KALEIDOSCOPE, 6 short pieces for small Orchestra, Op. 19a (1946)
March-Zingara-Musette-Berceuse-Chinese Carillon-Burlesque
1 (pic). 1.1.1.- Perc. Hp, Str.
Duration: 10'
Publisher: Associated Music Publishers, Inc.
Rental Agent: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Carillon 1(pic)111/1110/timp.perc/hp/str.
Duration: 3'
March 1Ipic)111/1110/timp.perc/hp/str.
Duration: 3'
Musette 1(pic)111/1110/timp.perc/hp/str.
Duration: 3'

Kaleidoscope started out as a set of piano pieces portaying life's fleeting moments from the aspect of the child. The pieces were dedicated to Miklós Rózsa's own children. Kaleidoscope #1, 3, 5 For Nicholas [Rózsa]. Kaleidoscope #2, 4, 6 For Juliet [Rózsa]. It was orchestrated by the composer in 1957.
Kaleidoscope is substantially two different compositions in its piano and orchestral interpretations. The piano is percussive and succinct, the orchestra lush and lingering. Rózsa's orchestration adds a bit of extra counterpoint in movements four and six.