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Concert music


The Hamilton, Ontario Concert Conducted by Miklós Rózsa in Sept 1977
Viola Concerto. OP.37 Concert performance
Spellbound Concerto. Concert performance
Sonatina:I.Theme & Variations Soloist Patricia Crispino in concert
Toccata capricciosa, Op. 36 Solo cello piece. Screen Archives
Music for Violin and piano Short Clips. Quint/Wolfram. Naxos Login

Film music

Ben-Hur Brief analysis with music sample tracks
Thief of Bagdad extended suite  15 min, cond Rozsa. Frankenland State Symph
Julius Caesar, Overture Intrada   Julius Caesar filmscore FSM
Knights of the Round Table. Filmscore Promotional music samples
Diane. Filmscore Promotional music samples
The Power    Gypsy Eyes  
Plymouth Adventure. Filmscore Promotional music samples
Seventh Sin. Filmscore Promotional music samples
Tribute to a Bad Man. Promotional music samples. Rare Rozsa Western score
Valley of the Kings/Men of the Fighting Lady. Filmscores FSM
The World, The Flesh and the Devil. Filmscore FSM
Greenfire. Filmscore FSM
Reel Classics. Film Music Samples from www.reelclassics.com
Young Bess Prelude   Prince of wales   The Kings Ballad
Madame Bovary,Prelude   The Coach
Thief of Bagdad Screen Archives music samples
The Four Feathers, Sunstroke clip www.reelclassics.com

Music for voices

Lullaby from Jungle Book  Arr Jordi Borras
Lullaby from Jungle Book. Choral  Frank DeWald cond his High School Choir
A Madrigal of Spring Op. 18b, Michigan School Vocal Music Association 2004 Women's Honors Choir, conducted by Frank K DeWald. 1-12-04.
Beasts of Burden Contralto Ethel Armeling acc by Frank DeWald
Invocation Contralto Ethel Armeling acc by Frank DeWald
To Everything there is a Season Live concert performance. 2005.
Lygia Unused song from Quo Vadis sung by Mario Lanza

Rózsa on Youtube

Rózsa titles on youtube


The music of Ben-Hur A documentary that takes a look at the score
A Rózsa conducted concert transcription of a 1949 armed services broadcast disc
Rozsa speaks on film composing.
Archival interview from 1973 BBC Film Night
BBC radio interview from 1984

Electronic reconstructions of pieces not available on recording
Thief of Bagdad A multipage analysis of manuscripts with synthesized musical examples of unused cues and songs. Recently all cues have been recorded.
Ben-Hur cues Synthesized musical examples of unused cues.
Harun al Rozsad A synthesized realization of an unused Ben-Hur cue by Frank K. DeWald. Though used in Valley of the Kings (Sword Dance) this piece, with its jokey title, has long intrigued scholars of the Ben-Hur score. It appears amid the Roman Fleet music, sans reel number or any dramatic information whatsoever. Perhaps it was meant for the scenes in Ilderim's tent. For further information see Ralph Erkelenz, "Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Score," Under features on the homepage.
My little Town Synthesized sample.. My Little Town (1972) (Soprano or Tenor)
The Land Where My Heart Lies Synthesized sample. The Land Where My Heart Lies (1972) (Soprano or Tenor)
High Flight Synthesized sample. High Flight (1942-1974) (Tenor)

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