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March 17 2018 Spain. Cathedral of Cordoba

Due to the proximity of Holy Week, the Cathedral of Cordoba will host a free concert on Saturday, March 17th at 8:30 pm, where religious and spiritual film music will be performed under the title ‘The Divine and the Sacred’. The concert will be performed by the Orchestra and Choir of the Cathedral of Cordoba conducted by Clemente Mata Ruiz, and will have the following program (similar to the one offered on the first day of the MOSMA 2017 festival):

    Maurice Jarre – Jesus of Nazareth
    Miklos Rozsa – Quo Vadis
    Miklos Rozsa – King of Kings
    Miklos Rozsa – Ben Hur

    Ennio Morricone – The Mission
    Elmer Bernstein – The Ten Commandments
    Alfred Newman – The Greatest Story Ever Told
The concert has been organized by the International Film Music Festival with the support of the Cabildo de la Catedral de Córdoba and the Osio Forum. Free entry until full capacity is reached. Concert alert by

March 18 2018 Offenbach Germany. New Philharmonic Frankfurt. Conductor: Steven Lloyd González. To include

    Parade of the Charioteers from: 'Ben Hur' (1959)
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March 18 2018 USA. Charlotte Performing Arts Center Punta Gorda, Florida 7:30 PM

    Williams: Main Theme from "Star Wars"
    Horner: Apollo 13
    Zimmer: Gladiator
    Williams: E.T. - Adventures on Earth
    Zimmer: The Last Samurai; The Way of the Sword
    Badelt: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl
    Elfman: Spiderman
    Williams: Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Williams: Schindler's List
    Elfman: Movie Spectacular
    Rózsa: Ben Hur
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March 24 2018 USA. Reilly Arts Center, Ocala, FL. Ocala Symphony Orchestra. Matthew Wardell, conductor. Film music to include Suite from Ben-Hur.

    MIKLÓS RÓZSA Love Theme from “Ben Hur”
    Parade of the Charioteers from “Ben Hur”
    Burning Desert from “Ben Hur”
    Mother's Love from “Ben Hur”
    Rowing of the Galley Slaves from “Ben Hur”
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March 24 2018 Ontario, Canada. WESLEY-KNOX CHURCH. Old South London. Karen Schuessler Singers. Great music from the Movies – Dramatic, haunting, funky and beautiful—a rich and varied evening!

    CARL ORFF O Fortuna [from Carmina Burana] (Excalibur)
    ALISON KRAUSS Down to the River to Pray (O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
    MIKLOS ROZSA Christ Theme (Ben-Hur)
    LENNON & MCCARTNEY The Fool on the Hill (Magical Mystery Tour)
    ENNIO MORRICONE Gabriel’s Oboe (The Mission)
    ELMER BERNSTEIN Blood in the Saddle (Magnificent Seven)
    RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel)
    ABBA Mamma Mia (Mamma Mia!)
    JOHN WILLIAMS Dry Your Tears Afrika (Amistad)
    RITCHIE VALENS La Bamba (La Bamba)
    BETTE MIDLER The Wind Beneath My Wings (Beaches)
    FRODE FJELLHEIM Eatnemen Vuelie (Frozen)
    SAMUEL BARBER Agnus Dei: Adagio for Strings (Platoon)
    DOLLY PARTON Nine To Five (9 to 5)
    PATRICK DOYLE Non Nobis Domine (Henry V)
    STEPHEN SCHWARTZ When You Believe (Prince of Egypt)
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March 25 2018 USA. Bethleham. PA. Recital. 3:00pm Baker Hall, Zoellner Arts Center. Michael Jorgensen, violin: Different Trains. Michael Jorgensen's recital features

    Aaron Copland's Violin Sonata
    Miklos Rozsa's Duo, op. 7
    Steve Reich's groundbreaking mediation on the Holocaust
    Different Trains, for amplified string quartet.
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April 5 2018 Bratislava. Slovak Republic. Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra. Adrian Prabava conductor. Movie Melodies.

    Ernest Gold Overture to Exodus
    John Barry Music from Out of Africa
    Ron Goodwin Suite from Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
    Wojciech Kilar Music from Dracula
    Michel Legrand Suite from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
    Maurice Jarre Suite from Lawrence of Arabia
    Rolf Wilhelm Title music from Die Heiden von Kummerow und ihre lustigen Streiche
    Ennio Morricone Suite from Once upon a time in the West
    Suite from The Hateful Eight
    Nino Rota Suite from Eight and a half
    Miklós Rózsa Love Theme from Spellbound
    Hans Zimmer Suite from Gladiator
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April 6 2018 Germany. British German Philharmonic Orchestra, Bad Homburg v.d.H.

    Miklós Ròzsá: Ben Hur
    George Dyson: At the Tabard Inn
    Maurice Ravel: Ma Mère l' Oye

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April 12-13 2018 Latvia. Latvia National Symphonic Orchestra.
Bartók’s lively Dance Suite will serve as an introduction. The genius Hungarian composer wrote the piece to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the union of the cities Buda and Pest. Rózsa’s Viola Concerto is well-known among viola players, but where else? The LNSO, together with outstanding colleague Ināra Brīnuma, will make this grand, significant work accessible to a wider audience. Finally, Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7, a classic masterpiece with a ritual performance in the slow movement, and a waterfall of light in the finale.

    Béla Bartók Dance Suite
    Miklós Rózsa Viola Concerto
    Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony no. 7
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April 15 2018 USA. UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS-AMHERST. The UMass Concert Band, under the direction of Timothy Todd Anderson, presents their Spring Concert!

    Parade of the Charioteers (from "Ben-Hur") - Miklos Rozsa arranged Robert Hawkins
    Themes from "Green Bushes" - Percy Grainger, arranged Larry Daehn. (Clair Cangialosi, guest conductor)
    Pie Jesu - Gabriel Faure, arranged by James Sudduth
    Toccata for Band - Frank Erickson (Jared Bloch, graduate conductor)
    The Redwoods - Rossano Galante (Matt Sypek, graduate conductor)
    Caccia and Chorale - Clifton Williams
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April 15 2018 USA. Los Angeles Violoncello Society: L.A. STORY Time: 4:00 PM. Crossroads School, 1714 21st St, Santa Monica CA 90404. Forced from their homelands by war and persecution, a generation of Europe’s most noteworthy and imaginative composers found a new home in Los Angeles, California. America Idealism, Hollywood glamour, and sunshine fueled a new era of creativity as the one time 'cultural desert' suddenly became host to one of the greatest collections of musical talent in the world.

    Leopold Godowsky (Heifetz) (LA 1916-'19) - Alt Wien (Triakontameron No.11)
    Sergei Rachmaninoff (Smith) (LA '42-'43) - Serenade Op.3, No. 5
    Igor Stravinsky (Dushkin) (LA '40-'69) - Berceuse
    Arnold Schoenberg (LA '35-'51) - Saget mir auf welchem Pfade op. 15, No.5
    Joseph Achron (LA '34-'43) - Stimmung ор.31 №1
    Ernst Toch (LA '35-'64) - Three Impromptus for Cello Solo, Op. 90C
    Alexandre Tansman (LA '41-'45) - Recueil de Mazurkas (a Albert Roussel): No. 2.
    Louis Gruenberg (LA '37-'64) - Jazzettes
    Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (LA '39-'68) -I Nottambuli, Op. 47
    -- intermission --
    Miklós Rózsa (LA '40-'95) - Toccata capricciosa, Op.36
    Erich Wolfgang Korngold (LA '38-'57) - Four Pieces from Much Ado About Nothing, Op.11
    Franz Waxman (LA '35-'67) - Carmen Fantasy
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April 29 2018 Osaka, Japan. Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra. MAP Symphony Hall

    Rózsa, Miklós (1907-1995) Double Indemnity
    Korngold, Erich Wolfgang (1897-1957) Violin Concerto in D major, Op.35
    Bartók, Béla (1881-1945) Concerto for Orchestra, Sz 116
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April 28 2018 Australia. Heathcoate weekend. 9.30am. Free Community Concert at St Johns Church, Heathcote. Sanguine Estate Music Festival (SEMF), now established as one of Australia’s leading chamber music festivals, is held over two weekends in Bendigo and Heathcote. World class musicians, electrifying performances and world class wine. To include

    Miklós Rózsa – String Trio op.1
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May 10 & 12 2018. Usa. Greensboro NC. Greensboro Symphony Orchestra. Dmitry Sitkovetsky, conductor.

    Rodgers and Hammerstein South Pacific Overture
    Williams Theme from Schindler’s List for violin and orchestra
    Shifrin Tangos Concertantes for violin & orchestra
    Herrmann Psycho Suite for strings
    Miklós Rózsa. The Thief of Bagdad Suite: Cortege, The Silvermaid’s Dance & The Market at Basra
    Korngold The Adventures of Robin Hood: Battle, Victory & Epilogue
Details May 10 Details May 12 Concert alert by

May 17, 18, 2018. Essen, Germany. Essener Philharmoniker, Daniel Hope , violin John Axelrod , conductor.

    Max Steiner. "From the Winds" (arranged by Charles Gerhardt)
    Miklós Rózsa. "Love Theme" from "Spellbound"
    Erich Wolfgang Korngold. Concerto for D Major, op. 35
    Leonard Bernstein. "On the Waterfront"
    Kurt Weill. Suite for violin And orchestra (arranged by Paul Bateman)
Details. Concert Alert by Marco Ubaldi

May 17, 2018. Tampere, Finland. Great Hall. Santtu-Matias Rouvali in Tampere Hall , conductor. Baiba Skride, violin

    Daniel Nelson (b. 1965): Steampunkt Blizzard
    Miklos Rózsa : Violin Concerto
    Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990): Symphonic Dances West Side Story.
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May 29 2018. Germany, Dresden. Duo Wang / St. John Mira Wang (Violine), Scott St. John (Violine) Schloss Albrechtsberg, Kronensaal Bautzner Straße 130

    Adolf Busch: Duett für zwei Violinen op. 50b Nr. 1
    Eugène Ysaye: Sonate für zwei Violinen
    Jean-Marie Leclair: Sonate für zwei Violinen op. 3 r. 5
    Miklós Rózsa: Sonate für zwei Violinen op. 15
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June 2 2018. Luxembourg. Philharmonie Municipale Diekirch, Ernie Hammes direction.

    John Williams: Star Wars Suite for Orchestra (arr. Robert W. Smith)
    John Williams: Harry Potter (arr. Jerry Brubaker)
    John Williams: Highlights from Jurassic Park (arr. Calvin Custer)
    John Williams: Theme from E.T. (arr. James Ployhar)
    Robert Lopez, Kristen Anderson-Lopez: Symphonic Highlights from Frozen (arr. Stephen Bulla)
    Howard Shore: Symphonic Suite from The Lord of the Rings (arr. John Whitney)
    Alan Silvestri: Forrest Gump Suite (arr. Calvin Custer)
    Michael Giacchino: Highlights from Ratatouille (arr. John Moss)
    Martin Böttcher: Große Suite über Winnetou (arr. Guido Rennert)
    Miklós Rózsa: Ben Hur (arr. John Glenesk Mortimer)
    John Williams: «The Raiders March» (Indiana Jones) (arr. Marcel Saurer)
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June 29 2018. Freiburg, Germany. Philharmonic Orchestra of Freiburg cond Daniel Carter. Film music that has led a life of its own in the concert hall. To include

    Miklós Rózsa: Ben Hur
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June 30 2018. UK, Cambridge. Music from the movies to include

    Rózsa Él Cid'
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July 11 2018. USA. Chicago. Grant Park Orchestra Vinay Parameswaran, Guest Conductor. Grant Park Music Festival Jay Pritzker Pavilion. 8:00pm – 9:30pm Pre-Concert Lecture: Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 7:00pm – 7:30pm

    Miklós Rózsa: Parade of the Charioteers from Ben Hur
    Serge Prokofiev: Suite from Lieutenant Kije
    Bernard Herrmann: Overture to Citizen Kane
    Erich Korngold: The Adventures of Robin Hood
    George Gershwin: An American in Paris
    John Williams: "Raiders March” from Raiders of the Lost Ark
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September 17 2018. Japan.Tokyo, Philharmonia Aeterna, cond. Naohiro Totsuka. Triphony Hall

    Rózsa, Miklós: Violin Concerto Op. 24
Announced through Breitkopf. Details pending. Concert Alert by Marco Ubaldi

November 10 2018. USA, New York. 7:00PM. Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium | Perelman Stage.

    WAXMAN: Sinfonietta for Strings and Timpani (1955)
    BACH: Double Concerto in C Minor, BWV 1060R (arr. Paul Chihara)
    Benjamin WALLFISCH: Concerto for Mandolin and Accordion (Orpheus Commission)
    ROTA: Canzona (1935)
    RÓZSA: Hungarian Serenade, Op. 25 (1945)
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Feb 9 2019 UK London Concert Orchestra Anthony Gabriele conductor

    John Williams: Star Wars; Schindler's List; Jaws
    John Barry: Out of Africa; Dances with Wolves; Born Free
    Maurice Jarre: Lawrence of Arabia; Doctor Zhivago
    Howard Shore: Lord of the Rings
    Miklos Rozsa: Ben Hur
    Nino Rota: The Godfather
    Vangelis: Chariots of Fire
    Michael Giacchino: Up
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Feb 23 2019 USA. Strathmore, Maryland. National Philharmonic conducted by Piotr Gajewski. "The Debut". Replaying Leonard Bernstein's conducting debut from 1943 which included Rózsa's Theme Variations and Finale. Zuill Bailey, cello. Roberto Diaz, viola

    Schumann Manfred Overture
    Miklós Rózsa Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13
    Richard Strauss Don Quixote
    Wagner Prelude to Die Meistersinger
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Past Concerts
March 11 2018 UK, Birmingham. Anthony Gabriele Conductor, London Concert Orch. Ben Hur
March 8 2018 Budapest. BÉLA BARTÓK NATIONAL CONCERT HALL. KRISTÓF BARÁTI (violin) ISTVÁN VÁRDAI (cello) MÁV Symph Orch cond Péter Csaba. Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Cello and Orch, Op.29
March 2-4, 2018 Germany, Seminar. State Music Academy NRW. Heek-Nienborg. Five biblical pieces for wind ensemble
March 3, 2018 Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. John Morris Russell, cond.Ben-Hur
MAR 1. 2, 3 Jones Hall,Houston Symph Orch cond Steven Reineke. Parade of the Charioteers
Feb 24 2018 Madrid. El Cid. Orquesta Infantil y Juvenil EOS cond Silvia Sanz Torro.Auditorio Nacional de Música.
Feb 24 2018 University of Arkansas. Violin Duos with Er-Gene Kahng and Chi Young Song Sonata for Two Violins, op. 15
Feb 23 2018 Zaragoza, Spain.ROYAL FILM CONCERT ORCH cond Kynan Johns. Ben Hur
Feb 18 2018 USA Philadelphia, PA: “A Tribute to Miklós Rózsa” Temple University, Rock Hall, Stephanie Chase, Sara Davis Buechner, Jeffrey Solow. Duo for Cello and Piano, op. 8.- Variations for Piano Solo, op. 9- North Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances for Violin and Piano, op. 5- Piano Quintet in F minor, op. 2
Feb 18 2018 Germany. Dusseldorf.ROMANIAN STATE PHIL ORCH El Cid
Feb 17 2018 (Spain) Valladolid Orquesta Sinfónica De España (OSE) cond Fernando Furones Ben-Hur
Feb 17 2018 USA. Paducah Symph Orch. Ben Hur
Feb 16 2018 Germany, Bad Homburg. British German Philharmonic Orchestra cond Marius Beckmann. Ben Hur suite
Feb 16 2018 Bern, Switzerland. Castillo del Vino. Ronny Spiegel, György Zerkula, Miklós Rózsa Violin Duo Feb 13 2018 USA. MO.JEFFERSON CITY SYMPh ORC piano concertos from movies including Miklós Rózsa
Feb 11 2018 Barcelona. ROYAL FILM CONCERT ORCH Cond Kynan Johns Ben Hur
Feb 11 2018 Torun, (Poland) Torunska Orkiestra Symfoniczna cond Mariusz Smolij Ben-Hur
Feb 6 2018 San Francisco Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral Brinton Smith, cello; Kirsten Smith, piano. Tocatta Capriciossa
Feb 6 2018 Nashville TN ALIAS Chamber Ensemble. Rozsa
> Feb 6 2018 Luxembourg Ben-Hur.Philharmonie Municipale Diekirch cond Ernie Hammes
Feb 4 2018.UK. Leeds. Tobias Ringborg conductor & violinist Ian Buckle – piano Eternal love: Thief of Bagdad
Feb 3 2018.Germany, Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Ben Hur
Jan 28, 2018. València (Spain) Orquesta Sinfónica De España cond Fernando Furones Ben Hur
Jan 27, 28, 2018. Berlin. Symphonic Wind Orchestra Berlin. cond Thomas Lamp. Ben-Hur
Jan 25 2018 UK. Huddersfield. Orch of Opera North cond Tobias Ringborg. Love of the Princess, Thief of Bagdad
Jan 25 2018. Breda, Netherlands. Storioni festival Graanbeurs, El Cid (String Quartet)
Jan 19, 20 2018 Canada.Edmonton Symph Orch.Sean O’Loughlin cond Kokopelli and Òran, choirs. Ben-Hur
Jan 13,15, 16, 17 2018 Italy. Jungle Book suite for narrator and orch (1942) Bustric with Orch della Toscana
Jan 12, 13, 2018 USA. Indianapolis Symph Orch Cond Justin Freer Hilbert Circle Theatre. Suite from "Ben-Hur"
Jan 11, 12, 2018 Bergen, Norway. Greig Hall.John Wilson cond Bergen Philharmonic Orch. Ben-Hur suite
Jan 6 2018 New York. Brinton Smith Cello. Bruno Walter Auditorium, Toccata capricciosa, Op.36
Jan 3, 2018 Madrid, Spain. Ben-Hur and Quo Vadis. Orchestra Excelentia - Auditorio Nacional de Música, Sala Sinfónica
Jan 1, 2, 3, 2018 Germany. Philharmonisches Orchester Vorpommern, cond. Florian Csizmadia. Hungarian Serenade Op. 25. Greifswald, - Stralsund, - Putbus
Jan 1 Germany. Deutsches Symp Orch Berlin cond John Wilson. Parade of the Charioteers
Dec 31, Germany. Deutsches Symph Orch Berlin cond John Wilson.Parade of the Charioteers
Dec 16 2017, Lyon, France. Ben Hur. Orchestre Symphonique de Lyon
Dec 8 2017 UK. BBC Concert Orchestra - Double Indemnity. Robert Ziegler conductor Details
DEC 2 2017 USA ArcBest Performing Arts Center, Fort Smith, AR. Fort Smith Symp John Jeter, cond. Ben-Hur suite. Nov 29th 2017 Budapest. Sonata OP 42. Obudai Tarzaskor
Nov 28 2017 Barcelona Great choirs and movie soundtracks. Orquesta Clásica Santa Cecilia cond Kynan Johns. Ben-Hur
Nov 24 25 2017 Colombia. Anibal Dos Santos performing Viola Concerto. Bogota Phil Orch cond Stephen Vladar
Nov 21 2017 Arizona State University. ASU Symph Orch. Mark Alpizar. Theme, Variations & Finale, op.13
Nov 18 2017.Haliburton, Ontario.Highlands Chamber Orchestra cond Dan Manley. Ben-Hur
Nov 16 2017 winspearcentre. Edmonton, Canada. Cinematic Choral Classics. Ben-Hur Choral suite
Nov 11 2017 USA. PA. Reading Symph Orch. Sinfonia Concertante. Eric Wyrick, Vln and Andre Gaskins, Cello. Review
Nov 11 2017 NY USA. CSAIR, Bronx, NY. Intimate Voices. Sonata for two violins, OP 15a. Sheila Reinhold and Renée Jolles
Nov 11 2017. Floriana, Malta. Ben-Hur Overture. King’s Own Philharmonic Society< a href="https://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20171210/arts-entertainment/by-royal-appointment.665353">review
Nov 10 2017 Pacific Palisades, CA. Chamber Orch at St. Matthew’s. Kaleidoscope. Op. 19a. Annelle Gregory, violin
Nov 5 Wales. Glyndŵr University. Cond: Mark Lansom. Classics at the Movies. Prelude, Burning Desert and Parade of the Charioteers
Oct 1-30 2017 USA. 28 CONCERTS The Presidents Own United States Marine Band. Colonel Jason K. Fettig, Director. Theme, Variations, and Finale, Opus 13a
Oct 28 2017 2pm & 8pm Victoria, Canada. Victoria Symphony Orch cond Sean O'Loughlin, Spellbound Piano Concerto with Lorraine Min, piano.
Oct 28 2017 Grünberg (Germany) Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt cond Jens Troester El Cid Oct 27 2017 Seattle, WA Seattle Rob Archibald, cond Ensign Symphony & Chorus. Choral Suite “Ben Hur” Ressurection and Finale from “King of Kings”
Oct 24 2017 USA. Nashville TN. Alias Chamber Ensemble String Quartet No. 2 op. 38
Oct 18 2017 University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. cond Aik Khai Pung, Viola Concerto, Op. 37
Oct 12 2017 Iceland. Harpa Concert Hall: Eldborg - Main Hall, Reykjavik. Ben Hur
Oct 12 2017 Des Moines, Iowa, Aspen Str Trio. David Perry, vln; Victoria Chiang, vla; Michael Mermagen, cello. Rozsa String Trio.
Oct 12, 13 2017 Norway. Konserthus Oslo. Ben Hur
Oct 5-6-7-10-12 USA. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. River City Brass. Ben Hur
Oct 8 2017 Germany. Dresden. New Jewish Chamber Philharmonic Cond Michael Hurshell. Andante, String Qrt no 1.
Oct 7 2017 Athens, Greece.Athens Megaron Michael Heupel, cello. Toccata Capriciosa,
Oct 6 2017 USA. Manhatten.NY. Brooklyn Bridge. Sonatina, op. 27
Oct 2 2017 Kronberg, Germany. Kremerata Baltica Cond Martynas Stakionis. Tema con variazioni, Op.29a
Oct 1 2017 Zweibrücken (Germany) Love & Revolution. Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt cond Jens Troester. El Cid
Oct 1 2017 ANDRIA- ITALY. Luciano Tarantino. Toccata Capricciosa, Op.36 for solo cello
Sept 30 2017. Milan Italy. Jungle Book. Details
Sept 30 2017 Dallas, Texas, Sammons Center. Stirling Trent, Chloé Trevor, Sonata for Two Violins
Sept 28 2017UK. Oxford Music Festival. Holywell Music Room. Lunchtime Concert Spellbound for theremin and ensemble
Sept 28 2017 Santa Cruz Fimucité XI: Fimucité Youth Symp Orch cond José A. Cubas. El Cid Overture/Love Theme. Ben-Hur Overture
Sept 24 2017 Ensemble for These Times (Anne Lerner-Wright, cello, Dale Tsang, piano) Duo Op. 8 1st mov.SF Music Day, CA
Sept 19 2017 Madrid, Teatro Real. Orchestra Classical Santa Cecilia Cond Kynan Johns.Ben-Hur
Sept 17 2017 Berlin. Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin. Jungle Book Suite.
Sept 15 2017 Tallahassee Symphony, Darko Butorac, cond. Parade of the Charioteers
Sept 2 2017 Canada, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Robert Bernhardt, cond.Cantilon Chamber Chorus Ben-Hur
Aug 25, 26 2017 Friedberg (Germany) Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt cond Jens Troester El Cid
Aug 25 2017 Czech Republic. Brno. Music from famous films
Aug 13 2017 Brazil. Symphony Orchestra of Goiânia Cond Eliel Ferreira. Parade of the charioteers
Aug 5, 6 Cataluna, Spain. Liverpool String Quartet "Marcus and Lygia" from Quo Vadis
Aug 5 2017 - 21:00 Greece. Panormo. Michael Heupel, cello. Toccata Capricciosa
Aug 5 2017 Nuremberg Symphonic Orchestra classical Open Air (Spellbound)
Aug 4 2017 Greece. Center for Mediterranean Architecture in Chania. Michael Heupel, cello. Toccata Capricciosa
July 30 2017 Greece. Michael Heupel, cello. Toccata Capricciosa
July 28, 2017 San Diego Symphony.Bayside Summer Nights Concert. Richard Kaufman, cond Ben-Hur
July 24, 2017 Japan. Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara. Cond Koichi Fujino Entry of the Nobles from El Cid
July 23, 2017 Belgium. Wallonia Festival. Duo Dames. Sonata for two violins op.15a
July 16 USA. Breckenridge CO. National Repertory Orch cond C Topilow. Julia Vicic Viola Concerto.
July 3 2017 Germany. Castle Bad Berleburg. Daniel Hope and Sebastian Knauer Love theme Ben-Hur
July 2 UK. London Royal College of Music. Eduardo Andrade cond RCM Students Film Orch. Ben Hur
July 2 2017, Hamm Germany. Daniel Hope, Violin Sebastian Knauer, Piano. Ben-Hur
June 25 2017 Madrid. Spain. Includes Ben-Hur.
June 17 2017 USA. Claremont, California. Bridges Hall of Music, Clarinet Festival, Rozsa, and more!
June 2 2017 Dublin, Ireland, Masters recital, Frances Brand Sonatina for Clarinet Solo.
June 2 2017 Luxembourg. Philharmonie Municipale Diekirch. Ernie Hammes Cond. Ben-Hur (arr. John Glenesk Mortimer)
June 2 & 3 2017 USA. Modesto, CA. Modesto Symphony Orchestra. Bob Bernhardt, cond. Parade of the Charioteers
June 1 2017 Wrocław, Poland. NFM Leopoldinum Chamber Orch. Cond Ernst Kovacic. Concerto for String Orchestra Op. 17
May 26 2017 Poland. Phil Orch of Szczecin cond Mikhail Agrest. Quo Vadis concert suite & Ben-Hur excerpts
May 12 2017 France. Orch Symph de l'Opéra de Toulon cond Wilson Hermanto.Ben-Hur
April 29 2017.Catalunya Spain. Castellvell del Camp. Isabel Fèlix (Piano) Válse Crepusculáire, & Kaleidoscope op. 19.
April 23 2017 Belgium. Besonrieux. Duo Dames. Sonate for two violins op.15a
April 23 2017 Belgium. Brussels. Noam Kanter, guitare classique. Sonata for Guitar
April 22 2017 Brighton, UK. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. El Cid (Suite) & Ben Hur
April 22 2017 Clermont Ferrand (France) Orchestre Sostenuto, cond. Takashi Kondo. Viola Concerto Op. 37
April 9 2017 Barcelona. Spain. BANDA MUNICIPAL DE BARCELONA. Ben-Hur. Suite
APRIL 8 2017. Turin, Italy. Ben-Hur suite. Luigi Faggi Grigioni (trumpet) Organ: Marco Limone
March 31 2017 Spain, Orquestra Simfònica d'Espanya, Kynan Johns, director. Ben-Hur.
March 31 2017 Turku, Finland. Jonathan Berman, cond Turku Philharmonic Orch. Concerto for viola and orch
Mar 26. 2017 USA. New Holland. PA. The New Holland Band cond Ken Laudermilch. Ben-Hur
Mar 26. 2017 Spain. Orquesta Filarmónica de Jalisco. Ben-Hur: Suite
Mar 25 2017 Belgium. Liege. Duo Dames . Sonata for two violins op.15a
Mar 24 2017 Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ulster Orchestra, Rafael Payare Cond. Rózsa's Violin Concerto, Tamás Kocsis Violin
Mar 24 2017 Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ulster Orchestra, Rafael Payare Cond. violin concerto, Tamás Kocsis.
March 23,2017 Spain. Orquesta Filarmónica de Jalisco. Ben-Hur: Suite
March 19, 26. 2017 USA. New Holland PA. The New Holland Band. Ben-Hur
March 18. 2017 Manchester, UK. Stephen Bell cond Ben-Hur
March 10 2017 Gateshead. UK. Stephen Bell cond Royal Northern Sinfonia. Parade of the Charioteers
March 9, 10, 11. UK. Bournemouth Symph Orch. El Cid (Suite) Ben Hur
March 5 2017 USA. Lexington, MA. "At the Movies!" Parade of the Chrioteers. March 4 & 5 2017 MOSCOW Guitar Sonata.
Feb 28 2017 Germany. Philharmonischen Orchester Freiburg. Ben-Hur
Feb 23 2017 UK. Millfield, Jennifer Pike - Jeremy Pike. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op. 4
Feb 23 2017 USA Edmond, Oklahoma City Symphonic Band. Cond Mark Belcik. Parade of the Charioteers
Feb 19 2017 Namur, Belgium. Duo Dames. Sonate for two violons op.15a
Feb 18 2017 Argentine. Buenos Aires. Orquesta Estable cond Mario Perusso. Lady Hamilton
Feb 18 2017 Fort Myers, FL USA. South West Florida Symph Orch. Gilad Karni, Viola Concerto.
Feb 12 2017 USA. Naples Florida. Naples Concert Band.Ben-Hur
Feb 9 2017 USA CIT Cork School of Music--LECANTO-FLORIDA. String Trio. Mia Cooper, Lynda O'Connor - Violins. Nathan Sherman - Viola. Ailbhe McDonagh - Cello. Macdara Ó Seireadáin - Clarinet.
Feb 9 2017UK. Warrington, Grappenhall, St Wilfrid's Church, Jennifer Pike - violin Jeremy Pike - piano. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song Op. 4
Feb 2 & 3 2017 Stockholm. Swedish Radio Symp Orch Cond John Wilson. Ben-Hur.
Jan 31 2017 RCOM RECITAL HALL--LONDON.String Quartet no 2 op 38. Nikola Avramovic piano;Elizaveta Saul violin;Ismael Jarmouni violin; Pierre Tate-Lemiere viola;Abigail Lorimier cello;Carola Krebs cello;Theresa Yu piano;Hannah Tyler oboe;Justin Sun bassoon;Wilford Goh piano.
Jan 28 2017 Cologne. WDR Funkhausorchester cond John Axelrod. Sahara Suite.
Jan 20-21 Spain.Tarrassa & Barcelona. Lydia Kavina. Spellbound Concerto for Theremin. Orq Simfonica del Valles
Jan 20 2017 Bydgoszcz Poland. Mariusz Smolij cond Pomeranian Phil Orch, Ben-Hur suite
Jan 9, 10, 2017 Univ of Cincinnati, Kimberly Trout, Viola. Introduction & Allegro for Viola Solo, Op. 44
Jan 6 & 7 Spain. Liverpool Str Quartet. Two songs (Soprano,Ana Puche - Piano, Martin Roscoe) & Valse Crepusculaire
Dec 25 Madrid Orq Clásica Santa Cecilia,Kynan Johns.Teatro Real de Madrid. Sociedad Coral Excelentia de Madrid, Ben-Hur
Dec 10 2016 Movie Classics. Lucerne, Switzerland. 21st Cent Symph Orch. Ben-Hur
Dec 4 2016 USA. Minneapolis. Sonatina for Solo Clarinet. University of Minnesota School of Music
Dec 4 2016 Richmond. Indiana. Richmond symph Orch & Singers Ben Hur
Dec 3 2016 Elche (Spain) La joven Orquesta de la UMH. Miklós Rózsa
Nov 26 2016 Orquesta Sinfónica de Puerto Rico. Cond Maximiano Valdés Ben Hur
Nov 26 2016 France. ORCHESTRE PHILHARMONIQUE DE RADIO FRANCE. Lost Weekend, suite (arr Pat Russ)
Nov 18 2016 Nürnberger Symph cond Nic Raine - Golden Voyage of Sinbad
Nov 10 2016 Victoria, British Columbia. CANADA. Suzanne Snizek. Solo flute works by Flothuis, Gál, Rózsa
Nov 10 2016 Italy. Orch San Marco. Trieste, Concerto for String Orchestra. Op. 17
Nov 5 2016 Germany. NDR Radiophilharmonie cond Andrew Manze. Spellbound" Prelude und Love Theme
Nov 5 & 13 2016 USA. Early Music Meets the Movies" Albuquerque. Santa Fe.
Oct 29 2016Budapest Hungary. Budapest Symphony Orchestra cond Marius Smolij. Suite from Ben-Hur
OCT 29 & 30 2016 USA. MT. Bozeman Sym Orch. Jolyon Pegis; Maria Schleuning; Cond Matthew Savery. Sinfonia Concertante
Oct 9 2016 Germany. Neue Philharmonie Westfalen. Stadthalle Troisdorf. Ben-Hur
Oct 8 & 9 2016 (Germany). Stiftskirche Tübingen. To everything there is a season. Singakademie Stuttgart, cond Stefan Weible
Oct 7 2016 Russia. St. Petersburg State Academic Symp Orch Cond Walter Proost. El Cid
Oct 5 2016. Tacoma USA String Quartet No. 2. Pacific Lutheran University. Regency String Quartet.
Sept 23 2016. Cologne, Germany. 'One for all'. WDR Funkhausorchester Köln cond Arjan Tien - Funkhaus. El Cid
Sep 18 2016 Wales. St David's Hall, Cardiff. David Hughes Cond. Ben Hur
Sep 17 2016 Paris. Pianist Emmanuelle Moriat. Bagatelles and the Sonata. Upcoming CD Kdream Music, with the same program.
Sept 16 2016 Luzern Switzerland. Movie Classics in Concert. 21st Century Symp Orch cond Ludwig Wicki. Ben-Hur
Sep 10 2016 Spain. Symph Orch of Castilla and Leon cond Nick Davies. Herrmann, Rózsa, Tiomkin, Williams, Steiner.
Sep 9 2016, The Netherlands. Recital Adventskerk Zoetermeer T. Takemitsu. Rozsa Sonata
Sep 8 2016, Paris. l’Académie de Jeunes Solistes. Christophe Boulier (violin) Cècile Guillon (cello) Sho Ogushi (piano) Sinfonia concertante (br) Sept 6 (Milan) 7 (Torino) 2016 Italy. Orch Sinfonica Giuseppe Verdi di Milano. John Axelrod cond Ben Hur Overture
Aug 29 2016 France. Sinfonia concertante. Violin : Christophe BOULIER. Cello : Cécile GUILLON
Aug 27 2016 Germany. Evangelische Kirche Moers-Kapellen. Moers. Isabelle Marchewka Suite for Harp
Aug 22 2016 Ivory Duo. Rózsa suite. London. UK. St James, Piccadilly.
Aug 20 2016 UK.Rutland. Uppingham School' Ben-Hur
Aug 4 & 7 2016. Orch Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi cond Ernst van Tiel. Auditorium di Milano, Spellbound
July 18 2016 Ireland. Carl Davis, cond RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra. El Cid,
July 17 2016 Italian Brass Week. Florence. Parade Of The Charioteers, Ben Hur (arr. Roy Philippe)
July 15 2016 Budapest summer festival. Cond Nic Raine. Budapest Sym Orch. Ben-Hur Overture.
July 1 2016 Malaga. Con Arturo Díez Boscovich. Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Málaga. El Cid
Jun 28, 29 2016 Nürnberg Serenadenhof. Nürnberger Symphoniker cond Nic Raine. Golden Voyage of Sinbad
June 20 2016 Seattle, USA, Benaroya Hall. Spellbound concerto. Seattle Symphony, Lydia Kavina (Theremin)
June 20 2016, Glasgow Scotland. Ben-Hur. Glasgow Wind Band.
June 19 2016 Germany. Dortmund. Philharmonie Westfalen. Ben-Hur
June 19 2016 Merida, Spain. Orquesta de Extremadura. cond Daniel Sánchez Velasco, Quo Vadis Suite. Ben-Hur suite
June 17 2016 Germany. Velbert. Philharmonie Westfalen. Ben-Hur
June 17 2016 Sydney, Australia. Sydney Symphony Orch cond John Wilson Ben-Hur
June 17 2016 Belgium. Petit Sablon 5 Brussels. Master Recital: Guitar Sonata
June 12 2016 London. The Ivory Duo. Piano recital, Lydia Suite and Exotic Suite (Jungle Book, Thief of Bagdad)
June 12 & 18 2016 Soiron & Wavre. Liege, Belgium. Duo d'âmes Sonata for 2 violins op 15a
June 10; Chestertown.MD Festival Symphony Orchestra, Thief of Bagdad, Suite
June 8 USA. Fayetteville, Fulbright Summer Chamber Festival: Univ of Arkansas. String Quartet no. 2, op. 38
June 5, 8 and 10 USA, Chestertown.MD. National Music Festival at Washington College. Thief of Bagdad suite
May 19 2016 USA. Princeton. New Jersey. Spellbound Concerto (1945)
May 19 2016 Dublin, Ireland. RTE Concert Orchestra. Ben-Hur
May 14 2016 Trenton. New Jersey, USA. THE NEW JERSEY CAPITAL PHILHARMONIC cond Maestro Spalding. Entry of the Nobles “El Cid”
May 14 2016 USA. Mississippi. Meridian Symphony: Parade of the Charioteers from Ben Hur
April 24 2016 California USA. Biola university. Lansing Recital Hall ‫ Brass quintet and organ, incl John Redford’s own arrangement of “Prelude” from Ben-Hur.
APRIL 22 & 23 2016 Canada. Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Cond Jack Everly. Cantilon Chamber Choir. Ben Hur
APRIL 21 2016 Debrecen, (Hungary) Kodály Filharmónia, cond. János Kovács. Máté Szücs (va), Viola Concerto, op.37
APRIL 21 2016 UK.Bristol. Thereminist Lydia Kavina ‘Fantasy’ from Hitchcock’s Spellbound
April 14. 2016 Zürich. Gidon Kremer Theme and Variations, Op.29a
April 10, 11, 2016. Austin.Texas. Douglas Harvey, Cello. Kathryn Mishell, Piano. Duo for Cello and Piano, Op. 8
April 10. 2016 Tokyo, Japan. Takao Kanayama cond l'orchestre du Dimanche, Mother's Love “Ben-Hur”
April 8. 2016 (Germany) Neue Philharmonie Westfalen conducted by Rasmus Baumann. Ben Hur
April 4. 2016 New York. Elebash Recital Hall, CUNY Graduate Center, Introduction and Allegro for Solo Viola View Video
March 28. 2016 Gelsenkirchen. (Germany) Neue Philharmonie Westfalen. Ben-Hur
March 24 2016. New York. LeFrak Concert Hall, Gregg Williams, Viola. Introduction and Allegro for Solo Viola
March 13, 2016 USA. Shirley, NY. Gregg Williams, Viola. Juliana Han, pianist, Introduction and Allegro for Solo Viola
March 12, 2016 USA, Fort Wayne (Indiana). Phil Orch, Cond Andrew Constantine. Sinfonia Concertante, Op. 29. Eric Wyrick, violin Andre Gaskins, cello
Mar 5 2016 USA. MA. Melrose Symph Orch. Owen Young, cello; Lucia Lin, violin; Yoichi Udagawa, cond. Parade of the Charioteers - Sinfonia Concertante, Op. 29
Feb 28. 2016 Czech Republic. Olomouc. Viola Concerto, Kristina Fialová – viola.
Feb 28. 2016 Recklinghausen. Ruhrfestspielhaus. Germany. Ben Hur. Neue Philharmonie Westfalen cond Rasmus Baumann
Feb 26-28. 2016 Germany. Landesmusikakademie NRW. Heek-Nienborg. Procession music from Julius Caesar
Feb 25 & 26 Spain, Sevilla, Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla. Cond John Axelrod, Sahara suite. El Cid suite
Feb 24 2016 Hackney Empire. London. Friday Night is Music Night: Ben-Hur, BBC
Feb 13 2016 USA Charlotte, NC. Charlotte Concert Band. Rozsa/Melillo: Ben-Hur
Feb 11 2016 Olomouc (Czech Republic) Moravská Filharmonie Olomouc, cond. Petr Vronsky. Kristina Fialová - Viola Concerto
Feb 7 2016 North Carolina USA. Providence. Sonata for Two Violins in A minor, op. 15 (1933) Monica Boboc and Ann Okagaito, violins
Feb 7 2016 UK. Christchurch, Dorset. Bournemouth Chamber Music: Pro Musica String Trio. Sunday.Rózsa String Trio.
Jan 31 2016 Baden Baden Germany. Organ Concert. Organist Phillip Pelster, El Cid transcription for organ
Jan 25 2016 Luton. Jean Johnson. Steven Osborne. Sonatina for clarinet solo op 27
Jan 01.2016 Krefeld, Germany. Two performances. Niederrheinische Sinfoniker, Mihkel Kütson. Three Hungarian Sketches
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