santa María, Royal Film Concert Orchestra. Ben-Hur
Jul 25 2018 Ohio USA. The Bryan City Band at Connin-Hartman “Parade Of The Charioteers”
July 22 2018. Portugal. Taubaté Symphonic Band. Ben-Hur
July 11 2018 Chicago. Grant Park Orch cond Vinay Parameswaran. Parade of the Charioteers
June 30 2018.UK, Cambridge Symph Orch . Music from the movies Él Cid'
June 30 2018.Cordoba Spain. Orch and Choir Cathedral of Cordoba cond Clemente Mata Ruiz, Star of Bethlehem
June 30 2018.GERMANY. Staatskapelle Weimar cond FRANK STROBEL Prelude & Love Theme SPELLBOUND, Parade of the Charioteers
June 29 2018. Germany. Philharmonic Orchestra of Freiburg cond Daniel Carter. Ben Hur
June 24 2018 Madrid. Royal Film Concert Orch cond Kynan Johns - Palace Duque de Pastrana. Ben-Hur
June 19 2018 USA Oklahoma City, Piano Quintet in F Minor, op. 2 brightmusic.org/concert/summer-festival
June 2 2018 Luxembourg. Philharmonie Municipale Diekirch, Cond Ernie Hammes. Ben Hur (arr. Glenesk Mortimer)
May 29 2018 Dresden Germany. Duo Mira Wang and Scott St. John, Schloss Albrechtsberg, Sonate für zwei Violinen op. 15
May 18 2018. Beauvais (Fr) Orch symphonique de l´Université populaire de Witten, Tobias Van De Locht, cond. Palace Music El Cid
May 17, 18, 2018. Germany. Essener Philharmoniker, Daniel Hope violin. John Axelrod cond. Spellbound
May 17, 2018 Tampere, Finland. Tampere Filharmonia. Santtu-Matias Rouvali Cond, Baiba Skride, violin : Violin Concerto
May 10 & 12 2018. Usa. Greensboro Symphony Orchestra. Dmitry Sitkovetsky, cond The Thief of Bagdad Suite:
May 6 2018.Dresden, New Synagogue, Neue Jüdische Kammerphilharmonie cond Michael Hurshell. Scherzo in Modo Ongarese (from the 1st string quartet)
May 5 2018 Catalonia. Primavera a Castellvell del Camp Róisín Walters (violin) and Isabel Felix (piano) "Kaleidoscope" Op. 19. "Duo" Op. 7. "North Hungarian peasant songs and dances" Op. 5. Ars Aurea Sonora
April 29 2018 Osaka, Japan. Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra. MAP Symphony Hall. Double Indemnity
April 28 2018 Australia. Heathcoate weekend. String Trio op.1
April 19 Romania. Orch simfonică a Filarmonicii Pitești cond Simona Strungaru Ben-Hur
April 18 2018 Germany. Düsseldorf. Isabelle Marchewka Palace Music from El Cid
April 15 2018 USA. Los Angeles Violoncello Society: Toccata capricciosa, Op.36. Brinton Smith
April 15 2018 UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS-AMHERST. The UMass Concert Band, cond Timothy Todd Anderson, Parade of the Charioteers
April 14 2018 Spain. Pinto Municipal Band, Francisco Rabal Theater, Ben-Hur
April 12-13 2018 Latvia National Symp Orch. INĀRA BRĪNUMA (Vla). Cond MODESTAS PITRENAS. Viola Concerto
April 10 2018 (Germany) Philharmonische Orch der Stadt Ulm cond Joongbae Jee Ben-Hur
April 6 2018 Germany. British German Phil Orch Bad Homburg Ben Hur
April 5 2018 Bratislava. Slovak Phil Orch. Adrian Prabava cond Love Theme from Spellbound
April 1 2018. Germany. Osterkonzert of the Musikverein Steinwiesen. Ben-Hur
March 27. Costa Rica, Concert Band of Guanacaste. Nicoya Temple, Hail Nero by Miklós Rózsa
March 25 2018 Germany. Dresden. Neue Jüdische Kammerphilharmonie Cond Michael Hurshell. 1st string quartet arr for Str Orch.
March 25 USA. Bethleham. PA. violinist Michael Jorgensen. Duo for Violin and Piano, Op. 7, 1931
March 24 2018 USA.FL Ocala Symphony Orchestra. Matthew Wardell, conductor. Suite from Ben-Hur.
March 24 2018 Ontario, Canada. Old South London. Karen Schuessler Singers. Christ Theme (Ben-Hur)
Mar 18 2018 Punta Gorda, Florida Ben Hur
Mar 18 2018 Offenbach Germany. New Philharmonic Frankfurt.Cond Steven Lloyd González. Parade of the Charioteers
Mar 17 2018 Spain. Orchestra and Choir of Cathedral of Cordoba. Quo Vadis–King of Kings–Ben Hur
March 11 2018 UK, Birmingham. Anthony Gabriele Conductor, London Concert Orch. Ben Hur
March 8 2018 Budapest. BÉLA BARTÓK NATIONAL CONCERT HALL. KRISTÓF BARÁTI (violin) ISTVÁN VÁRDAI (cello) MÁV Symph Orch cond Péter Csaba. Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Cello and Orch, Op.29
March 2-4, 2018 Germany, Seminar. State Music Academy NRW. Heek-Nienborg. Five biblical pieces for wind ensemble
March 3, 2018 Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. John Morris Russell, cond.Ben-Hur
MAR 1. 2, 3 Jones Hall,Houston Symph Orch cond Steven Reineke. Parade of the Charioteers
Feb 24 2018 Madrid. El Cid. Orquesta Infantil y Juvenil EOS cond Silvia Sanz Torro.Auditorio Nacional de Música.
Feb 24 2018 Univ of Arkansas. Violin Duos with Er-Gene Kahng and Chi Young Song Sonata for Two Violins, op. 15
Feb 23 2018 Zaragoza, Spain.ROYAL FILM CONCERT ORCH cond Kynan Johns. Ben Hur
Feb 18 2018 USA Philadelphia, PA: “A Tribute to Miklós Rózsa” Temple University, Rock Hall, Stephanie Chase, Sara Davis Buechner, Jeffrey Solow. Duo for Cello and Piano, op. 8.- Variations for Piano Solo, op. 9- North Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances for Violin and Piano, op. 5- Piano Quintet in F minor, op. 2
Feb 18 2018 Germany. Dusseldorf.ROMANIAN STATE PHIL ORCH El Cid
Feb 17 2018 (Spain) Valladolid Orquesta Sinfónica De España (OSE) cond Fernando Furones Ben-Hur
Feb 17 2018 USA. Paducah Symph Orch. Ben Hur
Feb 16 2018 Germany, Bad Homburg. British German Philharmonic Orchestra cond Marius Beckmann. Ben Hur suite
Feb 16 2018 Bern, Switzerland. Castillo del Vino. Ronny Spiegel, György Zerkula, Miklós Rózsa Violin Duo Feb 13 2018 USA. MO.JEFFERSON CITY SYMPh ORC Spellbound concerto. View performance
Feb 11 2018 Barcelona. ROYAL FILM CONCERT ORCH Cond Kynan Johns Ben Hur
Feb 11 2018 Torun, (Poland) Torunska Orkiestra Symfoniczna cond Mariusz Smolij Ben-Hur
Feb 6 2018 San Francisco Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral Brinton Smith, cello; Kirsten Smith, piano. Tocatta Capriciossa
Feb 6 2018 Nashville TN ALIAS Chamber Ensemble. Rozsa
> Feb 6 2018 Luxembourg Ben-Hur.Philharmonie Municipale Diekirch cond Ernie Hammes
Feb 4 2018.UK. Leeds. Tobias Ringborg conductor & violinist Ian Buckle – piano Eternal love: Thief of Bagdad
Feb 3 2018.Germany, Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Ben Hur
Jan 28, 2018. València (Spain) Orquesta Sinfónica De España cond Fernando Furones Ben Hur
Jan 27, 28, 2018. Berlin. Symphonic Wind Orchestra Berlin. cond Thomas Lamp. Ben-Hur
Jan 25 2018 UK. Huddersfield. Orch of Opera North cond Tobias Ringborg. Love of the Princess, Thief of Bagdad
Jan 25 2018. Breda, Netherlands. Storioni festival Graanbeurs, El Cid (String Quartet)
Jan 19, 20 2018 Canada.Edmonton Symph Orch.Sean O’Loughlin cond Kokopelli and Òran, choirs. Ben-Hur
Jan 13,15, 16, 17 2018 Italy. Jungle Book suite for narrator and orch (1942) Bustric with Orch della Toscana
Jan 12, 13, 2018 USA. Indianapolis Symph Orch Cond Justin Freer Hilbert Circle Theatre. Suite from "Ben-Hur"
Jan 11, 12, 2018 Bergen, Norway. Greig Hall.John Wilson cond Bergen Philharmonic Orch. Ben-Hur suite
Jan 6 2018 New York. Brinton Smith Cello. Bruno Walter Auditorium, Toccata capricciosa, Op.36
Jan 3, 2018 Madrid, Spain. Ben-Hur and Quo Vadis. Orchestra Excelentia - Auditorio Nacional de Música, Sala Sinfónica
Jan 1, 2, 3, 2018 Germany. Philharmonisches Orchester Vorpommern, cond. Florian Csizmadia. Hungarian Serenade Op. 25. Greifswald, - Stralsund, - Putbus
Jan 1 Germany. Deutsches Symp Orch Berlin cond John Wilson. Parade of the Charioteers
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