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Rózsa interview Bruce Duffie interview text
The Killers. Comparing the concert suite to the original film score. Dissertation by Mark Alpizar. 2015
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The 1977 Quo Vadis. Includes new photos of the recording sessions.
Rózsa's musical peer A look at the connection wih Hugo Distler (German)
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Julius Caesar 1 Rózsa article including handwritten samples
LP era covers Rózsa LP covers for quality download.
Rózsa events and interview 1970s reports, photos and concert from Mike Quigley
In Search Of Miklós Rózsa by Violinist Anastasia Khitruk.
El Cid in Prague.A report by Doug Raynes of the 2008 El Cid recording sessions
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Leonard Bernstein debut CD.Rózsa's Theme Variations and Finale with the New York Philharmnic
Time after time: The life of Miklós Rózsa, Film score biography by Steve Vertlieb
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Ben-Hur cues Synthesized musical examples of unused cues.
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