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Concerts 2010 The end of the year 2010 saw a total of 110 Known concerts which featured one or more of Rózsa works in their programmes. This remains about the same as in the centenary year in 2007 though an unknown number of concerts escape our attention.

Blu-Ray King Of Kings, scored by Rózsa for Samuel Bronston in the 1963 Hollywood epic version of the life of Christ, has been designated a Blu-ray release for the 29th of March. Produced by many of the people responsible for Ben-Hur, the film utilizes some of the same sets, actors and the composer Miklós Rózsa, whose score for 'King of Kings' was one of his finest. The superbly narrated sections by Orson Welles give cohesion to the historical context of the movie which strays somewhat from the traditional versions. It still remains a 'must have' for Rózsa followers with Blu-Ray capabilities. Ciick on the icon. Reviewed here 24/Dec/10

Choral suites sheet music The scores for the Choral suites (which also contain orchestra only cues) from both "Quo Vadis" and "King of Kings" have just been listed on the Schirmer site. Previously only the Ben Hur choral suite was available. All are rental scores. A full listing of links and music is available through the 'works' link on the homepage. The suites have been recorded by Erich Kunzel with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and can be heard on the attached CD.

Upcoming CD French violinist, Christophe Boulier, who regularly performs Rozsa violin works in concert has recorded the Violin Concerto with the intention of releasing a CD, coupled with the Sinfonia Concertante, in 2011. Boulier will play the Sinfonia Concertante on February 19th, 2011/ Theater "Côté Cour", Cour des Religieuses, F-47170 Mezin (France). 14/Dec/10

Gilad Karni and the Viola Concerto. Miklós Rózsa remains a significant part of Gilad Karni's upcoming performance schedule. He is due to present his rendition of the Viola Concerto in nine performances over the next one and a half years. Starting in Switzerland in March with three performances, one of which will be streamed live. In Denver, four performances in October and in the following March another two in Turkey. Details are on the concerts page. Mr Karni's recording of the piece on Naxos is still readily available on CD and also as a download. Click above for details. The Gilad Karni Website has a full performance schedule displayed. 5/Dec/10

Warners archive have just announced the release of the Rozsa scored movie, Plymouth Adventure, made to order on DVD. Though not remastered specifically for DVD, the source is described as being taken from the best video masters available. Plymouth Adventure has not been available on DVD previously and the score is one of Rozsa's major early historical scores. More details. Filmscore monthly released the restored soundtrack a few years back. Plymouth Adventure soundtrack and audio clips 11/Nov/10

Internet stream There is a performance of Miklos Rozsa's works on Australian Sydney radio (2MBS-FM 102.5 MHz) on Tuesday 16th November 2010 at 10pm (2200hrs AEDT) local Sydney time . The programme is called "New Horizons" and includes a work "Piano Concerto op 31" by Miklos Rozsa, performed by Leonard Pennario with the Bavarian Radio Orchestra conducted by Wilfred Bottcher. This programme is also simulcast-streamed on Internet on Tu/16/Nov/2010 at 0900hrs GMT/UTC.

Rózsa's London recordings reissue.. The Ben-Hur, Quo Vadis recordings conducted by Rózsa in the mid 1970's are to be released again in November this time with the selections from Julius Caesar which were conducted by Bernard Herrmann a few years earlier. View details

Swedish concerts. With half the performances behind them the Weber Quartet report that the concerts are going very well! "We've been getting quite a lot of appreciative comments on the Rózsa quartet, and people like it very much. They like that it's easy to listen to, and speaks direct to you when you hear it. Stefan Moberg, their cellist says "Personally, I like playing it a lot! It's a very physical piece and lots of fun to play!" The concerts conclude on 26 Oct. See the 'concerts' page for details. 19 Oct 2010

Gerhardt recordings . The renowned Charles Gerhardt recordings with the National Philharmonic from the LP era are being reissued on CD. The series included a recording of Miklós Rózsa's film music which at the time was rather scarce. The resultant recordings were received with praise because of the top class recording and sound which even today compares well with modern techniques. Though not included in the first releases except for the 'Sahara" title music on the Humphry Bogard disc the 'Classic Film Scores of Miklós Rózsa' is readily available on CD from Amazon. Click icon.

details New CD Volume 3 of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's 'Golden Years of Hollywood' series has been announced. It includes the suite from 'Double Indemnity'. The set of three CDs can be purchased for the price of two and besides the aforementioned suite includes the 2cnd movement from the Violin Concerto as it appears in 'The private life of Sherlock Holmes' as well as two prominent cues from 'Ben-Hur' and the 'Spellbound concerto'. Many well known films and composers are represented. To view full details of tracks etc click icon. 10 Sept 2010


String Quartet in Sweden The Rózsa String Quartet No. 2 Op 38 will receive a substantial airing in Sweden in October when the Weber Quartet will play it at each concert in a twelve concert tour. The Weber Quartet have previously recorded the Opus 38 on their first CD which was released in March 2009 for the Courthouse Music label: " Legacy of the Hollywood Composers". The members are: Ronnie Weber, 1st violin Ellinor Weber, 2nd violin Patrik Eriksson, viola Stefan Moberg, cello. Weber Quartet site. Details of the performances are available on the concerts page.

Naxos Archives release Available for MP3 download only and at a very reasonable price. Concert Overture /Three Hungarian Sketches / Theme, Variations and Finale / The Frankenland State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Miklós Rózsa. Naxos restricts downloads geographically but the Classics online site appears to support worldwide distribution online. Click icon for more information. Also available for download is the Concerto for strings as played by the MGM String Orchestra.

The Power on DVD Warners Archive has announced the release of the Rozsa scored film 'The Power'. As with other titles from Warners Archive the DVD will be made to order for delivery within the USA. More details 14/Sept/2010

The DVD'ography has received its latest update. Amongst the additions are YOUNG BESS, now also available from Warner Bros Archive series and A SONG TO REMEMBER, which is part of Sony's new on-demand series of Columbia classics. The Miklós Rózsa Society strives to keep fully updated lists of all Cds and DVDs which contain Rózsa composed music. 13/Sept/2010

Wide screen presentation Sunday, October 3rd 2010 at 10 a.m, Karlsruhe, Germany near the French border. A screening of the Rózsa scored Bronston epic "King Of Kings" in its roadshow presentation in 70mm and 6 track stereophonic sound on a curved Cinerama screen. This show is part of the annual "Todd-AO-Filmfestival" at the Schauburg Cinerama theatre in Karlsruhe, Germany, beginning on Friday and screening multiple titles throughout the weekend. The print with dubbed German dialogue is from 1961 and it is expected that the colors may have faded over the years. Regardless it presents a very rare occassion to see and hear this Miklós Rózsa masterpiece on the big screen again. Details

Larger image Upcoming CD release Hyperion Records have announced the release of a new recording of the Viola Concerto. The soloist is Lawrence Power who has performed this popular Rózsa composition in multiple concerts recently with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and more recently a broadcast concert with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. (see earlier news item.) The Rózsa work is coupled with a Bartok Viola Concerto and a Rhapsody by Tibor Serly. Release is scheduled for October. Details & Audio samples

Upcoming CD release The Piano Sonata is to to be included in a new CD by pianist Martin Perry. The recordings have been made and a release date is awaited from ECM in Munich. Martin Perry site July 2010

Live concert stream Rózsa fans from around the world tuned into the internet stream from Bialystok in Poland on Friday to listen to Mariusz Smolij conducting the Podlasie Philharmonic Orchestra in the Quo Vadis and Ben-Hur suites, live, in a good performance although brisk at times.
Rózsa took up the whole of the second part of the concert. Other items included in the concert were from Williams and Copland.
Mariusz Smolij has previously conducted recordings of Rózsa concert works including the Viola Concerto with Gilad Karni and Hungarian Serenade for Naxos. 12 June 2010

The Christmas sequence arranged by Christopher Palmer for choir and orchestra and performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & St Paul's Cathedral Choir is now downloadable from Amazon UK for a mere 69P. Geographical restrictions may apply. Click icon for details.

Available for download from Amazon France is the early 10 inch record release of the Quo Vadis soundtrack issued around the time of the movie release. 26 minutes of music with the MGM Studio Orchestra cond by Miklós Rózsa. This early recording has been superceded by the later London Philharmonic recording also conducted by Rózsa and which is also readily available in excellent sound. Details

link MP3 Hallmark have released a digitally remastered edition of the 1959 Ben-Hur recording by Carlo Savina and the Rome Orchestra and chorus assembled for this recording. This was the original rerecording released with the film for soundtrack listeners and is decribed as the soundtrack. The true soundtrack has been available on a Rhino release described earlier on this news page. This new release is retailing for a mere $5 from Amazon. click on the icon for the link.

Hungarian composers and musicians have made numerous contributions that have and continue to have significant influence on classical music around the globe. Currently on view and officially running through the 28th of May at the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum (it may remain up for most of June), you can experience the rich history of Hungarian Classical Music from the Renaissance to the Contemporary through an exhibit titled “Hungarian Classical Music Composers.” The exhibit features 45 composers including Miklós Rózsa. Read more

Upcoming CD release Downloadenlarge An entirely Rózsa recording containing the world premiere orchestral version of the Cello Rhapsody, although available for download at present, has a current CD release date set for January 2011. The disc was recorded for Naxos in Budapest from September 11 - 14, 2009 with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mariusz Smolij. Mark Kosower, principal cellist with the Cleveland symphony orchestra and who is on the Cleveland institute of music cello faculty is the soloist. Works on the CD are Overture to a Symphony Concert, Rhapsody for Cello & Orchestra, Hungarian Nocturne and the 3 Hungarian Sketches (recorded with the already released Viola Concerto and Hungarian Serenade in November 2007). Click icon for details.

Bernard Herrmann fest 2011 being the centenary of Bernard Herrmans birth is already generating interest amongst young artists in marking the occassion. One such group, the Tippett Quartet have a series of concerts planned to take place during 2011. Included in their programme will be Miklós Rózsa's String Quartet No 2 Details. For dates and venues See the concerts page.

Proposed CD release Rózsa's collaboration with conductor Maurice Skones and The Choir of the West at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma Washington U.S.A. resulted in a professional recording of his sacred choral works — To Everything There is a Season, op. 20; The Vanities of Life, op. 30; and The Twenty-Third Psalm, op. 34 in 1978. The recording produced by J S R Lasher and professionally recorded by Allen Giles for the Entr'acte Recording Society is set to be rereleased in 2011 along with the Lasher produced recording of Rozsa's chamber works Duo for Cello and Piano. Op. 8; Sonata for Two Violins, Op. 15a; Toccata capricciosa, Op. 36. Both productions were formerly only on LP.

Book release A recent book titled 'A Windfall of Musicians' gives an insight into how emigre composers and artists have benefited the American music culture. Miklós Rózsa as well as his musical peers receive attention in a broad look based in the main on survivor interviews and documentary archives.

Concert relays The Miklós Rózsa composed Viola Concerto has been the focus of live concert relays this last week in a live broadcast and internet stream on 15 April from BBC 3 with Lawrence Power and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Listen to the concert here as well as a concert held in Cleveland Ohio on April 7 which was broadcast on a live internet connection in a stirring rendition by the Cleveland Institute for Music, CIM Orchestra with violist Tegen Davidge. This concert can be heard on Instant Encore 16/04/10

enlarge Recent CD release from Vocalion. Showtime: 25 Years of BBC Concert Orchestra's Favourites. Includes the Main Titles & Love Theme from the film ‘Ben-Hur’ as arranged by Roderick Dunk. View CD details .

Rhino goes digital. Rhino hand made are offering digital downloads from their own online shop. The condensed British Ben-Hur release and Miklós Rózsa at MGM CDs are immediately available and one assumes that King of Kings and others will follow. The expanded Ben-Hur remains available on 2CD from their online store.

CD release A 2CD of electronic music featuring tracks recorded largely in the 1940s, 50s and 60s includes Miklós Rózsa's Prelude from Spellbound. The CDs are released on the Chrome dreams label and titled 'Forbidden planets. Music from pioneers of electronic sound'. Details

Miklós Rózsa Treasury The recent CD box release comprising 15 CDs of remaining unreleased music from Rozsa's MGM film composing period has reportedly sold half of its limited release of 2000 since January 10, the release date. The set has been well received with praise from reviewers and consumers alike. Much of the content has not been available in any form previously. 08/02/10

Filmus-l The long running composer and film music discussion list has closed down. In a last posting moderator Stephen Wright explains that the diminished activity coupled with the passing of the co-listowner has prompted his decision to shut down the discussion list. Since its inception in 1993 the list has had many contributions and information shared by a number of well known Rózsa enthousiasts. The archive can no longer be accessed.

A CD of film music for guitar titled 'You must remember this too' released last July by Gregg Nestor has now been made available through selected download sites. It contains music, both original and adapted for guitar, oboe, flute and cello by Gregg and includes 'Suite in the olden style' prepared by Miklós Rózsa from his film scores. Individual tracks can be sampled free. For access to the downloads click on the icon.

Performances At a time when orchestras are feeling the economic pinch the number of concert performances including Rózsa pieces has shown another increase in keeping with the trend over recent years. Some 130 known concerts during 2009 included one or more Rózsa works in their lineup with a few dedicating their whole program solely to Rózsa. 08/01/10

The Miklós Rózsa Treasury , 15CD set just released
Click for full size image

CD release.The Crystal records CD of pieces for unaccompanied clarinet released recently includes, from Miklós Rózsa, the Sonatina for Clarinet Solo played by Tasha Warren. CD739: THE NAKED CLARINET. Shulamit Ran, Music for an Actor: Monologue for Clarinet (in A); Joan Tower, Wings; Guy Yehuda, Three Preludes; David Dzubay, Solus II; Libby Larsen, Dancing Solo. This CD includes some of the best and most important recent works for unaccompanied clarinet. Tasha Warren is principal clarinet with the Charlottesville Orchestra and is on the faculty of the University of Virginia. Previously she taught at Louisiana State University, and has been principal clarinet with the Columbus, Indiana, Philarmonic since 2004. 26/12/09

Rózsa Society journal. A bumper issue of Pro Musica Sana, the society journal, has been printed and is currently being mailed. This issue will be the largest ever totaling 52 pages. The major analysis of the Ben-Hur score by Ralph Erkelenz receives its final instalment on this 50th anniversary year which will bring to conclusion the most complete reference for any Rózsa score or for that matter any film music score. Society members will automatically receive a copy and others can contact John Fitzpatrick or for Europe, Alan Hamer. See 'contact' page.
        It has been 50 years since the first notes of Miklós Rózsa's epic score to Ben-Hur first rang out in the cinemas. The premiere took place at Loew's State Theatre in New York on the 18th November 1959. The first international release was in London in Dec 1959. Thereafter MGM released it progressively throughout end 1959 and during 1960 and afterward in other parts of the world in 1961.
Part 1 of the Ben-Hur analysis can be viewed on the site via the Features link. 21/12/09

Mark Kosower, the soloist in the recent world premiere recording of Miklós Rózsa's Rhapsodie for Cello and Orchestra, recorded in Budapest for Naxos with the Budapest Concert Orchestra MAV has been appointed principal cellist with the Cleveland symphony orchestra. He will also join the Cleveland institute of music cello faculty in the fall. The CD with the world premiere conducted by Mariusz Smolij will be available in early 2011. Accompanying pieces are to be "Notturno Ungherese," and "Overture to a Symphony Concert"

CD release. A CD of music inspired by the Romans was released in September. Included in the tracks Are selections from Quo Vadis and Ben-Hur as well as music from various composers of familiar epic film themes mixed with interpretations of the sound of Roman music on recreated Roman instruments. Sound samples of these instruments can be heard on Composers represented include Miklos Rozsa, Alex North, Hans Zimmer, Michael J Lewis, Dimitri Tiomkin. Click icon for more details.

Online box notes
Major Rózsa release. FSM presents the Miklós Rózsa Treasury (1949-1968),a 15CD set celebrating one of the giants of film music. In this single package FSM makes available virtually every surviving, as-yet-unreleased note from the composer's fertile and productive association with M-G-M.
       At the core of the set are the first-ever complete releases of Madame Bovary and Quo Vadis (reconstructed with sound effects in some cues), two of the most sought-after titles in the composer's filmography. Scores that have previously circulated in pirate editions-Young Bess, The Story of Three Loves and All the Brothers Were Valiant-are included with professional mastering and comprehensive bonus tracks. There are also complete (or near-complete) scores that have never appeared in any prior format, such as The Light Touch, Crisis, The Asphalt Jungle, Tip on a Dead Jockey, Something of Value and Crest of the Wave, plus surviving cues from The Red Danube, The Miniver Story and East Side, West Side. All this-and more: the U.K. recording of Knights of the Round Table is included for the first time complete (an abridged version was released by Varčse Sarabande), and Rózsa's (uncredited) contribution to Beau Brummell is presented alongside the full original score by Richard Addinsell.
       Extensive bonus tracks throughout the set shed light on both the filmmaking and composing processes, allowing fans to see how certain ideas were developed and changed over time.
       The Treasury "closes the book" on previous FSM releases Knights of the Round Table and Lust for Life with additional bonus tracks; and also includes bonus tracks from King of Kings and Ivanhoe for which there was not room on their earlier Rhino editions.
       This amazing set also makes available several score re-recordings conducted by Rózsa himself, including El Cid, The V.I.P.s and the first genuine stereo CD release of King of Kings. And for the first time ever on CD, listeners can hear the "greatest hits" album Rózsa recorded for MGM Records in 1963: Great Movie Themes Composed by Miklós Rózsa.
       Crowning this magnificent achievement is the premiere release of the complete score to The Power-previously available only in abridged form, now with extensive bonus tracks and mastered for the first time from the (newly discovered) original 35mm scoring masters.
       The three clamshell cases come in a deluxe box with a 48-page booklet containing a short essay and complete track listings. Online you will find free extensive notes in the finest FSM tradition by FSM regulars Lukas Kendall and Al Kaplan, plus Rózsa Society members Frank K. DeWald and John Fitzpatrick. There are also original LP notes and a few surprises.
       This is a set to be loved and cherished by Rozsaphiles past, present and future. With only 2,000 being pressed, it is sure to become a collector's item.
       The much publicised Rózsa box set awaited from FSM has been supplemented with a series of sound samples placed on Youtube.
Sample 1... Sample 2... Sample 3... Sample 4

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Biblical Epics book reprint. Biblical Epics:Sacred Narrative in the Hollywood Cinema, by Bruce Francis Babington and Peter William Evans has recently been reprinted. A frequently quoted book on bible films it is one of the first books (1993) to really delve deeply into films based on the Bible. The 256 page paperback issue, although downloadable from Google books, has been out of print for many years. As would be expected the authors include the Rózsa scored films Quo Vadis, Ben-Hur and King of Kings in the extensive array of biblical epics represented. Paperback: 256 pages. Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers (Jun 2009). Language English. ISBN: 978-1606088159. Downloadable sample

The Rózsa discography continues to grow with yet another addition, this time from Sweden on the Courthouse music label. The String Quartet No 2, Op. 38, a 21 minute piece from 1981, receives the treatment from the Weber Quartet as part of a CD titled 'Legacy of the Hollywood composers'. cmcd017. Other works on the recording are concert works from Korngold and Rota.    "On this CD we celebrate three of the most influential film composers of all time, Korngold, Rota and Rozsa (they won 6 Academy awards among them). And we want to do it by presenting a glance of their remarkable work outside the film industry, in maybe the most strenuous field of ensemble forms - the String Quartet. Korngold’s String Quartet No. 2, E flat major gives us a scent of a not yet troubled, young, but already matured, composer and provides a pre WW II fragrant never to be obtained again. String Quartet, op. 38 from 1981 is definitely one of Rozsa’s finest concert works and beautifully performed by the Weber Quartet. Finally we are proud to present Nino Rota’s Invenzioni per quartetto d’archi, an early work by the composer who scored the Godfather, that for some reason never has been recorded before".    More details from the Quartet's site, click on the icon to hear music samples.

A new page has been created for the inclusion of interviews with Miklós Rózsa over his long career. Alan Hamer has kindly made available some in his possession which along with those already on the audio page of this site made it feasible to allot a special page to this important aspect of Rózsa's two tiered composing career. Not surprisingly, many interviews come back to the 'double life' aspect which he often himself deliberated on. Some were recorded directly from radio or television by members in the past with basic equipment so the sound quality varies extensively. We would very much like to add to this colection. Any addition would be most welcome. 11/09

A new CD from guitarist Gregg Nestor marks the 101st Rózsa listing in Frank De Wald's concert music discography. The CD reprises the Opus 19 Kaleidoscope for guitar on Cambria along with two-guitar arrangements by Gregg Nestor of works by Debussy, Poulenc, Turina, Beaulieu and Deak. Earlier CDs within the last year have included Rozsa's Sonata for guitar and Suite in the olden style plus various film work adaptions for the guitar as listed futher down the page.11/09

Violin Concerto release. On 28th Sept violinist Matthew Trusler released a CD of the Rózsa violin concerto on his own label, Orchid Classics which is distributed by Naxos. It is also available for downloading from his site. The CD is made up of pieces made popular by Jascha Heifetz and indeed Trusler uses one of Heifetz original bows. The Orchestra is The Dusseldorf Symphony orchestra with Yasuo Shinozaki international conductor of major orchestras in the UK, Europe and Asia. Music sample available here and for download links by clicking on the icon.

Major Rózsa release. After an announcement on the Filmscore monthly site and a period of speculation, details have been given of a 15 CD box set of Miklós Rózsa and associated scores. The contents have been revealed and are viewable online. (click icon). A number of short scores and surviving cues will be dealt with along with outstanding unreleased scores and rerecordings from MGM. Subject to final Confirmation from FSM, the Rózsa at M-G-M box set consists of..... Madame Bovary; The Red Danube; The Miniver Story; The Asphalt Jungle; East Side, West Side; The Light Touch; Quo Vadis (music & effects); Quo Vadis (archival music); The Story of Three Loves; Young Bess; All the Brothers Were Valiant; Knights of the Round Table; Crest of the Wave; Beau Brummell; Something of Value; Crisis; Tip on a Dead Jockey; Library Re-recordings; King of Kings (FSM); King of Kings; El Cid; Ivanhoe; Lust for Life; The V.I.P.s; Great Movie Themes; The Power; FSM has placed the Box set notes online. 10/09

The El Cid film score will now be available from Silva Screen from November 2nd. Originally released by Tadlow Music last year as a three disc set it will now be available in a two disc format worldwide. Tadlow has earlier indicated the possibility of releasing a two disc version but now seems to have opted for another label to issue the 140 minute score to a wider market. Liner notes will be downloadable from their website. The original Tadlow 3CD collectors edition will be available from Tadlow until stocks run out. 9/09

Just recorded for Naxos in Budapest from September 11 - 14, 2009 with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mariusz Smolij.
M. Rozsa - Overture to a Symphony Concert
M. Rozsa - Rhapsody for Cello & Orchestra
M. Rozsa - Hungarian Nocturne
The 3 Hungarian Sketches (recorded with the already released Viola Concerto and Hungarian Serenade in November 2007) will also form part of the proposed CD to be released late 2010 or early 2011.

Conductor Erich Kunzel has died aged 74. Known by Rozsa enthusiasts mainly for his recording of the Choral suites and his regular recording of film music cues (most recently El Cid and Spellbound) with the Cincinnati pops orchestra. His passing will be felt in the music world. More information.

Organiser Jordi Borras has reported that the series of Rózsa chamber concerts being held in the Spanish Catalunya province in the months of August and September have got off to a good start. Surprise was a request by the local culture council member to hurridly organise a concert for August 1st which included the Rozsa solo piano works. The August 6th concert in Alcover was attended by a Government representative, the Mayor and the Cultural councillor. Center piece is the Viola Concerto along with piano clarinet and flute works with the Five songs to premiere in September. Concert dates, August 6th, Alcover..... August 15, Pratdip.....August 16th , El Masroig.....August 23rd, Montbrió del Camp..... August 24th, L'Arboç.....September 10th, Aldover.....September 11th. Sant Jaume dels Domenys (May incl the Five songs)..... September 12th, El Pla de Santa Maria..... September 26th, Santa Coloma de Queralt..... September 27, Sarral. More details on the Concerts page. 08/09

Two Rozsa interviews carried out in BBC programmes have been added to the Audio pages. The interviews from 1973 and 1984 were made available by Alan Hamer who recorded them directly from the television and radio scources at the time of broadcast. Consequently the older recording has an archival sound quality but nevertheless presents a unique chance to listen to an otherwise unpreserved interview. 08/09

DVD Release. Miklós Rózsa scored film 'That Hamilton Woman' from 1941 issued on various labels over the years (see DVDography) will be released on September 8, 2009 as part of the Criterion collection. Extras on the DVD do not appear to delve into the music side of the film. Available on preorder. 08/09

Intrada records has released the full soundtrack to the 1979 Rózsa scored Hitchcock film, 'Last Embrace'. The pre epic noir style music was previously only partially available as a short rerecording. Although in good mono sound it gives Rózsa's film music followers their first opportunity to hear the complete score running close to an hour. The stereo elements appear to no longer exist. Intrada states that the issue is limited to 2000 copies half of which, according to a report on their site, had sold within the first hours. For track listing and sound samples click icon. 07/09

An addition has been made to the growing information pages of the website. It gives details of the works and lists performers and groups that have Miklós Rózsa works in their repertoire as well as site or contact details of these artists. Some well known and other professionals are available for concert performances of their respective listed pieces. View the Contacts or Works links.07/09

The Rhino 2 CD Ben-Hur soundtrack which was out of print is being offered again in what appears to be a reissue. has it in stock for $23.

From Sara Davis Buechner; In November I will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of my New York debut with a solo recital at Merkin Hall in Manhattan. This recital will be recorded on DVD and CD, and will include repertoire highlights of my career -- music of Bach-Busoni, Mozart, Gershwin, Miklós Rózsa, Japanese composers and even a few transcriptions of my own. Please join me for this special occasion! Details

CD Release.07/2009. Guitar Music CD including Rózsa's 'Suite In The Olden Style'. Shipping on July 2nd. The first 100 copies will be autographed by Gregg Nestor. "You Must Remember This Too." Classic Film Music arranged For Guitar. Performed by Gregg Nestor, William Kanengiser With Jessica Pierce, Flute. Francisco Castillo, Oboe. Kevan Torfeh, Cello. David McKelvy, Harmonica. Anna Bartos, Soprano. Track listing and sound samples

El Cid on Blu-ray in Germany May 2009. German studio Spirit Media has announced the Blu-ray release of two remarkable historical epic films: 'El Cid' and 'The Fall of the Roman Empire', with a release date of August 21. Both films will feature 1080p VC-1 video and DTS-HD Master Audio tracks for both English and German. Each will contain nearly two hours of bonus features. They are distributed by Koch Media, which usually hasn't applied region locking to its titles so far. In the USA, The Weinstein Company holds the rights to both films. Extras for 'El Cid' include: Three original trailers Picture gallery Hollywood Conquers Spain: 'El Cid' A Visionary Producer in Hollywood: Samuel Bronston Miklós Rózsa, Master of Film Music The Preservation of a Legend: Gerry Burne on the Restoration of a Classic 11 filmographies

Rózsa DVD release May 09 Warners Archive have released the Rózsa scored movie 'All The Brothers Were Valiant' on DVD. This previously unavailable title runs for 95 min. There is no indication yet of quality. The soundtrack was released a number of years ago by Prometheus in Belgium. More details

Chandos has signed up violinist Jennifer Pike , a former BBC Young Musician of the Year and current BBC New Generation Artist, who will have an initial release for Chandos featuring the Violin Concerto and Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song, to be recorded in the summer of 2009 as well as Cellist/conductor Paul Watkins who will feature Rózsa’s Cello Concerto on his forthcoming disc for the label. Both discs will feature the BBC Philharmonic conducted by Rumon Gamba. details

Pro Musica Sana 65. The Spring issue of the society journal has been mailed. This issue looks at the major Rózsa events of the last year and carries on the extensive study of the Ben-Hur score in part 4 of a five part series. Subscription to the journal ensures automatic membership to The Rózsa Society for the duration of four issues. (Details under the Pro Musica Sana link)

Pianist Panayotis Archontides has been invited to present a lecture-recital on Miklos Rozsa at the World Piano Conference, May 4, 2009 (Serbia, Novi Sad). Mr. Archontides will be performing the Bagatelles op.12 and the Sonata op.20. The conference is organized by EPTA- Serbia.

A series of all Rózsa chamber concerts in the european summer-autumn period of 2009 promise to be a major event of the year. The concerts in Catalunya (Spain) will Start on August 6th and finish on September 27th with the possibility of being extended until the end of the year and into 2010.
Main program:
Six Bagatellen (Kiev Portella, Piano)
Sonate For Flute Solo (Nelia Sanxis, Flute)
Viola Concerto (piano-viola version) (Kiev Portella, Piano. Daniel Sanxis, Viola)
Alternate program:
Sonata for piano (Kiev Portella, Piano)
Sonate For Clarinet Solo (Carles Pertegaz, Clarinet Solo)
Viola Concerto (piano-viola version) (Kiev Portella, Piano; Daniel Sanxis, Viola)
Concerts will alternate between the programs. It is expected almost all of the concerts will be free, due to it being a non profit enterprise. Local public councils and administrations of towns and villages where the concerts are programmed, support the venture. Most concerts are within 100 miles of Reus, an airport to which Ryanair flies. For more details and information, please contact Jordi Borrŕs Gelonch, Assistant Patron and Manager. C/ Sant Vicens 7 2n. 43392 Castellvell del Camp. (Tarragona) Spain.
+34630742613 . mail contacts:;;

Quo Vadis has had its Blue Ray release in late March. Coming shortly after it's initial DVD release the early epic scored by Rózsa was one of his landmark scores setting the tone for future huge scores such as Ben-Hur. Reviewed here.

UCLA Film & Television Archive are holding a 'Festival of Preservation' through till April 26 in California in the Billy Wilder Theater at the Hammer Museum, 10899 Wilshire Blvd., Westwood. Includes Rozsa scored film "Secret Beyond the Door" on April 4th. View Details and complete programme here.

Feb 23. Guitarist, Gregg Nestor has made available details of his upcoming CD which has just been recorded. Performers are Jessica Pierce, flute. Francisco Castillo, oboe /english horn. Kevan Torfeh, cello. Anna Bartos, soprano. David McKelvy, harmonica. arranged and produced by Gregg Nestor. Miklós Rózsa's Suite in the Olden Style, derived from his film scores, takes up tracks 6 - 12.
1. It's A Mad, Mad ,Mad, Mad World 2:30 Ernest Gold
2. Overture:All About Eve 2:00 Alfred Newman
3. Wuthering Heights 2:32 Alfred Newman
4. Down To The Sea In Ships 2:17 Alfred Newman
5. My Love And I 3:48 Erich Korngold
Suite in the Olden Style
6. Passapied de Valdebessard('M.Bovary')3:13 Miklós Rózsa
7. Bourrée ('Moonfleet') 2:27 Miklós Rózsa
8. Duchess of Brighton('The V.I,P'S') Miklós Rózsa
9 .Pavanne ('Diane') Miklós Rózsa
10.Gaillarde ('Diane') Miklós Rózsa
11.Love Song ('Diane') Miklós Rózsa
12.Prince of Wales ('Young Bess') 2:51 Miklós Rózsa
13.Suite: Psycho 4:51 Bernard Herrmann
14.Suite: Watership Down 5:10 Angela Morley
15.Music Of the Night ('I Confess') 2:42 Dimitri Tiomkin
16.Friendly Persuasion 3:26 Dimitri Tiomkin
17.Suite:A President's Country 10:04 Dimitri Tiomkin
Track 5 solo guitar (Gregg Nestor)
Track 6- 12 with flute, oboe/english horn, cello, guitar
Track 15 with soprano (Anna Bartos)
Track 17 with harmonica (David McKelvy)
Total Time = (approx 65 minutes)

The International Film Music Critics Association announced its annual awards on Feb 18 2009. The recent recording of Miklós Rózsa's acclaimed score for El Cid produced by James Fitzpatrick of the Tadlow label has been awarded the 'Best rerecording of an existing score'. Awards details
The annual Sammy Awards announced earlier on the American Film music preservation site for recorded film music have also included an award for the Tadlow 'El Cid' rerecording of 2008 as the "Best Silver Age Film Score". James Fitzpatrick being named 'Best album producer' for, amongst others, El Cid and The Private life of Sherlock Holmes. View full details of all Awards at the American Music Preservation site.

Guitarist, Gregg Nestor, who's recent CD recording of 'The Miklós Rózsa collection - Music for Guitar' has been well received by Rózsa music lovers has announced that he will be recording the "Suite in the Olden Style"- a collection of dances from costume pics of Miklós Rózsa in a version for flute, oboe/english horn, cello and guitar (replacing the harp), based on Christopher Palmer's adaptation under the composer's supervision. The recording will take place on Feb. 20th and will be available soon in a new collection of adaptations of classic film scores for two guitars, and as a followup to the "Miklós Rózsa Music for Guitar" ( see below). In contrast to the earlier CD , the new recording will contain music by various composers.

CD Release. Jan 29 2009. Time after Time, one of the last Rózsa scored films, has received a full soundtrack release from FSM. Although previously available as a rerecording this is the first time the actual soundtrack music has appeared on CD. Click icon for details and sound samples.   Follow the Forum discussion.    Reviewed here

The USA Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra, celebrating their 60th Anniversary Season, will present two extra concerts which include Rózsa's Spellbound Concerto, outside of their normal performance schedule, on Friday morning February 20th when they will be bringing in over 1400 area 4th grade students for two, free Educational performances. "The kids love these concerts and last time, we received over 1400 hand-made thank you cards" says Jodi Engum Kryshak, Executive Director of the orchestra. The concerts for the general public take place on 21 & 22 Feb.

CD Release. Jan 2009. Prometheus have released the Rózsa fantasy score to 'The Golden Voyage of Sinbad' in a more complete form than was previously available. This release contains music taken from better stereo scources than the original LP mastered release a few years back and in addition Prometheus have expanded the tracks to a second CD including the full available score from mono scources. The liner notes are by Doug Raynes who describes the mono as excellent quality. The Pro Musica Sana archive accessible from the homepage includes an article by Miklós Rózsa on this score as well as views and comment on the score at the time. (PMS 9 & 10.)

CD Release. Dec 1 2008. New Naxos Rózsa disc with the Budapest Concert Orchestra conducted by Mariusz Smolij. Works included in this recording are Hungarian Serenade and The Viola Concerto with violist Gilad Karni. The Rózsa compositions were recorded a year ago between November 5th and 10th 2007. Naxos . Smolij and Karni teamed up again last month for a concert performance in Louisiana on 8th November.

World premiere recording Mariusz Smolij has advised that his recording of "3 Hungarian Sketches" (recorded with the already released Viola Concerto and Hungarian Serenade in November 2007) will be available on CD in late 2010 or early 2011 . Accompanying pieces will be recorded in Budapest this coming September: "Notturno Ungherese," "Overture to a Symphony Concert" and the world premiere recording of the orchestral version of the "Cello Rhapsody, Op. 3" with Mark Kosower (whose outstanding performance of the "Toccata capricciosa" has already been released on the same label). The orchestra will again be the Budapest Concert Orchestra MAV. Details

PMS Archive opens John Fitzpatrick, responsible since its inception, has decided to make available out of print back issues of Pro Musica Sana for online viewing. The first year issues from 1972 consisting of PMS 1 to PMS 4 have been reproduced in PDF format for society members and interested partys. The old issues contain a wealth of information about events and releases as well as projecting the excited anticipation at the time of prospective new Rózsa scores and compositions. The Archive and introduction by John Fitzpatrick can be accessed from the Pro Musica Sana link on the homepage. Jan 9 2009.

Feb 2009 CD Release. Divine Art Record Company announced a new CD release, American Piano Sonatas with Peter Seivewright (piano) scheduled for February 2009 featuring Piano Sonatas by Elliott Carter, Miklós Rózsa and Edward MacDowell. Recorded in the Centenary year to celebrate the 100th Anniversaries of Carter and Rózsa. Divine Art Record Company webstore:   Audio sample

DVD Discography. Dec 2008. In addition to the Concert music and Film music discographies, the site now also has added a DVD discography compiled by Doug Raynes. The DVD era has seen an ever increasing number of major and minor releases of Rózsa scored films throughout the world and in a number of cases multiple releases of the same title. Thanks to Doug an ordered overview is now possible on the DVD discography which brings them together in one document along with the cover image.

Naxos CD Release. Two short Rózsa pieces are included in a 2CD set released by Naxos. 'Discover Film Music' is issued as part of a series of CDs to introduce listeners to different forms of music and comes with a comprehensive booklet. The short Spellbound Concerto (3.55) performed by the RTE Concert Orchestra and the Prelude from Ben-Hur (3.41) are the Rózsa contributions to this CD set of 100 years of film music in 160 minutes. Details

CD Release.11/2008. Rozsa Guitar Music CD. Limited initial pressing of 1000 copies. Announced for release this month. "The Miklós Rózsa Collection-Music for Guitar". This CD features the original recording of the Sonata for Guitar (rec. by Gregg Nestor, to whom the Sonata is dedicated), and concert and film works for two guitars, including "Kaleidoscope", "El Cid","Lady Hamilton" and much more. Track listing, details and samples

World concert premiere Michael Hurshell, Neue Jüdische Kammer philharmonie. Dresden, Germany, World concert premiere of Rózsa’s 'Andante for String Orchestra op.22a', at their concert series in Saxony. The arrangement, made by the composer and Mr. Palmer for CD recording in the 90’s, had apparently never been performed in concert. to date. Mr Hurshell "I am of course delighted by the privilege of presenting the work to live audiences for the first time." The performances took place on November 10, 11, 12, 2008,    Orchestra site

The president of the Miklós Rózsa Society, John Fitzpatrick has announced that the original publisher of the Rózsa autobiography 'A Double Life' has unearthed a substantial stock of the original paperback issue. These are being offered for sale. Details of the announcement are posted on the Forum.

CD Release Oct 28 2008 Two pieces composed by Miklós Rózsa from Spellbond and El Cid feature in a new release by the Cincinnati Pops under Erich Kunzel. The recordings were realised on February 4th when recording sessions took place for a Telarc CD of "vintage" filmmusic. Charles Richard Lester was the soloist on the Theremin playing in a seven minute suite from Spellbound with El Cid being the other Rozsa composition. As well as the Rozsa, the CD contains music by Korngold, Waxman (two selections), Herrmann, Steiner, Copland, North, Elmer Bernstein and Leonard Bernstein. Details

CD Release Sept 2008 Alan Hamer, The European Rózsa Society representative, reported early in the year that recordings had been completed for a new Chandos Rózsa recording by the Manchester based BBC Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Rumon Gamba. (Mr Gamba, "I thought it would be interesting to look at a very well-known film composer and profile his concert works, which have perhaps been overshadowed by his big-screen successes. The orchestral music of Miklós Rózsa is extremely exciting, passionate and intoxicating, and deserves to be better known".) The recordings at Studio 1 - Manchester - United Kingdom included the Overture to a Symphony Concert; 3 Hungarian Sketches; Tripartita and the Hungarian Serenade. The resulting CD release is set for 29 Sept 2008. CD number CHAN 10488. A second edition is scheduled for recording in June next year; works for inclusion not yet decided. Forum discussion    Online Review

Released September 1st 2008. With the first pressing of CDs of the new EL CID recording from Tadlow music reported as being sold out, a new run is planned although the tracks are now being sold for direct download from specialised sites on internet. Miklós Rózsa's "watershed" score is presented in its complete form with many previously unreleased segments, variations and some new themes as well as alternate versions. The recording sessions were completed in Prague in March 2008 for the 3 CD set. CD 1 and CD 2 comprise 150.32 minutes being the entire score. CD 3: with alternative versions and/or orchestrations of 7 EL CID cues has 8 Music tracks 32:21 which includes the Double Indemnity Suite of 8:37 min, plus 4 music videos of around 15 minutes and an interview with the conductor and producer running for about 11 minutes. Close miking has ensured excellent up front sound and clarity for this eagerly awaited release. Some 70 minutes of music, reconstructed by Pat Russ, was actually recorded in September 2007 with Nic Raine conducting. The remaining 70 minutes were reconstructed by Nic Raine for the recordings completed in March. The whole project was financed and produced by James Fitzpatrick who has heaped praise on the orchestra saying he had never heard them playing better and felt that no other orchestra in the world could show that commitment, believing they tried that much harder for him, "Plus all the musicians absolutely adore the music of Rozsa". A report of the recording sessions by Doug Raynes can be found by clicking on the 'El Cid in Prague' icon.   Earlier Mr Fitzpatrick indicated that the reconstructed score will probably be made available through Schirmers once recordings have been completed.    Rozsa Forum discussion     Musical samples     El Cid recording sessions video

CD Release. Released August 18 2008. The World Of Sabu. acmem 151cd. Originally on 78rpm records, the 'Sabu' narrated suite for the 'Jungle Book' (which had the distinction of being the first commercial recording of a U.S. film score to be released) and 'Thief of Bagdad' from films dating back to the 1930s. Archival sound quality. Sabu narrates the Jungle book to Rozsa’s music. Although otherwise noted, it is thought to be the Leo Genn narration for the Thief of Bagdad section. Both recordings by the Victor Symphony Orchestra and the Frankenland State Symphony Orchestra were conducted by Rózsa. In 2009 The Niagra Symphony Orchestra in Canada will be performing The Jungle Book narrated suite.

CD Release. October 2008 CD premier release of PROFESSOR THEREMIN'S AMAZING ETHERWAVE MARVEL! by Didgeridoo Records [Australia] and Hot Records [UK]. Archival recordings to include Miklós Rózsa: Suite for Theremin and Orchestra from the Film SPELLBOUND (1945). Prelude (3:05), Subconscious (3:04), Love Themes, Part 1 (3:15), Love Themes, Part 2 (3:13), Scherzo (3.05), Terror on the Ski Run (3:07), Dementia (2:59). Miklós Rózsa conducts the Hollywood Studio Orchestra. Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman, theremin    and THE RED HOUSE (1947) Screams in the Night (2:44). Miklós Rózsa conducting.

CD Release. Kodály - Ligeti - Rózsa. Performer: Niklas Eppinger. Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967) Sonata for Cello solo Op. 8.   capriccio for Violoncello solo.    György Ligeti (1923-1953). Sonata for Violoncello solo.   (1948-1953).    Miklós Rózsa (1907-1995). Toccata capricciosa for cello. OP 36.    Catalog Number: AUL66158 Label: Aulos MusiKado.

CD Release. Original Works for Theremin - Miklós Rózsa: Spellbound; Shore, Grainger, etc / Lydia Kavina. Released June 24th 08.   As a follow-up to her first CD of original theremin works, 'Music from the Ether', Lydia Kavina returns with first recordings of major works for theremin and ensemble. This release contains the first recording of Miklós Rózsa's chamber version of music from the Hitchcock film 'Spellbound' as well as 3 premiere recordings of works by Howard Shore, Olga Neuwirth and Christian Wolff. Opening with Howard Shore's Suite from Ed Wood (premiere recording), Lydia Kavina entrances us into an amazing musical journey in her new album "Spellbound!" on Mode Records. Described as one of the broadest theremin albums around, includes extensive program notes by Theremin scholar Olivia Mattis which adds a lot to the CD and offers insights into Theremin and the five composers. The CD is enhanced for use in a computer with a video of interviews with Lydia, the composers, and shots of the sessions from the making of the album.

CD Release. Classic Film Scores Of Miklós Rózsa. The 1991 release of the Classic film music series by Conductor Charles Gerhardt has finally found its way onto CD. Hailed at the time as a breakthrough for film music rerecording and considered by many to be setting a standard difficult to surpass, the series made available music not available at the time. Now Arkiv music has anounced the reissue of the compete series of recordings. The other CDs containing Rozsa tracks are Spectacular World Of Classic Film Scores and Classic scores for Humphry Bogart (Sahara). Performances described as "stupendously vivid, the sonics brilliant and lush". Arkiv also supplies audio samples. Series details

CD Release. Worth noting is a fairly recent release that has come to our notice. Sonata for Solo Flute, Op 39. Label: Equilibrium EQ82. (also inlcudes solo flute works by Hindemith, Dohnanyi and Karg-Elert) Artist: Amy Porter, flute. Amy is Professor of Flute at the University of Michigan . Frank DeWald, Rózsa society member and reviewer of numerous CDs in Pro Musica Sana, describes it as an "excellent performance". In another review by The British Flute Magazine, "There is a certain fascination in composing (and performing) works for unaccompanied flute. A particular skill is needed in order to sustain interest through a single line. Some fine and interesting works have been produced by numerous twentieth- century composers, especially, of whom four are represented here. The Sonata per Flauto Solo (1983) by Rózsa consists of three well-contrasted movements, with a great clarity of line, far from the romantic themes (and lush textures) of the familiar film scores. Amy Porter's skill enables her to express passion, whimsy, simplicity and many other moods with apparent ease, giving a sense of total involvement. Anybody studying any of these works would do well to listen to this recording. Anybody not studying them will enjoy hearing someone else do all the hard work; and this disc demonstrates impressively how enjoyable our single-instrument can be."   Christopher Steward, September 2007. Pan; The Flute Magazine of the British Flute Society

Recent release. Hungarian Music for Cello and Piano. Released 30th June 08, this budget price Naxos CD of Hungarian composers contains Miklós Rózsa's Toccata capricciosa for solo cello op.36,written for Gregor Piatigorsky in 1976, along with Rhapsody No.1 Sz86 (Bartok). Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth S382 - The Nonnenwerth Cloisters (Liszt). Mazurka op.11 No.3 (David Popper). Adagio (Kodaly). Ruralia Hungarica op.32d (Dohnanyi). Serenade op.54 No.2 (Popper). Sonata in B flat minor op.8 (Dohnanyi). ARTISTS: Mark Kosower Jee-Won Oh. Details and audio sample.

Leonard Pennario for whom Miklós Rózsa composed a Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (LP Pantheon : FSM53901: Piano Concerto Op. 31,) and a Piano Sonata (Contemporary Piano Sonatas : Capitol : P8376: ) has died at the age of 83. Mr Pennario also performed and recorded the Spellbound Concerto (dedicated to him and arranged by Rózsa) with the Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra on an LP titled 'Rhapsody Under the Stars' which was conducted by Rózsa. (Capitol : SP8-8494: also on Angel : S-36062):    Pennario CDs with Rózsa works include:    Piano Sonata in A minor, Op 20. MSR Classics, CD1188-3:        Cambria recordings still available 'Chamber music of Miklós Rózsa,'comprising Duo for violin and piano Op. 7    String Trio Op. 1    Quintet for Piano and Strings Op. 2.   Cambria CD-1034.    Also a Waltz Suite; Twilight Waltz, Boat House Waltz, Time Machine Waltz, on Cambria CD-1093     Details

Recent Criterion DVD release. The Thief of Bagdad is notable because it was the score that Miklós Rózsa was composing when the whole production was moved to the USA during the war years. The composer stayed on in Hollywood and settled into a long career of successful composing for films and his classical works. This DVD has the distinction of having two Rózsa extra features. Firstly the 'music and effects track' described as having very few sound effects or being subdued and including alternate takes. Untill a new recording of the score is realized this could be the best alternative. Secondly there are excerpts from a 1976 radio interview with Miklós Rózsa.Follow the FSM discussion.

New Recording Ohio University has announced the 2008 Baker fund award recipients. Included is a $12000 award for a project to record a CD of rarely heard works by 20th century composer Miklós Rózsa, a project Michael Carrera, Marjorie Bagley and Steven Huang are undertaking in the School of Music. "Any time we want to do a recording project, it becomes very expensive," Huang said. "With this Baker grant, we are able to complete the project in Eastern Europe." More details   Says Mr Frank DeWald from the Rozsa Society,"I have been able to confirm that the disc will include the Sinfonia Concertante (its 6th recording!), the solo violin sonata and, possibly, the Piano Quintet. The Sinfonia has already been recorded with soloists Bagley and Carrera accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra of Moldova conducted by Huang. The other work(s) will be recorded during the coming academic year. No label has yet been confirmed."

Rózsa papers Miklós Rózsa donated a portion of his personal papers to Syracuse University in 1964 and the Estate has made a number of subesquent deposits. Following the Estate's latest deposit in 2005, inspired by the centennial year of 2007, and taking advantage of several skilled researchers and the new electronic media, the Library has created an inventory of the Rozsa Papers This splendid collection has been somewhat underutilized in the past and for years the growing collection lacked a proper catalog. Dr. Rozsa always wanted this material to be available to the public. Now his wish is a reality. The Bird Library (formerly the George Arents Research Library) with the very helpful staff there welcomes interested parties to Syracuse and offers a limited degree of research assistance to remote users via e-mail.    The Miklós Rózsa Papers

Successful Rózsa Festival A Rózsa music festival was held in Belgrade, Serbia fom 16th till 19th May. The music event highlight was a major concert on 17th May which consisted of classical and film music with three Concertos. Also lectures (incl John Fitzpatrick, The Miklós Rózsa Society President) an exhibition and a series of Rózsa scored films in the days leading up to and following the concert. Rózsa works included the Violin Concerto, performed by Robert Bokor. Viola Concerto, performed by Gilad Karni. Sinfonia Concertante, performed by Raphael Wallfisch (cello) and Ilya Gringolts (violin). Overture to a Symphony Concert all with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Yair Samet and as an encore, The Parade of the Charioteers from Ben-Hur. Festival site details Comments and opinions of the festival can be read at the forum Festival page. Also online photos taken during the festival.

Pro Musica Sana, The Miklós Rózsa society magazine has been printed and mailed. This new edition of PMS contains reports of the centenary concerts and events plus reviews of the new Naxos recordings. Pro Musica Sana is available by subscription which automatically ensures membership to the Miklós Rózsa Society. Back issues also available.

CD Release. US buyers only. ROZSA CONDUCTS ROZSA. Miklos Rozsa conducts the Vienna State Opera Orchestra, with Denes Zsigmondy, violin: Concerto for String Orchestra op 17. Kaleidoscope op 19a. Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song op 4. Miklós Rózsa conducts the Symphony of Rome: Notturno Ungherese op 28. Salome's Dance.(extended) Limited edition. ReDiscovery Stereo RD 134 - 58:27 - $15    Details and Audio samples

Rózsa Film Festival The Castro Theatre in San Francisco held a festival of Rózsa scored films over the Christmas /New year holiday period. Organized by Steve Vertlieb who interviewed the composer's daughter, Juliet Rozsa, read tributes and introduced some of the films. The Hungarian Embassy in the USA issued a proclamation to coincide with the festival honouring Miklós Rózsa for his contribution to film and classical music. A similar proclamation from the Mayor and city of San Francisco was read at a screening. Live performances of Rózsa's music were to have been presented on the restored theatre Organ leading up to some of the film screenings. Read a review, of proceedings.

Grammy nomination A disc devoted to concertos by Miklós Rózsa in performances by Anastasia Khitruk and the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dmitry Yablonsky (Naxos American Classics) was nominated in the category of Best Instrumental Soloist(s) Performance (with Orchestra). In March 2007 Violinist Anastasia Khitruk recorded the Concerto for Violin & Orchestra, op. 24 (1953) along with the Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Cello & Orchestra, op. 29 (1966) in Moscow for Naxos. Naxos site announcement. It was released in September, 2007. The cello soloist is Andrey Tchekmazov. The CD was nominated for a Grammy Award under Category 102 and is available online for around $8.  Reviews

Centennial A rather underpublicised event in Santa Margherita, the seaside hideaway in Italy where Rózsa composed so much of his classical music, has turned out to represent one of the more noteworthy events of the centennial year. A two day festival was held on the 5th & 8th September in celebration of the Maestro's 100th birthday year. Peformances of Chamber music were the order of the day including the Sonata for Duo Violins op 15, Serenade for Strings Op 1 amongst others. News clipping / News clipping

New Recording November 5th till 10th saw the recording of a New Naxos Rózsa disc by the Budapest Concert Orchestra conducted by Mariusz Smolij. Works intended for inclusion in this recording are Hungarian Nocturne, Hungarian Serenade, Hungarian Sketches and The Viola Concerto with violist Gilad Karni. Naxos announcement.

Centennial An all Rózsa concert of chamber music organized by Ecran Sonore took place in Paris on November 16th in honour of the Centennial. The four concert pieces for Piano, Violin and Cello were performed at the Nadia and Lili Boulanger Conservatory.

CD Discography This major compilation by Doug Raynes has been added to the Miklós Rózsa society website giving an overview of CD releases and relationship to past LP releases, if any. The documents are in pdf format and give a description of the CD and track listings along with an image of the cover. A very useful guide for those seeking out Rózsa CDs. See Miklós Rózsa society Homepage     Quickview version

El Cid Recording The Following Announcement by Tadlow Music on Sept 10th 07. James Fitzpatrick, record producer and orchestral contractor for Tadlow Music Ltd, has announced today final plans for the first ever complete recording of the classic epic score by MIKLOS ROZSA for EL CID. This long cherished project has had a bit of a stop/start progress but now the project is proceeding with some haste. In fact, some 70 minutes of material is already “in the can”. This was recorded over the course of 4 sessions in September with the 94-piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nic Raine. Major cues recorded so far include “Overture”, “Prelude/Main Title”, “Entry of the Nobles”, “Coronation”, “Fight for Calahorra”, “The Road to Asturias/13 Knights”, “The Expedition”, “Wedding Night”,“The Barn – Love Scene”, “El Cid March”, “Battle of Valencia” “The Death of El Cid” and the “The Legend and Finale”. The rest of the score, some 70 minutes more, will be recorded in Spring of 2008 when final reconstruction and orchestration from Rozsa’s original sketches is completed by Nic Raine. After the orchestral sessions there will be some brass recording (to be confirmed) with the Cornets of the Central Band of the RAF as well as choir sessions with Crouch End Festival Chorus and organ recording in Peterborough Cathedral. Once the recording is completely finished the plan,as yet to be confirmed, is to release a Limited Edition 3 Disc Set. Discs 1 and 2 to be the Stereo masters, while disc 3 will be DVD formatted and feature the entire score in a full 5.1 cinema surround sound. Because of the scale of this project no recording date is as yet set but Autumn 2008 seems most likely. The team recording EL CID are the same team who recorded earlier this year the successful and highly-acclaimed THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES: Conductor Nic Raine, Sound Engineer Jan Holzner (recording at Smecky Studios in 24bit, 96Kzh High Definition Sound), Mixing Engineer: Gareth Williams, The City of Prague Philharmonic with Concert Master Lucie Svehlova, and Producer James Fitzpatrick. Associated FSM discussion.

Centennial Highlight of the weekend of August 17-19 was the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Rozsa tribute with screenings of Ivanhoe, The Thief of Bagdad, The Killers, and El Cid (an original IB Technicolor print) The series was to be introduced by Jon Burlingame, hosting a panel discussion including Bruce Broughton, Rudy Behlmer, and Juliet Rozsa. Details

Centennial At the International Film Music Conference held in Úbeda, Spain, from the 19th till 22cnd July, the programme opened with an hour long scheduled Miklós Rózsa tribute with Robert Towson & Joan Padrol as part of its first day.

CD Release From January 5 to 7, Philippe Quint and William Wolfram recorded works for violin and piano by Miklos Rozsa. Mr. Quint also recorded the composer's Sonata for Violin Solo. The sessions took place at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, with Norbert Kraft and Bonnie Silver in charge of production and engineering. Reports Philippe Quint: "I loved the Gould Hall and generally the whole atmosphere. I am expecting this to be a really great album -- the wonderful music may even be a discovery for the violin world, especially the solo sonata. Open link to this CD. The CD is available online for around $8 Recording sessions video

Centennial On Thursday 6th September as part of the West Norfolk Music Society Festival (England) which featured Rózsa's works in four concerts, Alan Hamer, European Society representative, gave an "Illustrated Talk" on the music of Miklós Rózsa in conversation with Andrew Knowles & the Society's Artistic Director Desmond Hayes-Lynge. It included interviews with the Composer as well as clips from his film scores & recorded excerpts of his music, especially those pieces to be performed throughout the Festival. Festival Site. See Performances page for Concert details.

Centennial The year of the centennial of Miklós Rózsa's birth has seen an upsurge of interest in his music with the production of both new recordings and performances around the world. Over sixty known performances of his works have either taken place during this year. While a number of these can undoubtedly be attributed to the centennial, a good reason to perform a Rózsa work, the carryon effect should ensure repeat performances to come. Soloists such as Robert McDuffie and Anastasia Khitruk are ensuring that Rózsa is being heard further abroad in concert as well as new recordings for Naxos. Further some major new recordings of Rózsa film scores have been released or are pending.

Pro Musica Sana, The Miklós Rózsa society magazine was issued in the Spring of 2007. This new and record sized centenary edition of PMS ( 44 pages) contains part 3 of Ralph Erkelenz's mammoth Ben-Hur Score analysis, taking it up to the Balthasar's world cue. Part 1 can be read elsewhere on this site. Frank K DeWald reviews new CD recordings of Miklós Rózsa's works. Furthermore there are listed concerts and recordings, both upcoming and recent. Part 4 will start with Ben-Hur's return to Jerusalem. The never recorded music for the dungeon scenes, the different versions of the lepers theme and the three versions of the Intermission music will be discussed, plus the two Entractes and the Circus music. All in the next issue of PMS. Available by subscription which automatically ensures membership to the Miklós Rózsa Society.

CD Release. SPELLBOUND : Intrada 7100 : Intrada announced a late May release for the new Spellbound recording. To be added to the celebrated Excalibur series, the recording is conducted by Allan Wilson and Performed by the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. In a joint effort between Intrada and Belcanto, the Spellbound Oscar winning score became a top priority for a full recording and it was compiled and restored by Rózsa expert Daniel Robbins. In late November 2006, the score was recorded in its entirety in Bratislava, Slovakia at the Slovak Radio Concert Hall under the baton of Allan Wilson and engineered by Peter Fuchs. For authenticity, an actual theremin was located in London and recorded at the Ridge Farm Studios in West Sussex. The theremin was performed by Celia Sheen. Alan Hamer, who attended the recording sessions gives an account in the following article, Spellbound in Bratislava. Intrada is making available Video clips of the recording process   and you can follow the resulting Forum Discussion. Label, Intrada 7100 : Date, 1945 : Tracks 21 : Time = 74:50 : Recorded Nov 2006

Centennial October 2007. For three days the famous German Cinerama cinema "Filmtheater Schauburg" in Karlsruhe, presents a dozen classic film epics in the king of all film formats: 70mm. BIG weekend BIG film format BIG screen. Includes “Ben Hur” (212 min) + intermission and “El Cid” (182 min) + intermission. Todd-AO 70mm-Festival site

CD Release. The new recording of The Private life of Sherlock Holmes  Tadlow 004 received its first official release on April 18th 2007 (Centennial date of Rozsa's birth) The City of Prague Philharmonic under the baton of Nic Raine recorded Miklós Rózsa’s complete score, parts of which are heard for the first time. Rózsa’s score which incorporated portions of his Violin Concerto has been received well with positive reactions flooding the discussion forums. Says James Fitzpatrick of the Tadlow label; "I believe that the orchestra responded to this score with more enthousiasm than any other piece of music I have recorded with them over the course of 20 years." Music audio samples

CD Release. American Piano Sonatas. divine art dda 25052. Peter Seivewright - (piano). To celebrate the 100th birthday of Elliott Carter in 2008, and what would have been Miklós Rózsa's 100th in 2007, this Cd will contain each composer's Piano Sonata, together with Macdowell's Fourth Sonata and the "Three-Page Sonata" by Charles Ives. Release Summer 2008. Link

CD Release. Miklos Rozsa   A Centenary Celebration. Varese Catalog #: 302 066 810 2.
Release Date: 17 April 2007 Conducted by Miklós Rózsa • Elmer Bernstein • Joel McNeely • Cliff Eidelman. 3 CD set includes: Spellbound Concerto • Ben-Hur • El Cid • King of Kings • The Lost Weekend - Quo Vadis • Dead men dont wear plaid • Eye of the needle • Jungle book - Julius Caesar • That Hamilton woman • The story of three loves • Fedora - The strange love of Martha Ivers • Tribute to a bad man - The private life of Sherlock Holmes • Last Embrace • Because of him - The world, The flesh and the devil • The thief of Bagdad • Plymouth Adventure - The New England Concerto. The CDs have received a mixed reception with comment about the unsuitability of the quality of some of the included performances in a centenary issue. Nevertheless it gives a good overview of the body of Miklós Rózsa’s film music. Listen to clips of this CD.

CD Release.   Sodom and Gomorrah CDDM074. 100th Anniversary double CD Edition. The 111.38 minute score was licensed for release from C.A.M. 1000 units only in the first issue from the Stereo session tapes. Sparse notes and a track listing in Italian. The first issue on CD of the Legend LP set with a few added bonus chants discovered on the session tapes. Listen to clips of this score.

CD Release. The Jungle Book. FMS re-releases 300 copies in celebration of the composer's centennial. A bonus track includes an excerpt of a rare interview with Rózsa discussing his score with Behlmer in 1974. FMS will be releasing this interview in its full length later this year. FMS site details

CD Release. Three Choral Suites. Ben-Hur, Quo Vadis, King of Kings. Erich Kunzel/Cincinnati Pops Orchestra/Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Listen to clips of this CD.

CD Release. Elmer Bernstein's Film Music Collection FSM Set of Bernstein recordings which include Rózsa's Thief of Bagdad, Madame Bovary and Young Bess.

CD Release. Quo Vadis & Ben Hur reissue The London recordings by Rózsa. Recently reissued with superb sound and both recordings in one set. Listen to clips of this CD set.

Centennial.Syracuse University presented a Rózsa-Waxman exhibition in honour of the centennials from February till 31st May. Details

A Rózsa handwritten score cue to  Farewell  from Time after Time was sold by auction on 15th Dec for $850. From discussion on the Rozsa Forum, it appears this may be an unrecorded alternate cue.

Morgan and Stromberg announced their new recording label 'Tribute Film Classics' in December 2006. In the resulting   discussion on FSM   John Morgan states that it is their intention to record some Rozsa material. Titles mentioned are Thief of Bagdad, Five Graves to Cairo and The Red House . However, more recently, John Morgan put a damper on it when he stated "Rózsa is in our plans, but everyone seems to be doing him now".

Centennial. A book by Jeffrey Dane, titled "A Composer's Notes: Remembering Miklós Rózsa," was published late in 2006 to coincide with the Rózsa centenary. Dane writes of his memories of Rózsa and includes personal letters, photos and facsimiles. The book is available either directly from the publisher (iUniverse), or through other online venues as well as bookstores.

CD Release. June 2006. Miklós Rózsa - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra op.32. Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Cello and Orchestra op.29 Raphael Wallfisch, Philippe Graffin, BBC Concert Orchestra/Barry Wordsworth. GLD4018. CD details


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