The symphony Op.6 is a work written by Rózsa when he was 23. Although it was a promising symphony from a young composer, Rózsa could not find anyone who would tackle a large scale work lasting 50 minutes. The symphony was put away for 60 years and revised for recording when the parts were found (minus the scherzo).

The original Symphony score is reported to be at Syracuse but not filed under Symphony Op.6! Mr Andrew Knowles (Rózsa Society member) noticed that Syracuse had 178 pages of an untitled orchestral work in the archive dating from 1930. Guessing that this must be the Symphony, he ordered a copy from the Rozsa Archive at Syracuse. When it arrived the manuscript was indeed that of the Symphony. However, it is not exactly complete with pages of the slow movement missing - no finish. However it did contain several pages of the discarded Scherzo movement. The Finale is complete and matches the Sedares recording exactly. Obviously the version is not the score as edited/arranged by Christopher Palmer. Parts used for the New Zealand Symphony recording have been lost.