The Film Music Discography

Compiled by Doug Raynes

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NOTE...A Discography for the LP era exists in the Pro Musica Sana Archive Issues 45, 46 & 48.

This discography lists recordings on compact disc (CD) that have been issued in North America or Europe. Important discs outside these territories are included if no alternative disc has been issued. Discs issued in another territory containing duplicate contents, such as European versions of US discs have not generally been included; Colosseum for example, issue many Varese Sarabande discs on their own label for distribution throughout Europe.

To avoid excessive repetition of CD titles, the foundation of the discography is given to the individual CD issues as listed in Part 1. A chronological list of film titles is provided in Part 2. To see what recordings have been issued from a particular film, first consult Part 2 which lists (by number) all of the relevant CD(s) in Part 1.

Every legitimate all-Rózsa disc is included. There are, of course, many compilation discs which include tracks by Rózsa along with works by other composers. The most important of these compilations have been included in the discography but no attempt has been made to include every single version of oft-recorded cues of, for example, the Parade of the Charioteers or the Spellbound Concerto. Neither does the discography include easy listening rearrangements of Rózsa’s music.

The discs are listed in year of release (as indicated on the CD) and alphabetically in each year. Details of the first issue of any relevant corresponding LP are included, but listing all the different LPs issued in each territory is outside the scope of this discography. Anyone requiring such information is advised to consult the detailed LP discography compiled by Ronald L Bohn in Pro Musica Sana (PMS), issues 45 and 46 (1986 - 1987), and the Suppplement by Villu Viksten in PMS 48 (1990) and my own discography in Soundtrack! Vol. 13 No. 50 (June 1994). Longplaying (LP) records which were released concurrently with the CD, as often happened when CDs first came onto the market in the early 1980’s, are not included.

The listing of the title of each CD can be problematical because often, and especially with anthology discs, a CD will contain different titles on the cover, the spine, and the disc itself. Therefore it has sometimes been difficult to determine what the “official” title is supposed to be! The cover graphics of the CDs and the disc content should avoid any doubt as to which CD the title refers to.

Original music tracks are identified as OST (original soundtrack). All other recordings are rerecordings. CDs which appear to be unauthorised or “bootlegs” are generally not listed. However, the origins of some older recordings are unclear and the benefit of the doubt has been given to a few titles.

OST discs, listed as “complete” in Part 2, do not necessarily have every single piece of music transferred from the soundtrack but they do contain the majority of the score. The term “full length re-recording” in Part 2 is used to differentiate those re-recordings which comprise a complete, or almost complete score, from re-recordings containing excerpts or suites from the score. An appendix is provided which lists those LP records which have not, to date, been transferred to CD.

Grateful thanks are given to Tom DeMary, Frank DeWald, John Fitzpatrick, Alan Hamer and Mark Koldys for their help and assistance in compiling this discography.

Each column entry is laid out as follows:
Part 1 – Discs by release date
Column 1 CD identification number
Column 2 Disc title. Year of release of the CD
Column 3 Record company name. Catalogue number. Country (or territory) of issue
Column 4 Performers: Orchestra (where known), conductor and soloists
Column 5 Disc content - identified by tracks & timings. Tracks are as labelled on the CD. Timings of individual tracks, or of complete suites and scores, appear in brackets at the end of the content listing.
Column 6 Background notes: Any relevant additional information about the recording such as whether it is an OST and whether it is a re-issue of an LP, together with original LP release details such as year of release and catalogue number. Full details of the content of anthology discs including other composers are not given.
Column 7 Cover illustrations: Front and back cover scans of the CDs. For reasons of space, not every CD cover is included.

Part 2 – Films by release date
Column 1 Year of release of film.
Column 2 Film title.
Column 3 CD identification number.
Column 4 Music content of CD.

OST Original soundtrack – used to indicate that the music has been taken from the actual music tracks as recorded and used in the film.
MR Miklós Rózsa
Cond. Conducted
Alt. Alternative
Arr. Arrangement/arranged

By disc release date. (pdf)    By Film release date (pdf)   Appendix (pdf)